What Disease Does Ed Cooley Have?

Ed Cooley is a popular American basketball coach. Now he is working as a head coach for the Providence College Friars men’s basketball team.

Cooley was doing a successful career coaching at various levels of the sport, but all of a sudden his health condition has become the talk of the town, and everyone wants to know the answer to “What disease does Ed Cooley have?”.

There has been speculation about the health condition of Ed Cooley, and many are curious to know what disease he may have.

In the following sections, we will discuss the details of Ed Cooley’s health condition and provide more information on the topic.

Providence Coach Ed Cooley’s Hair – What’s The Deal With Those Spots?

What Do We Know About Ed Cooley Illness?

What Do We Know About Ed Cooley Illness

Ed Cooley has a skin condition called Alopecia Areata in which the hair follicles get attacked and, as a result, hair loss occurs.

Ed has been quite confident and vocal about his disease and has told the media that it has been a part of him since his late 20s.

He said that his journey with this disease wasn’t ideal, and he used to struggle with it in the beginning. He shared that alopecia areata majorly affected his confidence and self esteem in public, but now he is okay with it.

He has also said that there is a lack of awareness of alopecia areata, which is why he wants to let people know more about it.

Ed Cooley illness has been an inspiration to many, including basketball fans who have been suffering with this condition.

He has explained many times that it is possible to live with Alopecia Areata and no one should define you by it alone.

His openness and advocacy have helped to shed light on the condition and have been a source of support and encouragement to many.

There are many pictures of Ed Cooley available on the internet where we can clearly see a patch of hair missing from his head. Cooley is completely okay with it, as it isn’t a life threatening condition.

This disease cannot be cured, so the sufferers have to live with it one way or another. Ed Cooley is a great example of it.

What Happened to Ed Cooley?

What Happened to Ed Cooley

There has been some speculation about his health in recent years because he is no longer in the spotlight.

Some reports say that he is suffering from an illness and that’s the reason why he is not coaching now. There has been no official statement from Cooley or the Providence College regarding his health condition.

These rumors are spreading anxiety in his fans and all of the basketball community. All of them want to know how Ed Cooley is doing and if he is alright.

Cooley has always been a loved personality in the basketball community so it’s normal that everyone is concerned for him.

His fans hope and pray that he has a speedy recovery from whatever disease he is suffering from so he can get back to coaching.