Best Gift Ideas for a Sick Woman

Do you have a special woman in your life, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, or friend who’s sick and can use a thoughtful gift? Picking a great gift for a sick woman is no easy feat. Regardless if that special woman in your life is living in an assisted home care facility or living with you, finding a gift that shows you truly care can be tricky.

To narrow down your options, it would be a good idea to focus on gift ideas that are home-focused, comforting, and practical. Understandably, you want to encourage that sick woman in your life to rest and get healthy again. These thoughtful gift ideas should get your gift searching off to a wonderful start:

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Seamless gift card

Seamless gift card for sick women

While that special woman in your life is recuperating, make them enjoy convenient meals and great food. The seamless gift card allows them to order their favorite nutritious foods and have it delivered straight to their doorsteps!

Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth Bottle

Hydro Flask 21 oz Standard Mouth Bottle gift for sick women

Designed with double-wall vacuum insulation, a hydro flask helps preserve liquid temperature for hours. This means your sick loved one will have a temperature-perfect liquid close at hand throughout the day. 

This product provides the utmost ease as they won’t need to get up now and then to get more ice or reheat. This also means they’d stay hydrated all day while staying completely comfortable.

Morphie Powerstation USB-C 3XL

Morphie Powerstation USB-C 3XL for a sick women

Another fantastic gift idea would be the Morphie powerstation USB-C 3XL. This amazing tool can come in very handy if they are stuck in bed recuperating or when mobility is difficult. If they’re always in contact with friends and loved ones, chances are they are on their mobile phones or tablets a lot and their batteries can drain rather quickly. 

The Morphie powerstation can help ensure they can keep their devices charged without needing to bend over to find an outlet or getting up to find a charger. This portable battery can also sit on the side table or nightstand and can charge anything from MacBooks to iPhones. 

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser gift for sick women

If the sick woman in your life is living in an assisted home care facility, you can give her something that can make her living space smell like home. An essential oil diffuser can make her rooms feel a bit more like her own. Many oil diffusers also come with calming essentials oils that can help alleviate their stress. 

Slip-Resistant Slippers

Slip Resistant Slippers for sick women

A pair of slip-resistant slippers is not only a thoughtful gift, but it’s also a convenient one. This is especially useful if the sick woman in your life is already old. A comfortable and slip-resistant pair of slippers can also help ensure they can get around comfortably and safely.

Comfortable Lap Blanket

Comfortable Lap Blanket as a gift for sick women

If the sick woman in your life uses a wheelchair, a comfortable lap blanket can be a great gift. Getting them a wheelchair-friendly blanket is also an excellent gift idea as they can be attached to the wheelchair’s arms. 

Memory Foam Lap Desk

Memory Foam Lap Desk for sick women

If the illness keeps them your loved one in the bed or couch, a lap desk can be a welcome and much-appreciated gift. If your sick loved one is not feeling well enough to get up, a small portable desk allows them to write, use their laptops, watch movies, or even eat without getting up and moving to another area. They can also use it for great craft projects if that is something they are into.

Mini Fridge

mini fridge gift for a sick women

There are days when getting out of bed and going to the kitchen can be too much for your sick loved one. Having a mini-fridge within arm’s reach can help ensure they always have water and a few snacks close.

Electric Tea Kettle

sick women gift Electric Tea Kettle

While tea will not cure your loved one’s illness, it can help soothe and relax them. An electric kettle can also help ensure your sick loved one will always have hot water nearby if they want to make a cup of their favorite tea. 

Audible subscription

If your loved one is stuck at home due to an illness, helping them pass the time in a great way shows them you always have their best interest in mind. With that said, audiobooks would be perfect. It’s hand-free (which can be very handy, especially if they have mobility or swelling issues in their hands or wrists) and it stimulates their minds as well.

They can also enjoy listening to audiobooks even with their eyes closed. If your loved one suffers from migraines and cannot tolerate reading, listening to an audiobook is the next best thing.

Cozy Bedding

Cozy Bedding gift for sick women

If that special woman in your life is stuck in bed due to illness, having comfortable bedding can go a long way towards ensuring they stay cozy most of the time. Like a new set of robes, pillowcase, or comforter, a new set of beddings can help make their day better.


Getting that sick woman in your life a great gift can entail time and effort. However, it is truly worth it as you will not only make them feel comfortable and more at ease, you’ll also make them feel you genuinely care and you want nothing but the best for them.