9 Best Korean Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin

If you don’t want to miss a skincare product, it must be Korean sunscreen. The protection of your skin against UV damagedness and photography is the first line of defense.

A special method (other than SPF) called persistent pigmentation darkening test is used to formulate Korean sunscreens for the face (or PA system). SPF can protect you against UVB rays, however, both UVB and UVA protection is offered by SPF and PA Korean sun-screens. Even lighter are they. Here are the best Korean sunscreens to look out for.

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The Advantage of Using a Korean Sunscreen

Korean best face sunscreens are way better than others as approval is much quicker than in other countries for their ingredients.

A Korean sunscreen for acne prone skin also offers better skincare because of the high respect K-beauty has for every ton of skin for good skin.

Plus, using eye cream is never enough if you have dark circles. To properly lighten your eyes, you will need a good sun protection product.

When it comes to Korea sunscreen is at the top of the list. Thus, Korean beauty brands should be tested first, whether you are searching for the best sunscreen on your body or face.

Here are the 10 Best Korean Sunscreens For acne-prone skin

1. Missha All Around Safe Sun Milk

Missha All Around Safe Sun Milk

This soft finished Missha sun milk has a UV-blocking system of the double layer that guarantees sun protection longer than normal. It can retain water and sweat, and in humid weather, it does not melt. The texture of your skin is silky and porous, powder-like.

2. A’PIEU PURE BLOCK Sunscreen


All items from A’Pieu are tested on the skin. The creamy texture of the A’Pieu Pure Block Natural Sunscreen prevents oil from building up on your skin. It contains natural apple and aloe vera extracts. It quickly spreads and is rapidly consumed. It includes a sunblock physical to remove damaging UV rays from your skin.

3. Like I’m 5 Mild Sunscreen

Like I'm 5 Mild Sunscreen

The best sunscreen is ultra-mild and suitable for people of all ages, including children. Try this product if your skin is highly sensitive. It has mineral ingredients and contains neither allergens nor irritants.

4. ETUDE HOUSE Soonjung Suncream

ETUDE HOUSE Soonjung Suncream

The Jung Mild Protection Sun Cream ETUDE HOUSE Protects your skin from external stress and harmful UV rays. PSurpriseoside is enriched with a soothing component that restores damaged skin. SPF 49 PA++ soothes irritated skin with the pH-balanced recipe. The sunscreen for the face hydrates and lightens the skin without dust and impurities.

5. ETUDE HOUSE Sunprise Sun Milk

ETUDE HOUSE Sunprise Sun Milk

The way Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sunscreen feels on your skin can surprise you. It is so light that it glides over your skin like a breeze. It can also easily configure your maquillage. This is the best Korean sunscreen for you if you have oily skin. It does not irritate the skin or leave a white cast behind it. It also offers a high cover from the light.



This best sunscreen includes natural ingredients and other active agents that are fast-absorbing and ultra-light-weight. It is fitted with SPF broad spectrum and protection PA++. It contains extracts of raspberry to provide the skin with extra hydration.

7. Innisfree Intensive Long-Lasting Sunscreen

Innisfree Intensive Long-Lasting Sunscreen

Waterproof sunscreen will save a life. And this is a Korean sunscreen that is waterproof and avoids sweat and skin sebum. It is ideal for people who enjoy outdoor sports as a durable and waterproof sunscreen. The substance includes several ingredients, such as the extract of witch hazel leaf, orchid extract, citric acid, Japonica leaf camellia, etc. This Korean SPF for oily skin provides a smooth finish and effectively protects against UV-A sunlight. You should wear and remain active for long hours.

8. Non-Greasy Sunscreen

Non-Greasy Sunscree

People with oily skin are still looking for good sunscreens from Korea. After all, if they’re about to walk in the heat, who wants a gray face? 9wishes’ sunscreens are ideal for skin oily and acne-prone. The fabric is super thin, which doesn’t allow you to feel heavy. You will love the way your skin melts and gives a clean look.

The key ingredients in it are jojoba seed oil, aloe vera, and niacinamide. The seed oil and leaf extract from the aloe vera calm down the skin and enhance skin elasticity. These ingredients together shield the skin from harmful sun rays.

9. Neutrogena Sunscreen for Acne-Prone Skin

Neutrogena Sunscreen for Acne-Prone Skin

A high light free lotion that will not break you out sunscreen of Neutrogena. It is formulated particularly for people with oily and acne-sensitive skin, “Drawer says”. This includes a favorite of its active ingredients: avobenzone, an organic filter for UV safety of the broad spectrum.” It contains one of its favorite active ingredients. Gmyrek is also a fan of this “light-and-water-resistant,” non-comedogenic, non-oil-free, and non-flavored sunscreen.


Although most of us love sunny day excitement, we don’t want our skin’s health to be affected. And while cloudy, the chance of UV damage continues, since UV rays can still penetrate dense clouds past.

That is why I love the A’Pieu natural pure block because it protects me against the sun and other environmental attackers. It is the best facial security sunblock and leaves no cast white.

A major issue is pollutants, so it’s nice to have the best UVA and UVB safety sunscreen. It will help to improve the skin routine of your glass.

Other items included in this list are make-up. Many Korean sunscreens for acne prone skin are light and easy to absorb so that you can add one to the morning routine.

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