Where To Go For PTSD Treatment?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a mental health condition that can develop after exposure to a traumatic event.

Its symptoms usually include flashbacks, nightmares, and intrusive thoughts about the event. 

While anyone can develop PTSD after a traumatic incident in their life, it is particularly common in military veterans and survivors of sexual assault or abuse.

Treatment for PTSD generally involves therapy and medication.

However, finding the right treatment can be difficult since everyone experiences PTSD differently. We have some tips on where to find PTSD treatment in Austin, Tx.

But before that, let’s explore the different treatments available for PTSD.

PTSD Treatment: Know Your Options by Veterans Health Administration

Treatments Available For PTSD


The most popular treatment for PTSD is cognitive-behavioral therapy or exposure therapy.

The therapist helps improve your symptoms by teaching you skills to deal with them, identify your trigger points and learn to live them.

The aim is to change the thought patterns that disturb your life by concentrating on the root source of fears.

Depending on the patient, therapy is done individually, with family, or in a group. It is usually for a short period, but in some cases, life-long therapy is also recommended for living a healthy, full life.


Certain medications can affect the chemistry in your brain related to fear and anxiety. Doctors usually prescribe SSRIs and SNRIs, including the effect of neurotransmitters in the brain to make you feel better.

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine infusion is a new advancement in the treatment of PTSD.

The anesthetic drug when administered in mini doses has shown great improvement in the lives of people suffering from PTSD and other mental disorders by helping them deal with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Unlike therapy and medication that take time to work, ketamine works almost immediately and shows effectiveness in cases where other conventional treatments have failed to work.

So it is a treatment worth exploring if you haven’t seen improvement with medication or talk therapy.

Where To Get PTSD Treatment?

PTSD is a condition that needs immediate treatment to help the patient recover from the trauma. If you or your loved one are noticing symptoms of PTSD, the first place to go is your primary care doctor.

He or she can refer you to a mental health specialist if needed based on your symptoms.

While they can prescribe anti-anxiety pills, they cannot prescribe other medications required to manage such mental health disorders.

So you need to consult a mental health expert to get a proper diagnosis and medication. 

Several national organizations provide referrals for PTSD treatment, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness(NAMI). 

If you are looking for PTSD treatment centers in Austin, Texas that provide ketamine treatment, you can visit Austin Ketamine Specialists.

Owned by Dr. Paul Foster, they work with mental health practitioners to provide ketamine therapy for patients experiencing PTSD, chronic pain, or depression.

Not all candidates are suitable for ketamine therapy though.

So to find out if this is indeed the right treatment for you, schedule a complimentary consultation with Austin Ketamine Specialists by visiting their website or calling their clinic.