How To Improve Sleep with a Serotonin Supplement

Sleep is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of human existence.

The ability to shut off the world from your mind for a few hours a night is highly underestimated, right until you are struggling in the throes of insomnia and perpetual tiredness.

Luckily, there appears to be a way out of this debacle. You see, the human brain is capable of synthesizing a soothing neurotransmitter known as serotonin which is derived from tryptophan – an amino acid.

Among many things, serotonin plays several vital roles in the brain’s biochemistry including facilitating deep and rejuvenating sleep.

In other words, the secret to ensuring that you are getting ample sleep every night is by making sure you are not serotonin deficient.

What is Serotonin and how does it affect your sleep? by NestedTV

Why Does Sleep Get Worse?

Even before getting to the crux of how a serotonin supplement can help you improve your sleep patterns, it is imperative to shed some light on why sleep worsens in the first place.

Insomnia is a double-edged sword that creeps on us when we least expect it. Here’s a quick breakdown of why you may be increasingly finding it hard to catch some forty winks.

  1. Intake of caffeinated drinks and alcohol before bed: Nothing ruins what could be potentially a night of relaxing slumber like taking alcohol or a strong cup of coffee before hitting the hay. Not only do these substances ruin your circadian rhythm but it also means that you will have to wake up a bit more often than normal to use the bathroom.
  2. Having an irregular sleeping schedule: A good chunk of people underestimate the value of a regular sleeping schedule in helping you get to bed at a good time. Just like any other undertaking in life, you need to plan your sleeping schedule meticulously if you want to retain any semblance of normalcy, especially as you get older. That means avoiding daytime napping, oversleeping, or staying up too late.
  3. Inadequate or complete lack of physical exercise: Apart from being one of the best things that you can do for your health, exercise also encourages the release of feel-good hormones i.e endorphins which later morph into melatonin as dusk nears. This can be crucial in helping you fall asleep faster and for longer, consistently.

The Influence of Serotonin – How to Recognize Signs of Deficiency and Improve Sleep

Apart from steering clear of the above external factors that could be making it increasingly harder to fall asleep, you may also want to rope in serotonin in your quest for better slumber at the end of a back-breaking day.

Besides, serotonin might be a sleep booster but it also plays a central function in boosting self-confidence, maintaining a cheerful/upbeat mood, and overseeing the body’s circadian rhythms.

This is the reason a deficiency in serotonin production is often linked with low mood, unhealthy sleeping patterns, mental fogginess, negative/self-destructive behavior, and an array of other mental/physical problems.

In case you are wondering, some of the tell-tale signs of functional serotonin deficiency include;

  1. Decreased mental sharpness
  2. Binge eating and craving carbohydrates
  3. Sleeping problems and unexplained insomnia
  4. Intestinal problems and digestive impairments
  5. Depressive episodes, feeling unhappy or extremely overwhelmed
  6. Chronic headaches
  7. Irritability and anger

Wellabs Serotonin Supplements for Sleep — Pros and Cons

As you may have already guessed, a reliable way of increasing the levels of any neurotransmitter is through a nutritional supplement.

In this case, this is one of the most practical ways to replenish serotonin fast. Wellabs serotonin supplement, in this case, comes to mind.

The supplement employs a series of ingredients to boost the production of brain waves, correcting stress-related nutritive deficiencies, and promoting relaxation to make it easier for you to enjoy a restorative and deep slumber. This includes the likes of;

1.       Vitamin B12: As you probably already know, this vitamin is fundamental and essential to healthy/optimized brain function. Besides, it is an important cofactor in the synthesis of enzymes that are involved in the production of serotonin plus other neurotransmitters. Remember that it also works in tandem with methylfolate and vitamin B6 to the human brain’s functional efficiency and structural maintenance.

2.       5HTP: Known as 5-hydroxytryptophan in full, 5-HTP is among the number of amino acids that your body produces naturally to oversee the production of serotonin. Nonetheless, the ability to synthesize this amino acid is easily affected by an array of factors, which explains why external supplementation is highly important to beat insomnia.

Along these two main ingredients, Wellabs serotonin supplement also complements the active ingredients with a blend of herbal ingredients such as St. John Wort, Bacopa Monnieri extract, passionflower, and Gotu Kola.

The purpose here is to aid the production of melatonin, which is a hormone that dictates how fast you can fall asleep and for how long.

Having said that, just like anything else in life, the supplement is not without its own set of pros and cons, which includes;


  1. By raising the levels of this neurotransmitter, the supplement may have a positive effect on one’s appetite, pain sensation, anxiety, and overall mood.
  2. May improve the symptoms of insomnia
  3. Could promote easy and fast weight loss
  4. It May help reduce the frequency of migraines


  1. There are some potential side effects of 5-HTP such as nightmares, nausea, and heartburn that you may want to take into consideration
  2. A bit pricier than some similar serotonin supplements on the market.

In Closing

If you have made it to this stage of the article, it’s possible that you could be wondering; do serotonin pills work?

Indeed, serotonin supplements can be highly beneficial in helping you get your shut-eye faster but you also need to support its intake with a reasonably healthy lifestyle that does not impair your chances of getting an untroubled sleep as soon as you switch off your bedside lamp.