5 Foods To Never Eat For A Flat Stomach

The flat belly is everyone’s dream. Majority of the people are pursuing it these days and for a good reason as obesity is an enormous issue and if this can be remedied, people will be much happier. 

Though everyone makes a conscious attempt to stay healthy and toned, we at times are unable to accomplish our goal on time. It could be the age factor or our erratic diet and lifestyle.

We are aware that exercising plays a significant role in getting a flat stomach, but it is not the sole reason that leads us to an ideal body. 

To get a fit body you have to be steady with your workouts and sustain your healthy eating habits on a regular basis. For a toned abdomen you have to be aware of the foods you have to avoid.

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5 Foods to avoid for flat tummy 

Red Meat

Red Meat is loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals. But it can be a challenge for a flat stomach as it results in weight gain. With high content of preservatives and sodium it can increase water retention and accumulate fat around the belly.

Refined Sugar

It is a form of carbohydrate that has no nutritive value but loaded with calories. Studies reveal that consuming sugar can result in gaining weight and cause several health issues.


Eating corn in nominal quantities is fine but eating it in excess can be disastrous for health. Be it fried food or something as specific as corn. 

Corn has adequate calories and contributes greatly to the animal fat. This kind of fat increases weight and can turn your belly go out of proportion. So, corn should always be consumed in moderate amounts.

High Sodium Foods

Foods with higher sodium levels can hold water weight, which becomes a challenge when you are looking for a flat mid-section. Ideally approximately 250gms of salt is sufficient for a day but excessive intake can cause obesity and your dream of a flat belly will be shattered.

Trans Fats

All the foods that are loaded with Trans fats are addictive and unhealthy foods, and are packed with calories.

It can be lethal in the long run. Some day to day products like cakes, cookies, chips, fried chicken or snacks, microwave popcorn are full of Trans Fats. 

Studies have shown that Trans Fats shift the body fat from diverse areas directly to the belly which could again be a challenge for a flat belly.

Other flat stomach foods list

In order to get a flat tummy the foods that should be included in your diet are: 


Eggs are considerably high in protein and are an excellent food to burn useless belly fat as it has B12, which breaks down fat cells.

Low-fat dairy 

Low-fat dairy stuff like yogurt and toned milk has nearly 70 percent less fat than other dairy products.


Fruits are a natural source of the majority of the vitamins and minerals and are an integral part of a balanced diet.


Oatmeal may not be very tasty but its nutritional value is very high and if incorporated in your diet can help you lose weight.


Drink a good amount of water everyday. It helps to remove toxins from your body and prevents bloating.

It may sound contradicting but water flushes out excess water and sodium that is retained in the body.

People all across the world are going for a no-carb diet and are staying away from breads and pastas. All types of processed carbs are considered as foods to avoid for a flat tummy.

How to get a flat stomach but stay thick 

If you have a desire to get a flat stomach but stay thick then you are heading towards 2 conflicting goals i.e. having a flat stomach but not losing too much weight.

For this you can increase the protein intake and reduce the fat intake. You need to exercise on a regular basis and incorporate some fat burning foods to your diet to trim your waist.

The foods which are high in fibre and protein are ideal if you are targeting to burn fat and get a flat belly as fats can be digested faster.

So for this reason more intake of protein, more calories have to be burned in the body.

Diet for flat stomach in 2 weeks

  1. Though fast weight loss is not a very great idea but at times you have deadlines to meet like a special occasion where you want to look your best. To diet for a flat stomach in just two weeks you need to-
  2. Start your day with something loaded with fibre like Oatmeal
  3. Avocados are a perfect component for reducing belly fat. It trims down your hunger pangs as it comprises heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.
  4. If proteins are included in each single bite you are taking a Zero Belly Diet. If you want to lose belly fat in just 2 weeks protein diet is a must and eggs are the best source for this. You can also go in for plant protein smoothie.
  5. Swap your fruit intake from green to red if you want to lose your belly fat in 2 weeks. In place of red apples go for green ones, watermelon in place of honeydew and red grapes in place of green ones.


To wrap it up we can say that go for smaller portions and ensure that you are taking a balanced and nutritional diet for your overall health and fitness. Some of the foods to be avoided for flat tummy are refined sugars or sweeteners, fried fatty foods and processed goods if you are keen for a shrunk belly. 

Salt intake should be reduced considerably if you are targeting improved health. Though there are other reasons which might trouble you for having a flat belly like anxiety, lack of sleep, menstruation but intake of unhealthy foods is one of the chief reasons. 

Try your best to focus on how you feel, stay happy and healthy but restricting all the above foods in your diet are significant components for a healthy and a happy lifestyle.

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