Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

Amanda Batula, the rising star of Bravo, has managed to wow her millions of fans and followers with her adorable personality and amazing acting abilities.

Amanda’s appearance has changed over time, with fans even stating that her clothes no longer fit her during the show’s second season.

Since it has intrigued many Amanda fans, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about her weight loss journey.

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Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

Over the past few years, the actress has been very open about changing her body and shedding a significant amount of weight.

According to Bravo TV, she admitted that she was at her heaviest during the second season of Summer House, which was also her first official season.

And yes, Amanda Batula looks amazing in her wedding gown.

Her white wedding gown effortlessly emphasized her slim and elegant figure. The proof is clear in the wedding photos she posted on Instagram with her fiancé, Kyle Cook.

She had no idea how much she weighed before because she refused to use a measuring scale. She couldn’t fit in anything because she was too big.

During that time, she even completely redesigned her outfit.

But with her balanced diet and the right exercise, the actress is pretty sure she’s lost 15 to 20 pounds, or 6 to 9 kilograms, to get back to her original shape.

Sure, Amanda wasn’t particularly big when it came to the heaviest, but she’s gained a steady weight, and the fat has remained in her cheeks as well, giving her a shortened appearance.

Amanda Batula’s height and weight

Amanda Batula is around 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 57 Kg.

Amanda Batula’s net worth

Amanda Batula has an unknown net worth. Amanda Batula is estimated to have a net worth of over $2.23 million by 2022.

Her income sources include modeling, commercials, brand promotion, advertising, television, reality shows, and other commercial ventures.

Amanda Batula diet

Amanda Batula does not feel food deprived because she does not eat lunch until the late afternoon during intermittent fasting.

Whenever I’m fasting intermittently, I drink bulletproof [coffee] since it’s full of healthy fats and keeps me full until lunchtime around 3:00,” the Summer House actress explained on her Instagram Story.

“I don’t feel like starving this way, and I still get nutrition. In butter coffee, grass-fed butter or margarine is mixed with coffee, brain octane oil (C8 MCT oil), and brain octane oil (C8).

While Grocery shopping, she loves to choose items that contain more vitamins and low fats.

Amanda claims that drinking the drink while following the diet, which alternates between eating and fasting periods, helped her lose “15-20 pounds.”  You remember.

The intermittent fasting was better for me, and it was the easiest, and I saw the best results from it,” she continued, saying she no longer works because she thinks it is slower than the weight loss process.

“And [the coffee] is bulletproof,” says the narrator. She also said that when she was trying to lose weight, she cut out all sugar and carbs, but now that she’s maintaining her weight, she will be eating more sugar and carbs.

Amanda Batula Workout Routine

According to Amanda Batula, exercise has never been the best option for losing weight. Despite her best efforts, the actress was unable to take the film to the next level of success.

Amanda is now working and trying to maintain Amanda Batula’s body weight despite her changing weight.

It is more beneficial to her health to keep track of what she eats than to do the activity itself. A change in diet is the only way to lose weight.

Amanda Batula before and after pictures

Amanda Batula before and after pictures
Amanda Batula before and after photo
Amanda Batula before and after pics
Amanda Batula before and after weight loss
Amanda Batula before and after pictures

Did Amanda Batula get surgery?

Due to her level of attractiveness, people often inquire if she ever underwent any cosmetic procedures to improve her appearance.

Amanda showed that she is naturally beautiful and does not require plastic surgery. However, she is fully in favor of having the operation is requested.


Amanda Batula’s age is unknown?

Amanda Batula is a 30 years old female (As of 2022).

Amanda Batula’s birthday is coming up?

What did Amanda think about her weight loss?


In short, Amanda takes a different approach to lose weight than the rest of us. She was paying attention to the choices she made.

The most important thing is how you feel about yourself and the clothes you wear, not what you weigh on a scale.

Individuals can set their own weight loss goals according to their preferences.

I think you can now get all the information about Amanda Batula’s weight loss, which you need to know to start your weight loss journey.