5 Best Nootropic Supplements to Boost Brain Power

Nootropics are drugs or supplements which are used to boost brainpower. They are natural and intended to have a beneficial effect on the brain of healthy people. The brain boosting supplements are intended to boost creativity, memory as well as alertness. Moreover, it has been seen that nootropics usage leads to a drop in age-related declines as far as brain function is concerned.

They also improve memory and helps to focus sharply. It is a great intake that is used for primarily keeping the brain healthy. There are many supplements out there but this article will mainly focus on the top main nootropic supplements. If you were surfing the internet for this reason, then this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through the 5 best nootropic supplements to boost brainpower.

What Are Nootropics? Are They Going to Make You Smarter? By Healthcare Triage

B Vitamins

Whenever brain health is concerned, B vitamins such as B6, B12, and B9, which is also known as folic acid are great for intake. But one should be low on them or pregnant to make the supplement work. Folic acid is a vitamin that is given in any case to pregnant women to avoid birth defects. Moreover, many people are seen to be benefitted from B vitamins of they have been at high risk for Alzheimer’s. But others can stick to normal food sources such as leafy greens.


Caffeine powders and pills are greatly used as a brain-boosting supplement. However, one should make sure that they don’t overdose. One can enjoy caffeine without any worry until unless it worsens your sleep or makes you feel uncomfortable. Caffeine is a great source as it promotes energy by blocking the brain receptors, which are known as adenosine.


Without any doubt, L-theanine has a huge potential to improve one’s mental performance. It makes a great combo alongside caffeine. It is advised to drink green tea as it has proven itself to boost the brain on a whole new level. Green tea contains L-theanine along with caffeine, which provides you the mental as well as physical relief.


Omega-3s rich fish is included in the traditional Mediterranean diet, which lowers the risk of dementia. However, the use of its supplements has not proved to be of great use. But on the other hand, in one research it has been seen that people who have Alzheimer’s can benefit from omega. So, in short a person can intake it as brain-boosting supplements.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, without a doubt, is one of the very best supplements when it comes to boosting the brain. It is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and mostly those who may turn out to be a threat to brain cells.

According to research, it has been seen that they can’t protect much against dementia, but it can slow the worsening of Alzheimer’s in the people who already have it. According to experts, one should stick to food sources such as vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts.