6 Beauty Sleep Secrets For Students

Sleep probably occupies one of the top positions in the list of things students struggle with.

Whether you are in college or highschool, getting quality sleep is important to stay energized for everything you have to tackle the next day.

If you fall asleep easily you are in luck and if you don’t, things might be more frustrating for you.

There are a lot of factors which can affect your sleep pattern and the majority of them are related to your lifestyle.

Let us take a look at some beauty sleep secrets for students.

Relaxing Facial Before Sleep 💅 (my beauty secrets)

Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol Before Bed

Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol Before Bed

Students have this habit of going through several cups of coffee at night to help with late-night homework or study for a test.

When this becomes a routine, your disrupted sleep patterns will also start to become one!

Caffeine blocks sleep promoting chemicals in your brain – this is why you become energized and active after consuming it.

Having energy is a good thing but not when you are trying to go to sleep!

Do yourself a favor and avoid caffeine a few hours before your bedtime. 

You should also avoid alcoholic drinks. You might think they help you feel sleepy but they will affect your sleep quality.

So unless you want to be waking up in the middle of the night with a headache or spinning sensation, we suggest you steer clear of alcohol!


Exercising for about fifteen to twenty minutes per day can do wonders for your sleep!

Simply put, you tire yourself out a lot more and this can increase your body’s tendency to feel sleepy.

When you sit at a desk or watch something for hours you are not really doing anything which demands your energy.

Staying active throughout the day instead of sitting in one position can help you get better sleep.

Apart from improving your sleep at night, exercise can also help with daytime sleepiness – something which students tend to struggle with.

Stop Procrastinating

This tip might not fall under the beauty category but it will definitely help you get beauty sleep!

Procrastination is one of the major reasons why students pull all-nighters or stay up late to finish their work.

And the result? 

Puffy eyes, dark circles, tiredness and a crabby mood!

If you have the habit of procrastinating a lot, make a schedule and stick to it.

Don’t wait till the last minute to study for a test or finish an important project.

Procrastination can also lead to stress which will significantly affect your sleep patterns. When the stress hormones in your body increase, it disrupts your ability to sleep.

If you are under stress because of a heavy workload, consider asking help from family and friends. You can also make use of online writing services like Writers Per Hour to get well-written papers at affordable rates.

Try Sleep Inducing Drinks

Try Sleep Inducing Drinks

While there are drinks you should stay away from before bed, there are others which can help you fall asleep faster.

One of the most popular ones is the Chamomile tea. It contains ingredients which can promote sleepiness and even calm down anxiety.

You can also try warm milk and green tea to help you sleep.

Next time you are studying a little late, make yourself a cup of caffeine free tea instead of coffee!

Stay Away From Screens

If you have the habit of scrolling through your phone in bed, you might want to change that.

Your brain will be awake and stimulated by the time you shut off your devices. This will make it harder for you to fall asleep.

If you are sensitive to blue light, excessive exposure can also lead to headaches and dry eyes.

Stop looking at screens at least thirty minutes before bedtime.

Make Your Bed Comfortable

Sometimes all you need to do is change your bedsheets, mattress or pillow for better sleep!

If you feel like your mattress is too hard or the pillow is too small, try changing them and see if you sleep better.


Try incorporating some of these changes in your daily routine to see if it helps you sleep better.

If nothing works it could be a deeper issue and this is when you should consult a doctor.