Does Drinking A Lot of Water Help Pass A Drug Test

We all know that the test clearly has been in the business of helping people pass drug tests.  In business, we will be seeing it all and also we heard it all. 

The most common question that comes up quite frequently is:  Does drinking water help in passing a drug test? The following is some information about how and what will help you in passing the drug test.

In the beginning, there was a concept of drinking lots of water that was effective for helping a person pass a drug test.

We all know that urine is mostly in water form, so the main theory behind the water is if a person drinks lots of water then the toxins would hardly show up in a drug test so they allow a person to pass their drug test. There is a lot of misinformation out there about what you can do to pass a test, and most of them are extremely risky, detectable by labs, or simply don’t work. That’s the reason that passing the natural THC detox for drug test is important, and staying hydrated is the best way to do so.

As soon as the word got around and soon everybody started to pass a drug test with water. So basically this is how the whole concept of passing the drug test came out.

How To Pass A Drug Test Every Time by National Drug Screening

How Much Water to Drink to Pass A Drug Test

How much water will exactly help you in passing the drug test?  Since this can be called more of an urban legend than an exact science, the amount of water varies depending on how your body accepts, but in many sources, it is said that half a gallon of water might be helpful before you start two hours before the test is taken.

In some cases like the Opioid Withdrawal Treatment, you might follow a different method even though water has been very useful in overcoming journeys. 

If you have traced the amounts of a drug in your system, it can sometimes be detected. Maybe you can sneak through the first time, but you cannot be that lucky forever.

All the dilution and detox can tilt in the scales that will be in your favor, especially when you get time to prepare for a drug test you can try out, but, unfortunately, you’ll get caught.

The Controversy Of Drinking Water:

There are some beliefs that you can flush or cleanse your system and its metabolites by drinking only lots of water and liquid substances. Done get confused by thinking drinking water will help you pass the test, it does not happen anyway.

In rare cases, it works if the user is in control and does not take it often. Sometimes if they fail a test and are not able to get over the addiction they can try in different ways which suit them.

Benzodiazepine withdrawal treatment can also be taken up and make up your mind and body free from any kind of addiction they are facing in their life. 

How Long Does The Drug Stay In Our Body:

The effect of drugs may vary. There are different kinds of drugs being used. Each one has their specialties and stays for a certain time period.

For instance, LSD can stay in your body from 6 to 12 hours and cocaine can last up to 15 to 30 minutes. Even sometimes after the effects have been worn out some drugs will stay in your system.

Does drinking water help you pass a drug test? Drinking a lot of water starting the day a few days before the test may be helpful. By increasing the intake of liquids into your system you will be able to somewhat dilute the test sample which has been checked.

This will not work very well if you’re a long-term or heavy user but it could be a trick if you have been used a few minutes before.

There is no special drink or ingredient which will help you in cleansing or flushing your system better than water does. There is no evidence that substances like vinegar, niacin, or vitamin C have any effect on your levels of drug metabolites

You can take some vitamin B pills the day before you go to the test to make your urine look yellow. If it’s too clear then the test evaluators will be suspicious in that case.

Some Common Method Of Beating A Drug Test In Unusual Manner:

  • If you are a long-time user there is no other option you get caught anyways or you can try rehab centers for your control if not you can take them temporarily to get escaped from drug tests.
  • The person being tested for a drug test needs more than an inch of hair. Hair tests can typically take longer to complete than other methods in checking. This type of test can reveal the use of cannabis, opioids, and cocaine. Sometimes in an effort to avoid hair drug testing, few individuals have been known to shave their head and body if necessary so that the sufficient specimen sample for testing cannot be obtained in an exact way.
  • Believe it or not, there are few cases like people even using other people’s drug tests and making business over it. 
  • There are even some detox kits available in the market that people often try to use and in that detox kit they have been instructed that you should take a certain quantity of water or liquids given over there.
  • There are even synthetic urine means fake urine to cheat the drug test and this is a very risky one, the synthetic urine leaving the correct mark like creatinine level, pH level, and the temperature.


If you’re going short of time or money in taking a drug test you can even try the home remedy but when you take up a chance in following the home remedy process it’s like rolling in a dice.

Some people will even swear that mixing vinegar and lemon can create an impact but it does not work that well, if your goal is to pass the drug test you can try drinking water if you’re not a long-term user.

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