Is Dental Bonding A Good Idea

If you are unable to smile confidently due to a tooth gap or chipped tooth, you must be wondering if dental bonding might be the right solution for you.

Dental Bonding is a very common procedure that helps fix your teeth. Thousands of patients every year get this treatment done to improve the appearance of the smile.

We reached out to Dr. Ernest Carmona, a prosthodontist from Austin, Tx to find out who should consider getting dental bonding treatment.

Teeth Bonding Procedure | Front Tooth Filling to Repair Chipped Tooth

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment where a composite resin material is applied to your natural teeth to alter their shape, size and color. The material looks just like your natural teeth and thus helps the dentist make required alterations to make your smile more aesthetic.

Should You Get Dental Bonding?

According to Dr. Carmona, dental bonding is a good option for anyone who has only minor orthodontic problems. While dental bonding cannot fix crooked teeth or misalignment or even an overbite, here are some situations where getting dental bonding would be a great idea.

  1. There is a tooth gap, also known as a diastema.
  2. You have a chipped or broken tooth
  3. You are unhappy with the size or the shape of some of your teeth.
  4. Your gums have receded exposing the root of your teeth.
  5. You have minor tooth decay.
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In all these situations above, your dentist can help mend your teeth with help of the dental bonding process. The procedure is fairly quick and usually gets done in a single sitting. Also, it one of the most cost-friendly treatment plans to improve your smile.

So it is a much better alternative compared to traditional amalgam fillings, porcelain veneers, and even teeth whitening treatments.

What Happens During Dental Bonding.

The procedure of dental bonding is quite easy and there is no need to prep your teeth before the treatment. The dentist will roughen up the surface of your tooth to help the bonding material stick to the surface.

Then the dentist will apply the composite resin material to the teeth and mold their shape and size as desired. Once he is happy with the result, he will allow the bonding material to harden with help of UV light. 

The material will harden in a couple of minutes and after some final polishing, the procedure is complete. Your teeth will look brand new and no one will even be able to figure out you had a treatment done.

When taken good care of, your dental bonding can last up to 10 years. So you should definitely go ahead with the treatment if your dentist gives you the nod.

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From restoring a broken tooth to giving you a complete smile makeover, dental bonding is a wonderful treatment option for anyone looking to get the smile of their dreams.

If you live in  Austin, dental bonding treatment is provided by Dr. Carmona at Austin Prosthodontics. Almost everyone is a great candidate for the process so if you are looking for a reliable prosthodontist in Austin, Tx for dental bonding, do reserve your appointment at Dr. Carmona’s clinic right away.

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