10 Best Baby Side Sleep Positioners

After a nine-month pregnancy, hours of labor and stress that cannot be measured the last the mother needs is a restless baby. Without a doubt, getting an infant to sleep is probably one of the toughest things parents have to face. They have uplifted mats with pillows and wedges that are designed in a way that the infant can sleep in a fixed position. 

Coming out of the mother’s womb that is naturally designed for maximum comfort can get overwhelming for the child. It takes time for them to adjust to the new environment causing them to get wriggly during sleep. There are baby side sleep positioners available in the market to solve this issue.

The intention behind these positioners is to prevent the baby from rolling over. In addition to restricting the infant’s mobility, they also keep the head of the baby fixed which is one of the most vulnerable body parts during the initial days. The head mustn’t get jerked and must be handled with due diligence. 

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If you just had a child, it’s most likely that neither of you has been able to sleep properly. These baby side sleepers come in a variety each having variations for a specific purpose. Get one of the baby side sleep positioners at Amazon and say hello to newfound comfort for you and your baby.

1. Boppy Organic Let’s Go Fabric Head and Neck Support

Boppy Organic Let's Go Fabric Head and Neck Support

Boppy’s positioner provides the ultimate comfort for both the parents and the child. The removable neck ring makes it suitable for all infants till toddlerhood. From sleep to traveling, it makes everything easy.

With a few simple steps, it can be installed in all infant products like bouncers, swings, and strollers. Its cut out design not only looks cute and creative but also allows the baby’s neck to be held without any strain or pressure.

Being made purely out of organic cotton fabric makes it convenient and washable. It is available in grey color.

2. Jolly Jumper 3 in 1 Baby Hugger

Jolly Jumper 3 in 1 Baby Hugger

With its detachable head support, Jolly Jumper can be used as the newborn grows into an infant. It can be easily installed in all baby products giving the child the support and comfort needed. 

Most of the products like strollers and cribs cannot be used without baby sleep positioners.

It also has soft straps as an added feature to protect the infant from the harsh rubs of the car seat straps. The soft chenille fabric makes the seat cozy and relaxing and suitable for washing.

3. Babymoov Cosydream Original Newborn Lounger

Babymoov Cosydream Original Newborn Lounger

Best for lounging the Babymoov Cosydream provides the infant with an effect of being constantly embraced. All the features of the product have been specifically designed to ease, aid, and medical benefit of the child.

The slightly hoisted head support does not put a strain on the skull and therefore best to prevent the possible flat head syndrome. 

There is a slightly raised cushioning made up of micro granules to lift the feet. This helps with colic, digestion, and breathing. The structure is an attempt to replicate a mother’s womb giving maximum comfort and familiarity for the infant. 

It is considered safe as per European standard and therefore recommended by health care professionals. It is made up of 100% high-quality, polyester, and is washable by machine. It is foldable and can become compact for traveling purposes as well.

4. Cher Bébé Crib Wedge

Cher Bébé Crib Wedge

To provide comfort and height this sassy sleep positioner provides an elevation of 14⁰. This enables the baby to breathe and therefore sleep better. The wedge is made up of good high-quality foams. 

Its sturdy structure ensures stable inclination for the child. It is designed to sustain the weight of the child and therefore will not sink, or dent from constant usage even if it is placed underneath the mattress. The size is set to meet the standard crib sides to avoid any gaps with a base material that keeps the wedge in its place. 

The outer pillow cover is made up of 100% cotton while the inner is made up of 100% nylon that is spill-resistant. Without side pillows, the wedge establishes care and safety from possible suffocation. It is both easily washable and foldable making it perfect for travel purposes.

5. TCBunny Portable Baby Lounger

TCBunny Portable Baby Lounger

This penguin-shaped sleep positioner does wonders for a child’s ease. It hoists and holds the head up with a soft material, and high quality diligently designed for his delicate skin. There is cushioning near the feat that wraps around the baby and is adjusted as per its growth. It is made for babies that are 0+ months up to around 3 months

The penguin’s hands can be fastened around the baby to help keep him positioned correctly. This does a better job in preventing the baby from turning over than sleep pillows that have a certain safety hazard. The mat is breathable and has great air permeability that will soothe your child. 

6. Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Harmony Infant Sleeper

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Harmony Infant Sleeper

Made for babies up to 5 months this Baby Delight Sleeper ensures comfortable bedding for the child as per the situation. This can be placed on the floor, the bed and is portable for traveling purposes. The tall walls have a dual purpose. They prevent the baby from rolling over. It also provides a separate space for the child by compartmentalizing him especially if other children or adults are sleeping in the same area. 

The sheets are breathable, removable, and washable. What makes this super effective is the nightlight and sound feature installed in this sleeper. You have options to choose from a variety of color combinations like pink, charcoal grey, and white.

7. KAKIBLIN Baby Bassinet

Kakiblin’s baby bassinet is a multipurpose product designed for babies that are 0-8 months old. It is a bassinet, a lounger, or an infant sleeper all in one. It is a mother’s perfect solution. It is made from 100% high-quality cotton with the baby’s soft skin in mind.

It keeps the child safe in situations where the bed is being shared by adults or other children. Apart from giving him his personal space, the feeling of being cuddled, it also provides a detachable child pillow that lifts the head to the perfect angle. This position aids the child in breathing and digestion.

8. KAKIBLIN Baby Sleeping Pad

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Available in colors white and grey, Kakiblin’s sleeping pad is an infant essential.

It can be easily folded hence becoming compact and ideal for traveling purposes.

It is made up of 100% cotton that is high quality, breathable, and suitable for the infant’s skin. 

There is a minimum of cushioning to avoid suffocation.

However the shape, material, and design replicate the comfort of a mother’s uterus. This can be used daily as a comfortable sleeping pad.

9. Boppy Noggin Baby Sleeper

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Available in a few different colors and patterns, this baby sleeper is no less than a steal for its minimum price. The cutout design holds the head in place without straining the baby.

It has a harness system that will work all the baby products like strollers and bouncers ensuring comfort, ease, and safety for the child anywhere and everywhere. Endorsed by pediatricians this positioner is suitable for infants of 0-4 months.

10. Ubimed Lifenest Sleep System

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This product is green guard gold certified. It establishes a sleep system that ensures ultimate safety for infants and is often used by hospitals for newborn children. The netting over the hollow area in the sleeper holds the head whilst allowing the child to breathe easily. It does not have any cushioning around the child and is yet able to achieve a warm feel through its built and structure. 

The slight depth makes the infant feel comfortable. Since it does this without additional pillows or cushioning the fear of suffocation. The free mobility for hands and feet while feeling embraced becomes the best package for the baby. 

The material is waterproof making it extremely easy to maintain and clean. Even if the child rolls over he will be able to breathe through the netting until returned to the original position.

The World Health Organization recommends babies to be put in the way a Baby side sleep positioner does. It provides them with the support they need creating an environment similar to the womb of the mother. 

This sense of familiarity makes the child feel safe and therefore helps improve their sleeping patterns. Usage of these positioners aid infant growth development and provides maximum ease to the parents especially if they are new with parenting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sleep positioners safe for babies?

It is safe for babies if used properly, with constant monitoring, and in moderation. While it is recommended that the baby sleeps on his back, that might lead to a flat head. A sleep positioner gives optimal protection for the head and back and lifts the head and legs of the infant. 

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