10 Best Bicycles for 50 Year Old Man

Do you ever wonder how people feel when they are 50? 

Fifty! A number alone but signifies numerous facts. You are 50 – you will be a senior citizen in next few years. Thus, you must be health conscious.  

Health experts stress to take care of health when people turn 50. People, in fact, start losing stamina. They are stressed. Filled with agony. Interestingly, cycling could be a great option for them. It removes stress. Injects vigor. Boosts mental faculty. 

Are you 50 and want to check the best bicycle for a 50 year old man? You are on the right tab. A 50 year old biker needs a bike frame size chart for choosing the best bike for him for comfort riding. Injured-free and comfortable bike riding is dedicated to a perfect bike size. On the other hand, controlling will be perfect as well.

Earlier, it was unimaginable that an old man riding a bicycle. But with time, views have changed a lot. Now, there are bicycles for seniors too. Those seniors’ bicycles help them nurture a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, they get a happier and healthy life. 

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In this post, I will explain 10 good bikes for men. Hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Let’s start the exploration. 

Brief Note on Product Selection

The products below are not a random selection. After analysis, discussion with manufacturers and users, we have selected them. So, you can consider it an unbiased selection. Also, we have mentioned the disadvantages of the bicycles as well. Thereby, you will get a neutral outlook over the products. 

Here are Best Bicycles for 50-Year Old Man

#1 Eahora XC100 26 Inch Electric Mountain Bicycle 7 

Eahora XC100 26 Inch Electric Mountain Bicycle 7

The first fact that held my attention was its construction. Being an electric mountain bike, it arrives with a top quality aluminum frame. Therefore, this bike can bear over 200 pounds of weight. Moreover, it has a shock absorber. No matter what the terrain is, you have a comfortable ride. 

Further, Eahora XC100has large leather seat. Easily you can adjust the seat. So, there are no riding discomfort. 

With a 350W motor, the electric bike has three modes of operation. You can use it as an electric bicycle, run on PAS mode. Even, you can ride it as a regular bicycle. But the contemporary bicycles lack this feature.   

Planning for a long time to travel? Use the electric mode. You need not paddle the bike. It will run its own. You have to steer the wheels only. Isn’t that comfortable? Besides, going downhill is effortless for the E-PAS technology. 


  • 350W motor 
  • 7 speeds 
  • Shimano shifting system 
  • LCD color display 
  • Full charge in 5 hours 


  • Display may get damaged 
  • Electric mode lasts only 40 miles 
  • Installation is a bit complex 

#2 sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s Cruiser Bike  

sixthreezero Around the Block Men's Cruiser Bike

If you love a classic bicycle, there are less alternatives than this one. The look is pure classic and casual. It will appear that you are riding a bicycle of classic era. And with great comfort. 

The saddle of this bicycle is praiseworthy. It arrives with dual spring. Therefore, your back shoulder remains in a comfortable position. But the scenario is different when there is only a single spring. You may feel pain in your back and shoulder joints. 

Wide handlebar is another plus for this sixthreezero bicycle. Being a single-speed bike, it is easier to control with a wide handlebar. 

Stopping the bike is simple too. It has pedal-backwards coastal breaks. While running on flat terrain, you can stop it easily.  

When you need to carry anything, the rear rack provides sufficient space. So, if you need to carry your small-sized belongings, you can carry that smoothly. 


  • Upright riding style 
  • Comfortable ride for wide saddle 
  • Durable steel frame 
  • Single-speed 
  • Wide aluminum wheels 


  • Frame is a bit smaller 
  • Lengthy assembling process  
  • Gear shifting is clunky 

#3 Retrospec Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike  

Retrospec Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike

I have selected this Retrospec Hybrid Bike for its lightweight and durability. The frame arrives with aluminum construction. For this aluminum construction, it is a durable one too. 

Certainly, you will enjoy your ride in this bicycle. For the sports zoom suspension fork, it can endure shocks. No matter if the roads are imperfect. You can ride it straight on uneven terrains without feeling bumps.

Riding on wet streets is a tough call for less tire grips. But the tires of this Retrospec Hybrid Bike have multi surfaces. Besides, the tires are from semi-slick tread. So, riding on a wet road is not a challenge any more. They can resist the pressure and increase grip.  

Shifting the gear is smooth in this bicycle. It has built-in mega range gearing. Consequently, you can ride on different surfaces. And the brake system is classic – linear pull. The combination of brake and gear will render an outstanding ride. 


