How to Make Plucking Eyebrows Less Painful

There are some risks in life we are not brave enough or willing to take. Messing or experimenting with the shape of the eyebrow is one of them. That’s why when it comes to brows we turn to professionals.

But more than a year has passed and we are still quarantined inside our homes, which means that, in the current situation, grooming yourself is completely your own responsibility. Many salons have also closed down due to Covid-19. 

We all are experimenting with different beauty and hair regimens from the comfort of our homes. Cleaning up your eyebrows is also another easy process that you can try at home without any regrets. 

Plucking is the easiest way to clean up your brows but plucking is no one’s favorite activity—the pain, the pinching and the eye-water irritation it causes make it quite unpleasant.

So, if you are still figuring out ways on how to make plucking eyebrows less painful then you are lucky to be here. 

Plucking eyebrows for the first time? Here are a few tips that will help you in plucking your eyebrows without pain.

This Article Covers:
  1. Use heat to make it less painful
  2. Choose good lighting
  3. Use sharp tweezers or eyebrow pluckers
  4. Steps on how to pluck eyebrows for beginners
    1. Hold the skin tightly
    2. Go for base plucking
    3. Pluck in the correct direction
  5. Done with Eyebrows plucking? Here’s What to do after plucking eyebrows
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Ask Qsuestions 
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Use heat to make it less painful

Use the hot injury pad or you can warm up a little water, dip a washcloth, let the cloth absorb water properly and then apply it all over your eyebrows and the nearby areas.

The idea of applying heat in the form of a pad or warm water-dipped cloth is to open up the hair follicles. So, the hair you are trying to pluck out will come out much easily

Choose good lighting

To get the best results even the thinnest eyebrow hair should be visible. While you tweeze, stand in front of the mirror with natural bright light, or if you have a ring light set up in the direction where light comes from the front.

That’s how you will see every hair. Hold the skin tightly and start plucking your hair gently.

Start with the removal of thick hair first and if you still feel the need to remove the fine hairs then remove them in the same way, grab each hair as close to your skin as possible and pull in the direction that it’s growing. Also, this way no extra hair will be removed.

Use sharp tweezers or eyebrow pluckers

Use an eyebrow plucker that is wide and sharp. Sharp eyebrow pluckers have amazing grip. They can easily pull each hair out without creating any unnecessary slipping.

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You don’t have to pull the same hair again and again. An eyebrow plucker that is round in shape can hardly grip the hair properly resulting in pain.

Steps on how to pluck eyebrows for beginners

Hold the skin tightly

Stretch your eyebrow skin at its best and start removing the hair quickly. As your pores are stretched it will be easier to pull the hair out.

Go for base plucking

Make sure you grab the hair with an eyebrow plucker from the base rather than pulling at it from the tip. The reason is that you may miss the exact hair that you want to remove causing extra pain and over-plucking.

Pluck in the correct direction

Pluck your hair in the same direction as they are grown. Plucking from the base as discussed above will help you even in finding the right direction of the hair. This rule applies to all types of hair removal. 

Done with Eyebrows plucking? Here’s What to do after plucking eyebrows

The best home-based remedy to reduce the pain after eyebrows plucking is to put some ice over the area plucked, as it works as a toner and helps in closing back the follicles, thereby, also reducing your pain. Hold the ice cube for 60 to 80 sec against the brows after plucking.

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Eyebrow plucking, as discussed above, is as easy as filling eyebrows with makeup. But keep in your mind that even if you become a pro and master this DIY brow routine, you should still plan to see an expert occasionally for fine-tuning after the salons get opened. 

Frequently Ask Qsuestions 

A1. You can apply a gel that’s used for numbing eyebrows. Dab the gel with a cotton pad on your brows and wait until your skin becomes numb. The gel will make the plucking process less painful. 

A2. The main reason for getting hurt while eyebrow plucking is not using the appropriate tweezer, resulting in unnecessary slipping and repetitive pulling of hair, which causes extra pain. 

A3. While plucking you might end up having tears because you are touching your eye nerves that are highly sensitive.