How To Find The Right Pair Of Sunglasses For You

So, when it comes to buying sunnies, there are definitely no shortages of styles, shapes, colors, and brands. And you can buy sunglasses from almost anywhere including online.

But having so many options available to you, it can actually make choosing the right sunnies for you quite tricky.

Besides the huge range of styles of sunnies out there, there are also a number of different factors to take into consideration as well.

If you’re a seasoned sunglasses buyer, you probably have an idea of the best kinds of sunnies that work for you.

But, if you’re new to wearing sunglasses, or you’re thinking about updating your look, then we’ve got something to help you.

We’ve put together a list of five things to think about to make finding the right pair of sunglasses a whole lot easier.

Keep reading to find your next pair of sunnies.

How to Pick the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Type by BRIGHT SIDE

Figure out your face shape

The first step in finding the right pair of sunnies for you is having an idea of your face shape. While realistically you can wear whatever style of sunglasses you like, some styles suit and fit certain face shapes better than others.

When it comes to identifying your face shape, it will usually be categorized into one of the below shapes:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart
  • Triangular
  • Oval

Once you have an idea of your face shape, it can help guide you on the shape or style of your sunglasses frames.

Square shaped heads tend to suit oval and round sunglasses; rounder faces tend to suit rectangular, geometric, or cat eye framed sunglasses; heart shaped faces suit oval shaped frames; triangular faces can really pull of cat eye and aviator styles; and oval shaped faces look great in square, geometric and rectangular framed sunglasses.

What’s your style?

Do you have a signature look or aesthetic that you actively curate? Our own personal style is certainly something to think about when it comes to sunglasses styles because there are some sunglasses that are just so iconic and synonymous with certain styles.

Take the Wayfarer shaped frame that Ray-Ban made so popular. This style of sunglasses has an air of cool and retro, appealing to people who like a bit of a rockstar style, or even the chic rockabilly look.

However, the classic design of this style can also appear very elegant, with its flattering shape and clean simple lines.

The cat-eye style is innately feminine and often associated with the retro 60s and 60s styles.

Round shaped sunglasses have a retro and intellectual appeal to them, and the cat eye shape is innately feminine.

You can find a style of sunglasses that can complement whatever look you’re trying to create.

Think about protection

Besides increasing your street cred and upping your style appeal, the purpose of sunglasses is to offer you protection. To be fair, that is their primary purpose, even ahead of making you look cool.

So, when you’re purchasing sunglasses, make sure that you take note of their protection standards. Many reputable sunglasses brands will offer full UV protection, but there is no point compromising.

UVA and UVB rays can cause major issues for your eyes, so only opt for sunglasses that offer full 100% UV protection.

Think about what you’re going to use them for

When you’re buying sunglasses it’s a good idea to think about the circumstances you will be wearing them in.

In most cases, you’re buying them for the protection they offer, but if you also take part in certain outdoor activities, you can choose sunglasses that can not only protect your eyes, but also enhance your performance during those activities.

Take sunglasses with polarised lenses for example, they can help to reduce glare which can make activities like boating, fishing, cycling, and driving, significantly easier.

If you’re looking for polarised sunnies, the Otis sunglasses polarised range offers a variety of styles perfect for both increasing your street style and making outdoor activities even better.

You can even improve your vision by selecting certain lens colors. Like many others, you probably just thought the lens color of sunglasses was all about the style, but certain colors improve your clarity and vision in certain activities.

For example:

  • Brown Lenses – great for driving as they improve contrasts.
  • Yellow Lenses – are great in low-light or foggy conditions, and they can also help to filter out blue light from the computer and phone.
  • Blue Lenses – are good for skiing, snowboarding, and water-based activities like fishing.
  • Black or Grey Lenses – these lenses are versatile and are a great choice for most activities.

What are they made of?

You want to make sure that your sunglasses are made of durable materials that are going to last the distance.

Unless you’re buying your sunglasses for a costume party, chances are you’re going to want to get as many wears out of them as possible.

Super cheap sunnies are usually made of very plasticky materials that if you drop them, you’re most likely going to have to buy a new pair.

Investing in a good pair of sunglasses made of high-quality materials will almost always ensure that even if you are a bit clumsy, the sunglasses are going to last.

High-quality sunnies are also likely to offer better protection as in many instances, they are made from scratch resistant materials, which means you’re less likely to expose your eyes to UV rays.

So, now that you know these factors, you are more than ready to find your next pair of shades.