5 Best Healthcare Doctor-Patient Scheduling Apps in 2020

Healthcare doctor-patient scheduling apps have been gaining recognition lately by healthcare providers and patients. In this fast-paced world, if doctor appointment scheduling takes hours for the administrative staff, a clinic is bound to suffer. Taking the example of India, there are about 2 doctors on an average for every 1000 patients. Therefore, with a slow scheduling process, doctors and patients will suffer with low revenue and increased problems respectively.

The world’s top clinics are already leveraging the power of technology in healthcare for dr. appointments. With the best doctor appointment app, they have expedited their daily consultations with effective healthcare services. Essentially, the function of the physician scheduling system is not only limited to scheduling appointments for patients to consult doctors. 

These apps also enable patients to view their dr. appointments history, chat or consult a doctor online, check their test results and outpatient progress notes, etc. On the other hand, the apps remind doctors about their upcoming appointments for the day, manage patients’ medical bills, notify doctors if patients are arriving earlier or later for their appointments, etc.

What are the best doctor appointment scheduling apps?

Patients usually find it difficult to find a suitable time to visit their physician without knowing the schedule of the physician. A doctor appointment app offers the convenience for patients to set up an appointment time as per their convenience and the availability of the doctor.

Moreover, the patient scheduling system also enables patients to easily find physicians and their clinics which in turn helps the business of the physicians. The patient scheduling software creates a win-win situation for doctors and patients alike. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the best physician scheduling software and find out their impacts.

Mayo Clinic

1M+ Installs | 7K+ Reviews | 4.1 Rating

The app is available on Play Store and App Store.

The Mayo Clinic app is a physician scheduling software in the US developed by Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic is ranked as one of the best hospitals in the US. The mHealth app enables patients to book appointments, view their appointment schedule, access their test results and radiology images, make payments, and contact the healthcare team. It also provides them access to healthy recipes, health tips, and fitness videos. 

The app puts all the medical information of the patient at one place enabling them to easily track their health, complete check-in questionnaires and schedule appointments.

The best features of the app are the health insights, fitness videos, recipes, booking appointments, viewing test results, etc. The app provides online express care within an hour for common illnesses that don’t require the patients to physically visit the doctor.


5M+ Installs | 7K+ Reviews | 3.9 Rating

The app is available on Play Store and App Store.

The Zocdoc app is available in over 20 major cities in the US for iPhone and Android users. It enables users to book on-demand appointments with the best local doctors. They can either schedule an online consultation or visit them at their clinics. Zocdoc lets the users book appointments instantly after comparing the medical professionals in their area. In fact, they can even check on the app if a particular healthcare provider accepts their insurance.

The easy-to-use app offers a filter with which the patients can find a specialist doctor they need as per their symptoms.  For patients who are unable to step out of their houses, the patient scheduling system enables them to consult doctors through video calls and receive the prescriptions or referrals. 


5M+ Installs | 35K+ Installs | 4.2 Rating

The app is available on Play Store and App Store.

Another app that has received more than 5 million downloads and is gaining traction in the US is the MyChart app by Epic Systems. The app offers a seamless experience for users who can manage their appointments, view their appointment information, access their test results, consult their doctors, etc. MyChart has been consistently rated as the top patient scheduling system. The app also offers electronic health records for patients which are hosted by Epic Systems software.

Furthermore, it provides features such as bill pay, appointment scheduling, viewing prescribed medications, medical records, immunization history, and much more. Users can also add their health and fitness records from any activity tracking app to their MyChart records. The app is free for the users who need to create an account through their healthcare provider. For users whose healthcare providers are not listed, they can contact their healthcare providers to access their MyChart account.


500K+ Installs | 7K+ Reviews | 7K+ Rating

The app is available on Play Store and App Store.

Accredited by the American Telemedicine Association and powered by American well, the Amwell app offers virtual or on-the-go dr. appointments. The fee charged is usually US$79 for urgent care if the patient doesn’t have insurance. However, if the patient has health insurance out of the 35 accepted insurance companies, the fee charged will be the cost of the copay. Through this app, the patients can access healthcare 24*7 and schedule their appointments for the next day.

The HIPAA compliant app offers 100% security and confidentiality of private information. Moreover, it has received various awards such as the most popular mobile telehealth platform and best telemedicine app. The Amwell app provides access to specialties such as physical therapy, psychiatry, speech therapy, pediatrics, dermatology, women’s health, and nutrition, etc.

Doctor On Demand

1M+ Installs | 36K+ Installs | 4.9 Rating

The app is available on Play Store and App Store.

Having a doctor’s appointment at your fingertips makes life easier. The Doctor On Demand app is a doctor-patient scheduling app in the US that lets users schedule online appointments and connect with certified physicians and therapists at their own convenient time. The app makes consulting a doctor cheaper and quicker through a live video on their smartphones rather than having to visit clinics. It enables users to connect with doctors 24*7 and receive prescriptions after the consultation.

The physicians on the app have the expertise to treat cold & flu, allergies, depression & anxiety, UTIs, skin and eye issues, and provide lab testing. Further, the users can view the fee for each consultation before connecting with the physicians. The app has partnered with various employers and insurance companies to offer a stress-free experience for its users.