4 Types Of Master’s Degrees In Nursing That You Can Get

Nursing degrees are highly flexible and deliver really great results for those who want to increase their earning potential and work in a rewarding industry.

A Master’s Degree in nursing can give you the chance to gain access to many kinds of career paths as well as a significantly increased salary.

For many nurses, the first thing that they think about when they join the profession is helping people.

After they have been working in the field for a while, they start looking into more specific, niche jobs that interest them.

This is usually the time when a Master’s Degree is sought in order to be able to gain access to this career path.

If you have been thinking about investing effort in a specific nursing job, you will probably need to get your Master’s Degree to get hired for this role.

If you are ready to learn more about the types of Master’s Degrees that you can get within the nursing field, you need to read on!

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Types of Master’s Degrees in Nursing That You Can Get

This is not an exhaustive list of the Master’s Degree programs that you can seek within the nursing field.

These are just some of the most common choices that are made to advance career goals and increase income.

Dual Master’s Degree

No matter what kind of Master’s you might be thinking you want to get, if you are considering heading into upper management, you will probably need a dual Master’s degree.

There are many ways to focus on these two degrees, but you should think about the kinds of leadership or management that you would want to apply for when you are picking your second Master’s degree.

CEO positions and other jobs like Chief Nursing Officer jobs can require that you have two different Master’s degrees to be able to apply.

You might need to have a Master’s in a niche part of nursing for some job titles as well.

You can look into the requirements for the positions that you are thinking of applying for before you select your unique degrees, but in most cases, a dual master’s is a great choice if you want to move into upper management.

Nurse Practitioner

This is a really good option for those who want to provide care like a doctor without actually having to give up their nursing degree.

For those who want to be able to prescribe medicine and offer more advanced care and therapies to their patients, this is a great area of degree focus.

You will want to look into this if you have your reasons for avoiding the doctor degree programs but still want to offer a more advanced level of care for your patients.

The NP career path will also let you focus on whichever type of medical care that you want to provide.

This is a really nice benefit for those who want to move into a niche part of care and don’t want to have to completely change their career path from a nurse to another job.

If you have wanted to focus more on one kind of specific care, you need to look at getting a Nurse Practitioner degree for your goals.


This is one of the best-paid positions within the nursing specialty and for a good reason. This career path allows you to undertake care of patients while they are under anesthesia and during surgery.

You will be able to work in many different kinds of clinical environments with this degree, and you will be able to choose to work in different kinds of surgical environments as well.

This is a critical job role that is needed all over the United States, and that is always in demand.

You will be able to move around from place to place if you wish, seeking increasing levels of pay or challenge in your daily job tasks.

This is a really challenging but worthwhile option for most nurses to consider when they are thinking of expanding their skills and increasing their income.

Certified Nurse Midwife

If you would love to deliver babies for a living, this is the Master’s program for you! You will be able to provide prenatal care and post-natal care with this degree as well.

This is a job that can be done in a clinic setting or in a home, and you can also work at a birth center.

There are so many advantages to choosing this career path for nurses who are interested in OB practice.

Just like with a Nurse Practitioner degree, you can use your Certified Nurse Midwife degree to provide the same services as a doctor but act more like a specialist.

Most mothers feel more comfortable with this kind of supportive care for their needs when they are delivering and after they have had their baby.

You will be able to be the person that they rely on to prepare for delivery, and they can keep coming to see you after you have delivered their child.

Master’s Degrees in Nursing Are a Great Choice

If you have been considering moving into a more specialized part of the nursing field or you have wanted to be able to provide an increased level of care to your patients, you need to look into getting a Master’s degree in nursing.

There are so many benefits to seeking this kind of degree for your career. If you are ready to change the focus of your daily tasks and increase your responsibility, this is your best bet.

Getting your Master’s in nursing will help you to propel your career to new heights and make it possible to provide even better care to your patients.

Being able to help people and utilize your specialized knowledge to improve your patients’ lives is a big benefit that can be obtained through the process of securing a Master’s Degree.

If you are ready to learn more about the various kinds of Master’s Degrees that you can seek, you need to check out this link.