  • Quick surface adapting 
  • Linear pull brake style 
  • Zoom suspension 
  • Upright handlebar 
  • Semi-slick tread tire 


  • Maneuvering is tough 
  • Only right-side gear change  
  • Wheels may get damaged easily 

#4 Gravity 2021 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike   

Gravity 2021 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Do you love stylish bikes? Gravity 2021 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike could be the right choice. Why? It has an impressive outlook. Further, there are special features like the availability of colors. 

Moreover, this is a 24 speed dual suspension bicycle. You can have the desired level of speed according to your terrain. On a flat surface, riding in the top speed will provide you a special thrill. 

The application of disc brake is another feature. Both the wheels have the disc brakes. Therefore, it is easier now to stop the bicycle immediately. 

Being an aluminum constructed frame, the bike is durable. Usual bicycles arrive with steel framing. And they cause numerous troubles. However, you will feel blessed here. The bike is lightweight. Further, it is durable too with a higher performance level.  


  • 26-inch wheel 
  • Dual suspension 
  • Front and rear disc brakes 
  • Adjustable front shock 
  • Aluminum frame 


  • Assembly takes time
  • Brakes need additional adjustment 
  • Chain may stuck   

#5 Mongoose Status 2.2 Mens and Womens Mountain Bike 

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mens and Womens Mountain Bike

This post is about the best bicycle to buy. So, I have also selected a bike for both men and women. The Mongoose mountain bike is that rare piece. Both males and females can ride it comfortably. 

Construction of this bike is adorable. It has an aluminum frame. Thereby, this is a lightweight bicycle. Moreover, the front suspension fork is stronger than average bikes. It will render a smooth ride on uneven terrains. 

For the V-brakes, you can stop the bike instantly. Both the wheels have this brake. And you can halt the bike on any surface. 

Further, there is a 21-speed shifter. Changing gear is a prime issue. Without a faster and stronger force, you cannot move upward. But on mountain bikes, it’s difficult to shift gears. Only for this specific shifter, you can change the gear smoothly. And quickly as well.  


  • Hydroformed tubing 
  • Strong suspension 
  • Smooth gear change 
  • 21-speed shifters 
  • Durable alloy rims 


  • Complex assembly instructions 
  • Brakes need readjustment 
  • A bit slow riding 

#6 Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women 

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

Another hybrid bike for both men and women. This bicycle is available in black and white colors with an aluminum body. Thereby, it is a lightweight bike that you can ride everywhere. 

The wheels are 28 inches. Besides, it comes with a front suspension, and weighs 35.5 pounds. Thus, the bike provides a smooth riding experience than other similar bikes. 

I can bet you will wonder about the SRAM grip shifter. Now, you need not to struggle for shifting gears. This is a common factor for almost every mountain biker. Moreover, the rear derailleur makes it easier to ride in up hills. 

Alloy twist shifter brake levers are of great use. They are compatible with four fingers. Thereby, it is easier to stop the bike even at a great speed. Additionally, the brake levers are durable for their alloy construction. 

The addition of fenders is another feature. They help you prevent getting dirty while riding. 


  • Liner pull brakes 
  • Upright handlebars 
  • Aluminum frame 
  • Padded seat 
  • Adjustable stem 


  • Parts need improvement further 
  • Pedals are sharp
  • Handlebar design may not suit everyone 

#7 Eahora X7 Plus 750W 4.0 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle 

Eahora X7 Plus 750W 4.0 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle

Eahora X7 Plus has several attractive features to be enlisted. One of the most impressive factors is its frame materials. Aluminum alloy. As a result, the bicycle is lightweight and durable. Usually, aluminum construction ensures durability. And here you will have so. 

Dual suspension is another factor to prefer. Most of the cases, the bicycles have a single suspension. Riding on those bikes isn’t comfortable. But when there are two suspensions, you will feel no bumps. The ride would be smoother. 

It’s an electric bike with a brushless motor of 750 W. The motor enables the users to ride on up hills. Moreover, you can also ride on other different types of terrains. The maximum speed of this electric bike is around 28mph. 

Hydraulic braking system is a plus too. You can stop the bike instantly with the disc brakes. Being a hydraulic brake, you almost need no effort. If you are in loose terrain, the brake would be effective. 


  • Folding electric bike 
  • Faster speed 
  • Intelligent controller 
  • 3 levels of pedal assistance 
  • Range is 45 miles  


  • Brake handle may break 
  • Pedal screws may strip off 
  • LED lights may get damaged 

#8 sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle 

sixthreezero Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle

An idea crossed my mind while selecting the best comfort bicycles for seniors. What about women? Do they have any specific bicycles? Later, it got this sixthreezero product. This is a classic looking bike for women with several specifications. 

A prominent aspect is the diversification of color. The bike is available in several color tones like cream, white and others. Hence, you can get the one that best suits you. 

