5 Eye Hurting Habits You Need To Stop Now

While we can choose how you appear or even how we think, there are a few things we humans have no control over. Be it our height or disease susceptibility, these things are pre-coded in our genetic makeup.

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Why is eye health crucial?

Similar is the case with our vision, which we can’t choose on our own. While it remains in our genes that we will be looking for and is bound to decline with ageing, still there is a lot in our hands.

Yes, I’m talking about the habits that could be damaging our eyes leaving us with dried, itchy eyes that are prone to eye infections.

Even though these habits seem harmless but could be putting your eyes on the verge of eye damage. I remember once my cousin developed a severe eye infection after taking a shower while wearing contacts. We took her to a renowned eye surgeon who treated her for the infection

Common Eye Damaging Habits

If you have also done such things and were left with eye infections, you are not alone. According to her physician at the national eye center, many people are responsible for short and long term damage to their eyes. Read below to find more about those eye-damaging habits that might be putting your eye health at risk.

Some of the common eye-damaging habits are;

1. Using your contacts wrong

Many people wear contacts either as a visual aid or just as following the fashion trend, however, they often forget that there is a right way to wear those. Some of the common contact wearing mistakes not only put your eye health at risk but also result in permanent damage to your vision.

Some common contact wearing mistakes include;

  • Not changing your contact cases after a few weeks
  • Wearing contacts while sleeping
  • Using contacts for more than they are intended to use
  • Taking shower or swimming with your contact lenses on
  • Sharing your contacts with others.

2. Sun exposure

Too much sunlight can be bad for your eyes and extensive UV light exposure can put your eye health at a risk. People who don’t wear sun protection UV glasses are more likely to develop cataracts or other eye infections.

Therefore, it is recommended to wear UV shield quoted sunglasses to minimize the damage due to sun exposure.

3. Rubbing your eyes

Another eye-damaging habit is the excessive rubbing of your eyes. You might feel relieved after rubbing your eyes but unknowingly you are spreading the infection-causing bacteria or simply the dirt particles that can act as the irritants.

Rubbing your eyes can result in permanent damage to the corneal part of your eye. Moreover, rubbing digs the eye irritant deeper in your eyes making it more difficult to move out of your eyes.

4. Blue light all day!

Too much screen exposure is bad for your eyes, more than you can imagine. Staring at the screens for longer periods decreases your blink rate resulting in less tear production. Reduced lubricant production makes your eyes feel dry and fatigued and can result in blurred vision along with a persistent headache.

5. Skipping your eye exam

No matter how much you try to prevent eye health problems, you can still develop one. The only way to prevent complications is by ensuring a regular eye examination. A comprehensive eye exam can reveal eye health problems before they become severe. 

An eye health exam is necessary to figure out the eye health problems which result in sudden irreversible vision loss without any apparent sign and symptom in the first place.For people who are diabetic or suffering from health issues that might put you at risk of eye damage, eye exams are mandatory.

Bottom Line

Our eyes are probably the most important organ of our body as they act as the window to the outside world. Eye health problems are quite common and can range from mild eye infections to complete irreversible vision loss.

From your diet to your sleeping habits, everything has an impact on your eye health. Thus, protecting your eyes and ensuring good eye care practices can keep your eyes safe for a long time and healthy eyes mean a healthy you!