Skin Improvement: Before and After Quitting Smoking

If you are a heavy smoker, click on this post to see the skin improvement before and after quitting smoking. You will decide to stop this habit after reading!

We have to list out all the dangerous effects that smoking has on our health physically and mentally? It will take hours or a whole day! Especially to our skin, the harm from smoking is even more significant and more apparent. 

If you are still hesitant about quitting smoking or not, read on to see skin improvement before and after quitting smoking! We are assured that you will decide to get rid of this bad habit immediately after reading this post!

What is the Single Best Thing You Can Do to Quit Smoking? by DocMikeEvans

3 Weeks Not Smoking Skin

Twenty-one days after you get rid of smoking, you can see the noticeable positive changes to your skin. At this time, your skin retains its ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients. With formal elements, the skill cells will return, and the skin will become glowing.

Quit Smoking Skin Improvement Timeline

You may want to have a closer look at the different stages of skin improvement after quitting smoking. The progress will be significantly apparent, that you can easily see and feel it:

  • The first day after quitting smoking: At this stage, you may not see any change in your skin, but you can feel your skin is getting healthier. What’s more, the skin color seems to be glowing up a little bit, but not significantly.
  • Quitting smoking for seven days: After one week of quitting cigarettes, your skin is getting more oxygen and boosting its own antioxidant levels. These benefits will make your skin improvement more visibly observed.
  • After a month of quitting smoking: 30-day is long enough for your skin to retain some of its ability, like retrieving the normal oxygen and nutrients levels (harmful chemicals from cigarettes have interrupted this feature) and recovering its circulation. The skin cells are efficiently vital to return the glow.
  • Half of a year after getting rid of smoking: Quitting after six months along with the support of some skincare regime, you can whiten the dark spots and smoothen the fine lines. Back when you smoked, you had to perform sucking actions a lot of times that led to hollow cheeks. Therefore, your cheeks will get plumper if you manage to quit smoking.
  • Quitting smoking for more than twelve months: Your glowing and smooth skin is the amazing outcome for your strive to get away from this dangerous substance. Keep following the skincare regimes and healthy daily routine, and we bet that you will look much younger than your actual age.
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Skin Before and After Quitting Smoking Pictures

This section will summarise the horrible impact of cigarettes on your skin before moving to compare the remarkable differences of your skin before and after smoking. 

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Toxic chemicals in tobacco have a deathly impact on your skin.

Smoking’s Common Impact On Your Skin

  • Fast aging and wrinkles: The toxic ingredients of cigarettes will deter, or even shut down, the function of elastin and collagen. Moreover, the toxins minimize the skin’s ability to attain proper oxygen levels. Your skin will lose its elasticity, softness, and the amount of needed Vitamin as a result. The wrinkles and aging will soon occur.
  • Skin pigmentation: Melanin is an enemy to bright skin. Yet, when you smoke, the chemical in a cigarette can remarkably increase melanin. The more melanin, the more dark spots appear on your skin, especially your face.
  • Deteriorating wound healing ability: Smoking will lead to restricted blood circulation, so it will take more time for a smoker to recover from a wound than a non-smoker.
  • Psoriasis: Nicotine, the indispensable ingredient of a cigarette, negatively contributes to the development of psoriasis
  • Pale skin: Chemicals in cigarettes interfere with the oxygen circulation in your blood, leading to skin discoloration as well as pale skin.
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Pictures Of Skin Before And After Quitting Smoking

Down here, there are some visual examples about skin recovery after quitting smoking:

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The left side is skin after quitting smoking.


The difference is apparent.

1 week and 3-month after quitting smoking skin

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The skin is much smoother.

What Happens To Your Skin When You Quit Smoking?

The wrinkles formed on your skin when you used to smoke won’t disappear immediately and permanently, but over time, the optimistic effect on your skin will be more visible.

Some days after getting rid of cigarettes, the elastin and collagen regenerate and thrive. Apart from directly curing your smoking-affected skin, the recovery of these proteins is a motivation for you in your path to retrieve smooth and bright skin.

As mentioned above, smoking can result in the discoloration of your skin that makes you look pale. Quitting smoking will boost the oxygen circulation so that your skin will become glowing. Besides, the tar can no longer stain your fingers.

These are the two most obvious benefits to your skin that you can achieve from quitting smoking.

In fact, many unseeable advantages getting rid of smoking will bring you, especially in preventing the risk of getting severe skin-related diseases like skin cancer, psoriasis, acne inversa, vasculitis, or telangiectasia.

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Frequently Ask questions

The result won’t come immediately. It will take a few weeks for you to notice your skin improvement quickly. About six months after quitting cigarettes, your skin can get back to its former condition. According to experts, you can slightly accelerate the healing process by taking vitamin supplements or beauty products to heal crepey skin.

Yes, definitely. Quitting smoking will make you look younger than when you used to smoke. If you give up smoking, your skin’s aging process and the chance of getting wrinkles will significantly reduce. As a result, you will look younger.

When not affected by cigarettes, your skin can adequately get nutrients, blood flow, and oxygen. Therefore, its original condition will soon return. 

Bottom Lines

Smoking is the notorious enemy to the well-being of your skin. However, the temptation cigarettes impose on smokers is so big that it prevents them from getting rid of this harmful hobby.

To boost your motivation to give up cigarettes, you can look at this article about skin improvement before and after quitting smoking every time the urge of smoking knocks on your door.

Don’t waste your time anymore. Just take action immediately!

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