How To Live More Sustainable

Sustainability is the idea that people can make smarter choices to protect the environment and the planet. We also take better care of ourselves in daily habits that prioritize these things.

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The bonus to all of these changes is that we save money and still get all of our needs met for the day-to-day habits we might choose to pick up.

10 Ways To Live More Sustainably by Sustainably Vegan

Our Essential Materials

The materials we use to build things can make a world of difference in the care and keeping of the environment and the planet.

Instead of chipping away at finite resources, we can use recyclable materials to build what we need to survive and thrive in today’s world.

It’s in the small choices like deciding on using leftover reclaimed wood to build a headboard rather than the cardboard cut-out built in a pollution-inducing factory. 

Or we are choosing to grow our fruits and vegetables in a community garden rather than relying on shipments from across the world to fill grocery shelves.

It comes down to our bedding. We can opt for copper infused mattress solutions and sleep with greater peace of mind knowing our planet and our sleep is cared for. 

Carpool And Shared Rides

Many creative solutions can be implemented to make transportation more convenient and favorable.

We can reduce the negative impacts of so many cars on the road by choosing to carpool or use shared rides to get from place to place.

We can also choose to walk, bike, or take public transportation services if these options are practical.

Cut back on emissions and pollution by choosing to walk everywhere you can or share rides whenever possible. 

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Using Less Energy

The appliances that we rely on daily can undoubtedly make things convenient. Who doesn’t want to clean clothes and dishes with the push of a button? Still, these machines take up a lot of energy.

Save energy and money by cutting back on the convenience of modern living. Let your clothes dry on a line outside. 

Wash your dishes by hand. Avoid taking that extra shower you don’t need to rinse off the workday.

Most of all, if you haven’t switched to LED lightbulbs by now, it’s time to get with the program! Every little bit counts. 

Shop At Thrift Stores

Not only is sustainable shopping trendy, but it also has a positive effect on the environment.

You can reduce factory pollution and destruction by choosing a sustainable alternative to buying from the stores directly. 

Go to your local thrift store or salvation army to find vintage clothes instead. You can get just as creative with your outfits and enjoy this new way to shop with ethical consideration to the world in mind.

You can even donate your gently-used, unwanted items to consignment shops and earn money back to shop.

Do What Works For You

Since sustainability covers an extensive range of efforts, staying true to the definition that works for you is essential.

Don’t compare your efforts to building a better world to someone else. If someone says you’re not doing enough, you don’t have to buy into what they feel is the best approach.

You’re doing great as long as you do your best to contribute to a greener world! 

The Bottom Line

Sustainability is the accumulation of many different effects of people’s daily choices.

From around the world, each of us can do our part to contribute to a cleaner, healthier world by following suggestions like those above. Be the change, and live more sustainably today!