10 Best Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

According to Liquid-State, more than 318,000 mobile healthcare applications were available to patients in 2018, and around 200 new healthcare apps were being developed every day in 2018.

This is a surprising amount, and it’s safe to suppose that it’s grown much more since the Covid-19 epidemic.

As a healthcare professional, you may be beginning to wonder how you can securely promote and even prescribe these mobile health apps for patients when there are so many options available to you.

This article will discuss the 10 best healthcare mobile apps for patients. 

Before addressing apps for medical health care, I will describe the advantages of utilizing these applications for patients.

What Are The Benefits Of Using These Medical Apps For Patients?

It is not an easy task. We’ve researched for you and compiled a list of the best healthcare mobile apps for patients.

As one of the leading app developers in Los Angeles, we’ll give you a complete analysis of medical apps for patients based on our expertise and insights into what patients are looking for in an app.

App use statistics reveal that the best healthcare applications have received only 10,000 or fewer downloads.

Only a tiny fraction of the mobile healthcare applications available for download have this many downloads.

The features that patients look for when picking mobile applications are initially discussed in this section before moving on to mobile apps for patients.

Features Most Valued By Patients When Selecting A Medical App Include:

It’s important to patients that their desired features are simple to access. We go through each topic individually to make it more understandable.

It’s Simple to Use

If an app takes too long to learn, users tend to leave. Logging in should be quick and painless.

To make the app stand out, it’s excellent to provide unique features, but the essential functions should be easily accessible to users.

If it’s a health app, consumers want to be able to quickly book, change, or cancel a doctor’s appointment without wasting time.

Apps for tracking health information, reviewing statistics, and sharing information with a health care provider are what patients are looking for in a wellness app.

Apps should be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Apps that perform well on iOS and Android are highly sought after by patients seeking medical care.

Healthcare professionals should seek out EHealth app developers to ensure that their patients can access dependable solutions, regardless of the mobile phone.

User-Friendliness: Detailed Instructions with Step-by-Step Guidance for Everyone

 Clear and actionable information must be available for all healthcare mobile app patients. We’re referring to the fact that many apps don’t consider the needs of people with impairments. All possible users should be catered to, and appropriate and valuable functions should be provided.

Typically, patients use mobile healthcare apps to learn more about their disease, the underlying reasons, and how they may best utilize the resources at hand. Applications must have interactive options to keep users interested and feel like they’re getting personalized attention

It’s Easy To Talk To Professionals

Nearly 75% of GP, ER, and urgent care visits could be managed through phone or video, according to AJMC. Additionally, it was determined that an in-person visit took an average of 121 minutes.

An in-person examination isn’t necessary for many of these last-minute trips.

If created correctly, apps may save patients and practitioners a tremendous amount of time. To succeed, telehealth services must offer the same or better patient-doctor encounters as face-to-face encounters.

10 Best Mobile Healthcare Apps for Patients

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 patient-friendly healthcare applications. These applications go above and beyond what patients had hoped for in terms of functionality.

1. Generis: DNA & Nutrition

For Apple Users

To assist individuals in improving their lives, Generis is on a mission to help them better understand their DNA. The DNA of a user powers this cutting-edge healthcare software.

At first sight, the interface appears user-friendly and visually appealing, which may explain why patients enjoy it so much.

DNA-based counseling, exercise and nutrition suggestions, food and supplement recommendations, and more are all provided by Generis.

To assist people in better understanding their genetics, this healthcare app provides them with accurate, safe, and practical advice.

We want to give people the tools they need to be their greatest selves by educating them.

Generis may leverage 23, ME, and Ancestry.com data to get the most out of this healthcare software.

Even if they don’t have DNA information from 23andMe or Ancestry.com, app users may still get recommendations based on their objectives and lifestyle.

2. Teladoc – 24/7

For Apple User

Through the ease of phone or video appointments, Teladoc links patients with a board-certified doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Patients may quickly and easily communicate with doctors ready to listen and fix their difficulties with this app.

Enhancing the user experience, Teladoc has included Apple’s Health Kit. Doctors can also swiftly prescribe medicine and connect with their chosen pharmacy if it is medically essential.

A more accurate diagnosis may be made, and the most recent medical information on the patient can be imported thanks to this seamless integration.

Over 227,000 people have given this app a rating of 4.8 stars. Customers rave about Teladoc’s simplicity of use and convenience.

