Light Therapy for Collagen Production

It has brought a significant change in the beauty industry. Many prominent skincare companies have acknowledged the benefits of light therapy on skin conditions.

They are now making suitable devices for beauty-conscious people. With the help of light therapy, it is possible to manage skin conditions like rosacea and eczema while getting younger-looking flawless skin.

The anti-aging benefits of light therapy come from the enhanced collagen production in the skin. Light therapy prevents skin from breaking up and wrinkles. You may be skeptical about this claim, but scientists have proven this to be true.

In this article, we are going to talk about collagen, what it can do to your skin and how light therapy can help. Stay tuned as we break up all the necessary information for you.


What is Collagen?

Collagen is the main structural component in our skin. Almost one-third of the skin component contains collagen. It is the glue that holds everything together. 

Among all the other proteins in the human body, collagen is the most important and commonly found protein. It can consist of almost 35% of the whole-body protein content. All the body connective tissue has some of this protein, providing the structure.

What Can Collagen Production Do for the Body?

As collagen is present in all the major connective tissues, boosted production can bring numerous health benefits. From improving skin health to bringing relief from joint pain, collagen can be very efficient. Here are some notable benefits of collagen:

  • Improving skin health: Our skin consists of a major portion of collagen protein. It provides strength and elasticity to our skin and keeps it hydrated. With the increase of age, protein production takes a hit. Therefore our skin gets wrinkled and dry. With the help of light therapy, it is possible to boost collagen production to keep our skin looking younger.
  • Provide relief from joint pain: Collagen highly helps in maintaining the integrity of your joints. With age, the existing proteins decay and can bring sheer pain to the muscle. Boosted collagen production can highly help in solving this kind of problem.
  • Increase bone density: As we said earlier, collagen provides the structure of the body. Naturally, the bones consist of a lot of collagen. With aging, the bone density can decrease significantly, increasing the chance of bone fracture. Collagen production can effectively maintain the optimum bone density to provide the best bone condition.
  • Boosting muscle mass: Collagen is very crucial for maintaining muscle strength and functioning properly. With boosted collagen production, the muscles can gain mass and function in their optimal condition.
  • Increase circulation in the body: All our arteries are constructed of collagen. So, when collagen production is boosted in the body, the structures of arteries and veins are correctly maintained. This highly helps in blood circulation in the body and can potentially help with the heart’s wellbeing.
  • Hair and nails: Collagen helps in healthy hair growth and provides strength to the nails. This highly helps in the growth of the nails by preventing brittleness.

How Can Light Therapy Help In Collagen Production?

Light therapy has proven benefits on the skin. The skin and skin tissue are made from different types of cells. When a higher wavelength of visible red light is projected upon these cells, they highly benefit from the light. These light wavelengths stimulate the cells, which boost the production of collagen in the skin. 

Additionally, these cells gather light energy and improve circulation in the cells. The whole process can make your skin look flawless and function better than ever.

With boosted collagen production, your skin can get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it can remove scars from the skin. Inflammation and acne conditions can be properly maintained with light therapy as well. 

You can receive all these benefits just by turning on the therapy lamp and staying under the light for the prescribed time. Light therapy is a non-invasive and totally natural means of therapy. So, there is little to no chance of catching a side effect.

Also, LED lights emit only a certain wavelength of light. Therefore, you can expose yourself to the therapy light without the fear of getting damaged by harmful UV rays. This is a feature that the sun cannot give you.

Your skin’s good health is quite essential for the wellbeing of your overall health. You get to live only one life. So, taking good care of your whole body is not optional but a must.

With light therapy, you can achieve the best for your skin and get to live your carefree younger life even in your fifties. So, you should highly consider getting a light therapy box now!