10 Best Hand Exercises For Gamers

All passionate gamers struggle with one unique problem – cramps and numbness in wrists. Playing games for 10 to 15 hours per day can eventually result in a wrist injury. With that in mind, the best strategy to prevent this medical condition is to take a proactive approach and treat your wrists with diligence and care. Once you start implementing our tips, you will discover that these top 10 best hand exercises for gamers are a godsend!

Why do my hands go numb when playing video games?

The first step towards a solution is understanding the cause of the problem. A gamer’s wrist is constantly locked in one position, with slight horizontal moves. Professional gamers may play for hours every day, and their wrists do not have much mobility. Furthermore, both wrists are sliding across the desk surface with tension. Games require reflexes and can improve cognitive skills, but can also cause a substantial amount of stress and produce unexpected hand reactions from time to time.

This can cause slower blood flow and often the median nerve gets squeezed, which can cause carpal tunnel syndrome

How can I make my hands stronger?

The best way to deal with this issue is to make your hands stronger through a series of targeted exercises and scheduled breaks. If you plan on becoming a professional gamer, or if you are already on that path, you must take care of your hands if you want them to take care of you.

What are some good hand exercises?

If you search for wrist exercises online, you will discover a vast array of options. However, not all exercises have the same level of efficiency. Doing the wrong exercises can also lead to a medical condition and numbness in wrists. With that in mind, here are the best hand exercises for gamers you should practice on a regular basis.

1. Doing the “full fist” routine

One of the first gaming exercises I will be sharing with you today is what I like to call the “full fist” routine. You start by extending your fingers, with the tips pointed upwards. Then, make a full fist, transition to the tabletop fist, claw fist, half fist, and finally return to the full fist position. Do not rush through this exercise, make slow, controlled movements, and take a second or two between switching positions.

2. Stretch out fingers

For the next exercise, start in the same position as the previous exercise, with your fingertips pointing upwards. With your other hand, gently grip the top of each finger and make circular motions 5 to 10 repeats in both directions, finishing with stretching the finger backward until you feel a pleasant pain.

3. Work your fingertips

I have decided to add this exercise to my list of the best hand exercises for gamers simply because it increases the mobility of your fingertips, which are used the most when playing games. Block each finger individually by holding it in place with your other hand, and then work the fingertip section by flexing it up and down 5 to 10 times. This will prevent cramps in your fingers.

4. Massage the insides of your fingers and palms

fingers and palms Massage

After stretching your fingertips, firmly press the insides of your fingers with the other hand, especially where the joints are. I also like to interlace fingers on both of my hands together, and then firmly tighten the fingers in short intervals. It relaxes both palms. Finally, I like to press and release the center of my palm with the thumb of the other hand.

Caption: It is a smart move to get a hand massage from time to time. Having a professional treat your fingers can do wonders.

Alt: A person receiving a palm massage from a masseur.

5. Play the piano

hands playing piano
Source: wonderopolis.org

A nice coordination exercise called “play the piano” is when you join the fingertip of your thumb with the index finger, then the middle finger, the ring finger, and finally the pinky. Then you reverse the order. Try to start slowly and increase the speed as you go. You can also try to do both hands at the same time, and the advanced version is when one hand goes from the index finger to the pinky, and the other from the pinky to the index finger.

6. The scissors exercise

A nice way to finish warming up the fingers is to do the scissors exercise. Simply move the fingers of both of your hands as if you are cutting paper with scissors

7. Shake out the hands and circle the wrists

Warm up your wrists by shaking out the hands for a half a minute. Do not go too fast at the beginning, but slowly increase the speed. After your hands are relaxed, you can start slowly circling the wrists, first in one direction, and then in the other. You can try a variation with a closed fist, and then with open palms.

8. Stretching out the palm

palm stretching
Source: schreibermd.com

Put your arm in front of you with the elbow straightened, and position your palm as if you are pressing against a wall. With your other hand, gently pull the fingers backward and hold for about 30 seconds. Then, grab the palm of the same hand and also stretch it backward. Finally, bend your palm towards the ground, and push the top of the palm towards you to stretch the muscles of your palm.

9. Move your wrists front and back, and to the sides

Hold your hand under the wrist with the other hand, and then move your wrist slowly forward and backward, extending as much as you can. Then, continue moving the wrists to the sides, left and write. You are doing this without circling with your wrist, just moving it horizontally.

10. A warm bath for your hands

To finish, you should relax your palms and fingers. Use a bowl with warm water, dip your hands inside, and start closing and opening your fists. This will not only increase the mobility of your wrists but also freshen up your skin.

Keep your equipment in check

Just how your wrists feel the pressure of long-playing hours, so does your equipment. Make sure to regularly clean your keyboard and mouse, and check if any parts need replacement. Furthermore, store your gadgets and devices properly when not in use. It is important to treat your equipment the same way you are treating yourself!

Best hand exercises for gamers – delivered!

And there you have it. These 10 best hand exercises for gamers are everything you need to keep your wrists and hands in good condition and prevent possible injury. For the best results, take 5-minutes breaks every 60 minutes to relax your hands and do a couple of exercises. It is also smart to shake out your hands and open and close your fists for about 30 seconds every 15 minutes. Be smart even when playing! 🙂