Importance Of A Good Mattress for Your Health

Researchers, all around the globe have confirmed and concluded that a night of proper sleep is very much essential for having a sound body and mind. Sound sleep is very much essential for having proper physical and mental growth.

In the case of babies, you can find doctors suggesting that the more they sleep, the more there would be development in their physical and mental growth.

Also with proper sleep, you would be able to have a better improvement in your memory. You would feel more focused and would also have lesser tension and anxiety.

Your blood pressure would be in control, your productivity would increase and there would be an increase in your life. But for that, you need to have proper means of sleeping well and a good quality mattress is a man one.

The Importance of Sleep: 8 Scientific Health Benefits of Sleep + Sleeping Tips by The Health Nerd

Finding A Good Mattress

Finding A Good Mattress

If you are having trouble finding a good mattress, it might be because you are not looking while taking note of the health benefits of a good mattress.

You will not be doing yourself any harm if you are sleeping on a good bed. Good beds are known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure levels, lower high blood pressure, decrease the risk of heart attack or stroke, and provide a sense of relaxation and calmness.

There are many different mattresses available, but the health benefits of a good mattress should be at the top of your list.

Why is a mattress good for you to sleep on? Because it supports your back and your hips. It also supports your neck and provides your head with proper alignment so that you can sleep nocturnal on your side rather than on your back, which promotes the risk of back pain and insomnia.

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Taking note of the health benefits of a good mattress while making a purchase is important because it can improve your quality of life.

There are different types of mattresses available in the market today. The most popular types are memory foam, latex, air, and viscoelastic mattresses.

The best mattress is one that fits your specific needs, but there are several things to consider before purchasing a mattress.

  • The most important thing to understand about the different types of mattresses and to know what your body needs. First of all, a good night’s rest is essential to good health.
  • Next, you need to have a firm mattress because you sleep on your back. The weight of the body can cause problems, especially the pressure on the spinal cord that can cause backaches in the future.
  • Third, the body must have the proper amount of support to keep the spine aligned properly.
  • Lastly, the height of the mattress is also important. While buying a mattress, you need to see if the height of the mattress is of an appropriate size. This is because the mattress would sag in course of time and this happens mostly in the case of the normal foam mattresses. Just before purchasing you should check if the size of the mattresses is 11 to 15 inches thick because that is the average size.
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Memory foam mattresses provide excellent support because they mold to the shape of your body and weight. This allows the springs underneath to retain the correct amount of pressure to provide the proper support your body needs while sleeping.

Another great feature of this type of mattress is that it will conform to the natural contours of your body while sleeping.

This reduces the occurrence of sagging in the future and keeps you comfortable. Many people find that this type of mattress makes their bed much more comfortable than ordinary ones.

Latex provides good support for the back because it conforms to the shape of your body. It also is water-resistant, which is a definite plus.

However, it can provide a layer of thickness between your body and the mattress which can be uncomfortable. Air is another type of mattress that provides good support for your body. The air provides good buoyancy to your body, but it cannot adjust as much as memory foam.

Other Accessories

Apart from mattresses, other things are needed in the bed to ensure a warm and comfortable bed like a soft bed sheet, pillows, and comforters as well.

Comforters are like a sack or a bag that is stuffed with fabrics like cotton, wool, or silk. They are found in most households in cold countries.

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They are quite thick than the duvets and can be found in all types of bed and mattress sizes. The most found or available comforter sizes in inches are mentioned below.

Bed SizeMattress SizeWidth of Comforter Length of Comforter 
Crib Size Bed 
28  inches x 52 inches28 to 36 inches48 to 52 inches
Twin Size Bed38  inches x 75 inches66 to 68 inches86 to 88 inches
Twin XL Size Bed38  inches x 80 inches68 inches90 inches
Full Size Bed54  inches x 75 inches81 to 84 inches86 to88 inches
Queen Size Bed60  inches x 80 inches86 to 88 inches96 to 100 inches
King Size Bed76  inches x 80 inches102 inches86 to 88 inches
California King Size Bed72  inches x 84 inches107 to 110 inches96 to 98 inches

A good bed sheet should not only provide good comfort but also support your health. One of the most common mistakes people make is choosing a mattress that does not fit well with their back.

Good bed sheets should have the right amount of density and depth for optimum support. There are some great bed sheets on the market today that will help you sleep better.

Just check the label to determine the density and thickness of the fabric used. This will help you make an informed decision when buying the best mattress available.


Sleep is an important part of our daily lives, so it is important to get a good night’s rest. Many people are constantly on the go and cannot get enough sleep. Fortunately, many things can be done to increase your chances of getting a good night of rest.

A good mattress can provide the right level of support to aid in proper body alignment and promote good posture. Other items that can help improve the health of your spine and your body include having a quality mattress, eliminating back strain, and strengthening your core muscles.

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