How To Fade Purple Toner?

How To Fade Purple Toner

Purple toner has purple pigments that neutralize the yellow and brassy tones in light-colored hair. Purple toner can be helpful when you feel that your blonde hair is getting yellowish tones that are not looking great on your hair. But …

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How To Fade Toner In Hair?

How To Fade Toner In Hair

Toner is mostly used to give hair an enhanced and smooth look, but sometimes you do not like the outcome that follows after you use the toner. Once you put toner in your hair, you cannot get it out of …

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How To Get Rid Of Blue Hair From Toner?

How To Get Rid Of Blue Hair From Toner

Blue Toner is used on brunette hair to strip off any orange hues on the hair, which bring out ashy and warm hair color. It doesn’t mean that blue toner is specifically made for brunette hair because you can use …

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