How to Get in Shape – Tips From Top Fitness Trainers

It is indisputable that training is healthy not only for physical activity but also for our mental health. Exercising provides us with a great look and raises our level of self-confidence, so we have no reason not to take some time for ourselves and physical activity. By following our tips, you will make your training an unforgettable experience.

Be realistic, patient, and persistent


Generally speaking, the best advice I always give to my customers is to be realistic, patient, and persistent in their results and desires.

And to choose carefully which personal trainer they will work with. We always ask potential clients if they would go to a doctor who graduated in one weekend?

Then why choose personal trainers who are not qualified and have no knowledge? Personal trainers can seriously endanger your health, so you need to choose carefully.

Milos Jovanovic, 3x world karate medalist, owner of Fitness Vibes and probably the best personal trainer in Abu Dhabi.

Be disciplined


Great discipline and dietary correction that should be adhered to even in the moments of the greatest crisis and attacks of desire for sweets are the control that brings results.

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Exercise speeds up the metabolism, shapes the muscles, removes harmful things from the body, stimulates the happiness hormone endorphins, and only then is the overall impression complete.

Muscles remember and are very smart. If you have been engaged in some physical activity at an earlier age, despite a long break and non-exercise, and a few extra pounds, your body will activate quickly and achieve results.

With perseverance, control, a good training concept, and a balanced diet, the first results will be visible in two to three weeks. 

Marija, graduated sports coach and personal trainer.

Eat 60-90 minutes before training


Never train hungry. It is the food that provides the necessary energy that you will really need for quality training. Meals should be light so that you do not feel sluggish and eat 60-90 minutes before training.

If you exercise in the afternoon, it can be a snack, e.g. Greek yogurt and nuts, yogurt with fruit, protein bar, cheese, and blueberries. One of the most important things is to avoid refined sugar.

Nicole, weight loss specialist.

Stretch regularly


Stretching is a very important segment in both top sports and recreation. By stretching, the muscles lengthen, become elastic, they can more easily withstand the forces that act on the muscles and joints and reduce the possibility of injuries.

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Therefore, initial warm-up and stretching are important in training as a preparation of the body for the upcoming efforts.

At the beginning of the training, it is desirable to do dynamic stretching which warms up the body, the pulse grows and the muscles prepare for the effort.

Snezana, body transformation and basketball specialist.

Balanced diet


There is no best diet. Whatever diet you follow, you will lose weight. But, the problem arises when you stop dieting and start eating normally, and the weight starts to return.

Then you see that this diet and exhaustion of the organism did not make sense. A balanced diet, minimal sugar intake and reduced carbohydrate intake, is the only real and long-term successful diet.

Miljan, weight loss specialist.

Visit your doctor before you start training


First of all, do a medical examination. Even if you are completely healthy, you cannot know for sure how your body reacts to the load and stress characteristic of the training process.

I advise all my clients to do a specialist examination which includes measurements and testing of parameters on the basis of which we determine the level of their physical fitness and create an adequate training program.