Speed of the bicycle is a bit slower as it is meant for women. With this lightweight bicycle, you can ride across your neighborhood. 

For the steel construction, it will definitely last for a longer time. Also, it has suspension in front and rear. Thereby, you will enjoy a smooth riding without any bump on uneven terrains. 


  • Weighs only 28 pounds 
  • 1 speed 
  • Beach frame design 
  • Upright sitting position 
  • Front and rear fenders 


  • Complex assembly 
  • Washers and nuts may not stick properly 
  • Handlebar needs frequent tightening  

#9 Royce Union 27.5″ RMA Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

Royce Union 27.5" RMA Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

It’s a fantastic bike with superior features. And it is available in several colors. For the aluminum construction, it is lightweight. You can ride it in different types of terrains including paved streets.   

Many of the users allege about assembly complexities. But you will get a video instruction on the assembly. So, it would not be a big deal to assemble the bike at home. And without any expert assistance. 

Shock absorption is another feature. This Royce Union bike has Zoom suspension. Thus it absorbs shocks smoothly. The rider won’t feel bumps while riding. 

Ultra smooth gear shifting is another feature to love. The assembly of Shimano EX Fire Plus Trigger makes the gear shifting easier and simple. Using only the index and thumb fingers, you can do it in a fraction of a second. 


  • 27.5-inch wheel 
  • Maintains rolling momentum 
  • Runs on all terrains 
  • Padded saddle 
  • Upright riding posture 


  • Parts may break easily 
  • Weak bottom bracket 
  • No kick stand 

#10 Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2 Single Speed Fixed Gear Bicycle

Retrospec Bicycles Mantra V2 Single Speed Fixed Gear Bicycle

Before the selection of bicycles for older people, I had to crosscheck different issues. Shifting gears was one of the important ones. In fact, cycling over 50 year olds takes mental and physical preparation. But changing gears discourage many cyclists. 

A Retrospec Fixed Gear Bicycle is a perfect match for those who don’t want to change gears. This fixed gear bicycle is lightweight, durable and renders optimum riding experience. 

The brakes of this bike are from Promax brakes. Both the front and rear wheels have the brakes to stop it quickly. Surprisingly, the frame of the bike is hand-made. Usually, the hand-made frames are further durable. 


  • Flip-flop hub
  • Fixed gear 
  • Single-speed freewheel 
  • Minimal maintenance 
  • Natural control 


  • Not easy to assemble 
  • Challenging pedal attachment 
  • Tires are less durable 

How to buy the best bicycle for 50 year old man? 

Riding a bicycle is easier. But buying a bicycle for seniors isn’t that easy. It needs time. Attention. And of course, skills. 

If you are a senior and planning to buy your riding machine, follow the lines below.  

Know the type

The very first thing for seniors bicycles is to know the type. There are various terrains. Also, the bikes are different. If you want to ride in a neighborhood, you need a flat bike. When you hit some uphill terrains, you need a hybrid one. 

At times, you can have a combo of both features. So, it is imperative to know the bike types. It will help you select the best one. 

Check primary features 

Secondly, you have to check some features. The features include 

  • Types of tire,
  • Braking mechanism, 
  • Speed, 
  • Gear shifting process, 
  • Wheel length, 
  • Body construction materials, 
  • Durability. 

When all the features are favorable, you can lock the deal. 

Saddle matters 

It’s a very personal matter. Your saddle may fit you. Or it may break the deal as well. So, you need to check the saddle. Also, ensure that the saddle is comfortable. Experts recommend checking the comfort while riding it. 

When you have a perfect match, you can get that bike. Otherwise, you may need to customize the saddle. And certainly, it’ll cost some additional bucks. 

Pick your color 

You are an old man riding bicycle. So, you need to be selective in terms of color selection. Make sure the color is not too bright. It may not suit your personality. Light colors are more suited in this age. However, it is entirely your private preference. 

Explore different models 

Surely, you may fall for any bike. Natural. But that’s not a wise idea. The bike you prefer may have issues with the pedals. Or, the wheel rim may be imperfect. The worst is that you do not feel comfortable on the saddle. 

Thereby, experts recommend to try several models before making the deal. It will help you find out the best match.  

Frequently Asked questions

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Last words 

So, it was the review on good bikes for men. When it is time for an old man cycling, you will get ample choices. 

But you need to be careful over certain issues. Make sure you do not get bicycles for older people. Those bikes might be cheaper, may save your dollars – but will not run for a long time. It is highly important to get a brand new product. 

You can easily select anyone from above for cycling over 50-year-olds. Hopefully, they will provide you rides with comfort. All the time.

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