Kevin Belton Weight Loss Journey

Many people want to have proper health and lose weight, while some feel that it is a frustrating and impossible task to do.

That’s why it’s always inspiring to find a journey of people who have already achieved their weight loss goals and look over the things which we can also learn from them.

There is a live story of chef Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey today, and here we will explore Kevin Belton’s weight loss full story and see what positives we can take from it.

Kevin Belton is an outstanding chef. He is highly committed to his cooking profession, and he is the author of four beautiful books, which he writes on the topic of cooking itself.

He also instructs cooking classes that take place in New Orleans. He also appears on cooking shows on WYES and WWLTV.

Moreover, he has a lovely personality and a good sense of humor which you can see in his TV performances. Kevin has always been a laughing and optimistic personality which you can see on screen.

Kevin Belton has been known for his outstanding character as well as for his huge physique. Although he was already a superstar, Kevin Belton became even more famous after his significant weight loss.

He lost over 131 pounds within two years, which got people crawling to discover how the New Orleans chef acquired this.

Maintain your reading to know everything about Kevin Belton’s weight loss and what you can retain from it.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss Success Story by Health Makes You

What Happened To Kevin Belton

Kevin Belton is a famous American chef who self-taught himself cooking and was later selected as a cooking instructor in his hometown school.

He also hosts the show that airs on TV, Cooking with Kevin Belton. Chef Kevin Belton has a significant height and is barely heavyweight.

He has a light brown skin complexion and seems very humble and polite every time he emerges in front of the light. Chef Kevin Belton is 62 years old as of 2022.

Once a fan commented on his post and appreciated his weight loss journey, he said that he was pre-diabetic and was facing a high blood pressure issue.

So this caused him and his wife to do something about this matter. And the answer was to transform himself.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss Surgery 

Kevin Belton’s weight loss story does not go through any of the surgery. He counted on Weight loss in a totally realistic way. He primarily concentrates on a moderate diet and on exercise.

Because of this, it took a very long time while losing weight, but he did not stop anyway and started doing this for day-to-day purposes.

This process has taken almost two years, but it is worth doing. However, while losing weight, it’s essential to keep that in mind; you should not skip your necessary meals and vitamins, which give your body fuel.

Otherwise, it will affect your mental health, especially for women.

The women face some troubles because of taking an inappropriate diet, which directly involves their physical condition such as weakness, In-proper menstruation cycle, and sometimes carrying a baby.

Periodically while not consuming a good diet, you may sense some personal concerns in the vagina (swelling or bleeding).

From tightening remedies to incontinence correction, vaginal rejuvenation procedures can benefit women in several additional ways, both aesthetically and for health reasons.

If you have been observing Kevin for a long time, you might not have seen much difference. But if you compare him with his three-year-old pictures, you will see a lot of favorable change.

Kevin has lost a notable amount of weight due to his hard work. Belton has lost more than 59 kgs (131lbs) in two years.

Big deal, isn’t it? Before beginning the weight loss journey, his weight was 134 kgs (299lbs). Though now his weight is 74 kgs (163lbs).

when one of its fans remarked on FB and asked him about his weight loss that how he lost about 275 lbs to get his weight to 192 lbs, Kevin commented down about his health situation as:

“I had to do something near it. It’s been over two years, and I even have some left to go, but my doctor said that I could smoothly have added 10-20 years to my life. And I feel so much better.”

Kevin Belton’s Weight Loss Secret

His fan thought he might have gastric bypass surgery for his weight loss, and he remarked by informing them of his weight loss secret.

Kevin said that he used to exercise every day, and he used to consume diet food that carried smaller portions and low- carbohydrates.

He has been doing this for a long while, and it has been difficult for him and confirmed him immensely helpful.

We have emphasized five key nuggets to take away from Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey to assist you on your own weight loss voyage.

1. Exercise 

Kevin Belton said that he exercised daily, which was definitely a huge supporter of his victory. Increased movement raises the number of calories burned into your body for energy.

A calorie shortage is formed when you burn calories via routine exercise while also reducing the number of calories you consume. Just 35 minutes of exercise daily is adequate to lose some pounds.

In the late 1971s, Kevin Belton was a football player at Louisiana State University before transferring to Xavier.

He also stretched to play pro football, but damages suffered during training camp with the San Diego Chargers put a red light on his athletic career before it could take off.

2. low carbs diet 

Kevin Belton stated that he swapped to a low-carb diet. As you might’ve assumed, high-carb meals are foods you should evade if you attempt to lose weight.

Lowering carbohydrates stops your hunger and result in effortless weight decline. A low-carb diet permits some people to eat until they are pleased while losing weight.

A person should consume that amount of carbohydrates only to their body which will suit their gender, body type, age, and degree of exercise.

3. Smaller portion size

In addition to changing to a low-carb diet, Kevin Belton also decreased the quantity of food he ate. He didn’t starve himself; he just ate more small portions.

This difference is crucial because, occasionally, people die to lose weight, leading to unhealthful weight loss.

It’s also worth noting that exercising while neglecting your diet or food portions is not an intelligent weight loss technique.

It would help if you burned more calories than you take or swallowed fewer calories than your body needs daily to lose weight.

4. Discipline

This speech is present in every successful weight loss journey.

No matter how useful your plans or dreams look on paper, the only way you will see the real difference is by adhering to the procedures you’ve outlined and not giving up when it gets complicated because it will get tough.

Suppose you exercise every day for a week and stop, then you begin a low-carb diet and return to high-calorie meals a week later.

These divergences will never provide you with the expected results. Kevin Belton chose his weight-loss technique, started his weight loss journey, and was constantly implemented.

Discipline and Consistency are crucial in every weight loss journey.

The Final Thought

We all have a right to live a healthy and gorgeous life. But most people have to face a lot of issues related to health and mental health because of obesity.

So it is not immoral to get a difference in yourself for a good cause that Kevin Belton’s weight loss has ascertained.

Kevin Belton shows that anyone can attain their dream weight with hard work, dedication, discipline, and strategy.

We have mentioned all the crucial details in the above article, by which you can get the proper knowledge about Kevin Belton’s weight loss journey.


Does Kevin Belton have a wife?

Yes, Kevin Belton is married, and his wife’s name is Monica Belton. And they are living a happy married life with their two sons and their grandchild.

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