3. Better Help – Online Counseling

For Android User | For Apple User

Apps like this one are becoming increasingly popular in the field of mental health therapy.

With more than 14,000 reviews, consumers praise the app’s individualized approach and personal care via video chat, text messaging, and other means of communication with their doctors.

Online access to medical professionals, certified therapists, and counselors is more straightforward and faster for patients with Better Help.

Better Help is one of the most OK medical applications for patients since it has more than 3000 qualified trainers and counselors specializing in various fields, including depression and anxiety, family and relationship therapy, and more.

Patients who prefer online treatment to traditional in-person sessions express their thoughts in the form of reviews.

Additionally, they assist patients and the broader medical community via group webinars. As a result, a secure online counseling environment is now available to everyone.

This form of a mobile health app is more beneficial in the mental health area.

4. MDacne – Custom Acne Treatment

For Android UserFor Apple User

M-Dance is hailed as the acne treatment of the future since it allows patients to see their favorite physicians immediately.

We found it to be one of the best healthcare mobile applications we tested and found it simple to use with an excellent user experience.

Patients no longer have to wait months for an appointment with a doctor. This form of mobile healthcare app is shown to be more beneficial.

5. Leafly

For Android UserFor Apple User

Leafly has become a popular resource for cannabis knowledge due to the increased use of marijuana to treat various medical illnesses.

With over 200k favorable reviews, this is one of the best mobile health apps for patients. Health care providers may be accessed by patients with a single click using this app.

Leafly’s mission is to dispel myths and misconceptions about the once-disturbing plant. To protect end-users safety, their network educates and informs consumers about various strains.

6. MySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

For Android User | For Apple User

Diabetes management applications like MySugr are becoming increasingly popular. Patients may easily sync their blood glucose monitors and track their carb/sugar levels using this gadget.

According to the app’s description, it has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, and other publications, including three times as one of Health line’s top diabetes apps.

As a free diabetes diary for the end-user, this software is essential to the daily routine. And medical apps for patients are more helpful in dealing with their health.

7. Heal – Physician house calls are back

For Android User | For Apple User

Having a doctor come to your home in the 1930s was pretty frequent.

The covid pandemic has made Heal one of the most acceptable medical applications of 2021 because it prevents people from exposing themselves to dangerous infections.

Over 3,000 experts have rated it, providing a comprehensive picture of a patient’s health based on their habits and daily routines.

This is one of the most recommended mobile healthcare apps for doctors who want to supervise their patients better and give the best possible advice.

 8. Talkspace

For Android User | For Apple User

Anxiety and depression, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder are just a few of the mental health issues Talkspace may help you overcome.

People who don’t have the time or resources to go to therapy in person will benefit from this online option.

More than 2,000 board-certified therapists and psychiatrists are available for solo or couple therapy sessions through Talkspace.

These mobile healthcare apps for patients are a significant change in their lives.

9. EyeCare Live

For Android User | For Apple User

Using EyeCare Live, patients may see an eye doctor at any time and from any location, thanks to the ease of smartphones.

Using this software, users can maintain their eyes healthy and follow the progression of eye illnesses.

Patients with dry eyes, red eyes, allergies, or questions regarding contact lenses may benefit the most from this product. So, we said that medical apps for patients are helpful in every area of life.

10. Practo – Goodbye Doubts

For Android User | For Apple User

There are over 30,000 physicians and 25+ specializations in Practo in 22 Indian cities, making it one of the most prevalent healthcare applications.

Apps like this are used to make appointments, find doctors, get blood tests, and more.

Instant video consultations with over 25+ specialists are only some of the Practo App’s features.

Online doctors’ hassle-free appointments

Medications can be ordered and delivered to your house.

Tests can be scheduled in advance, and home samples can be collected for free.

Unlimited consults for the entire family

It’s written by specialists who know what they’re talking about. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 mobile healthcare apps for patients.

Frequently Asked Question

Can mobile health apps improve patient care?

The use of mobile health apps could make things better for patients, especially when it comes to accessing health information, making it easier for doctors and patients to talk, making sure that medical charges are clear, and improving short-term outcomes.

All of these things may be good for your health. So, we should try to get more care settings to use mobile healthcare apps for patients’ better experience.

How can mobile apps connect doctors and patients?