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Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

  • Length: Minimum word count is 800, for Maximum, there is No Limit.
  • Format: Articles should be written in standard English and tone should be informative and educational. Articles must have at least 4 headings with short paragraphs that are user-friendly.
  • Quality: The quality of the article should be good and not be promotional in any way. Don’t add fluffy content to complete the word count, keep it to the point.
  • Topic: All guest post articles must be related to any one of these categories Healthcare, Parenting, Hair Care, Skin Care, Mental health, Healthy Food and other categories that we have on the blog.
  • Original: All articles must be 100% plagiarism FREE and do not publish elsewhere.
  • Editing: We reserve the right to edit the formatting and wording of your article and can remove OR add the links if necessary.
  • Links: You can add relevant links in the article to resource and citation.
  • Reward: You will get the Dofollow Homepage Naked link in the author’s bio as a reward. (Can accept your link in the article body ONLY if it’s relevant and Non-promotional)

How to Submit Guest Posts?

  1. We ONLY publish the article that we suggest to you and it follows guidelines.
  2. Just Email us at [email protected] with your Website URL.
  3. We will review your website, and get back to you with the relevant topic and guidelines.
  4. When you have done the Final draft, send us with Author Bio, Headshot, Social Profile links (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.), Your website link.

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