5 Best Golf Exercises For Women

Golf is the sophisticated and elite sport of clubs and balls having a huge appeal across the globe. Though it has been tagged as a game of elites, players from different walks of life now participate in this game. Even women golfers are making news these days. 

The game is completely different from other outdoor sports. It has exclusive rules and regulations and a pointing system. Fitness of the players is of integral importance for a fair performance and prevents nasty accidents.

Trainers of some of the best golf clubs have pointed out time and again that exercises for golf players must be planned from a dual-angle of improving their body flexibility and arm strength during their game and also build reflexes to take protection against sudden accidents and body sprains. 

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Golf fitness exercises for women

Even within this niche when we get down to further narrower margins like exercises for female golf players, certain special aspects must be kept in mind. 

The requirements of exercising for the female golfers are quite similar to that of their male counterparts – improve mobility and reduce the risk of accidents. 

However, given the fact that the body structure of the female golfers is naturally different from the male players, their workout regime must be planned accordingly. Let us take a look at some of the best golf exercises for women: 

1. Hip range of motion

Experts believe that at the time of swinging you rotate through your trunk and hips. With an enhanced motion range at your hip joint, you can generate greater power from the core of your body. This releases the pressure from your low back muscles and joints. To improve this motion range the figure 4 stretch can be the most effective. 

You must lie down on your back. Pull up our knees and then bend them at the knees to rest both your feet on the ground. Then pull one knee up, cross your legs and rest your ankle on the knee that is still folded and the feet touching the ground. 

Now pull the crossed knee to your chest and hold the position for thirty seconds. You can feel the pull in your hamstrings right till your buttock. You can do three sets of this golfer’s workout every day for the best results.

2. Thoracic rotation range of motion

Strength in the upper body is integrally important for golfers. Hence the thoracic spine rotation has a place of special eminence in the context of the golf swing. 

Golfers who have a special plus point in this domain can create greater power and put minimum stress on their arms, back, and shoulder throughout a game. Experts have opined that three sets of thoracic spine rotation can be particularly beneficial. It is one of the most effective upper body golf workouts for female golfers.

3. Core strengthening

It is a foundational exercise that must be followed by all golfers. A strong core leads to a solid foundation that can sustain several legs and arms injuries. In order to make this happen golfers must pay attention to obliques rather than getting down to crunches immediately. 

Three sets of this workout for thirty seconds for each set can prove to be one of the best golf exercises for women. It can truly help you to have a strong and solid core throughout your game tenure.

4. The Superwoman

In this workout style, you must lie down on your stomach with your legs and arms completely stretched. The neck must be in a neutral position. The legs and the arms must not be locked and should be kept in a straight position and the torso must be kept stationary. 

Now you need to raise your arms and legs up simultaneously. Your body must replicate the form of a U roughly. Your back must be arched and the legs and the arms must be a few inches on top of the floor. Hold the position for ten seconds and repeat five times. 

5. Twist and turn

Trainers helping with exercises for golf have pointed out that strength in golf swing does not channelize from arms but rather generates from a strong torso. Hence working on your core muscles is the most important thing to do. 

The dynamic twisting exercises are an effective way through which core muscles can be strengthened. You can begin the session with a lunge with a twist, then move on to Knee to chest. In the next part, you can practice high kicks with hip stretch, T push-ups, and advanced jump squats. 

Golf exercises for senior women 

Several women golfers in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s playing and performing fairly well. Many of them are even participating in different events and competitions regularly. With age, ability reduces, this is natural. Body flexibility reduces too. Senior women golfers must perform certain exercises to stay fit and perform well. Following are some useful exercises for women golfers:

Hip exercises

There are three versions of hip exercise: moving the hip forward and backward, side to side, and lastly, rotationally.  

For this exercise, you need just a low-height chair. Then follow the steps below: 

  • Put your right leg on the chair
  • Keep your torso straight 
  • Move forward with your hands stretched towards the chair 
  • Keep in mind that the torso will remain straight 
  • Do it 8-10 times
  • Repeat the process with the left leg

While performing side to side hip exercises follow the same process only stretch your right hand up and bend on the opposite side of the leg that is on the chair. 

Lastly, in rotational movement rotate your torso as much as possible on the side of the leg that is on the chair. 

Back exercise

Follow the steps below for back exercise:

  • Lie down flat on the floor and bend your knees perpendicular to the floor. 
  • Keep the arms away from the body not very far.
  • Keeping the shoulders flat on the floor raises the body putting maximum pressure on the feet while the leg below the knee is still perpendicular to the floor. 
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds and come back to the first posture. 
  • Do it 8-10 times. 


What exercises increase golf swing speed?

Much opposed to popular opinion, golf swing speed is not enhanced through exercises of the arms. On the contrary, it is the strengthening of the core muscles that helps to improve the strength and the swing of the arms. This is integrally important in a golf game, hence to improve the basic standards of the game, the stamina of the player and protect the golfer from sudden injuries core strengthening exercises must be practiced.

What is the best exercise for a 50 year old woman?

End Note

Various useful exercises for golfers are proven to be highly beneficial for women golfers. At the time of doing exercises, it should be kept in mind that overstretching is never the idea. If there is pain or trauma in your body do not workout till you are perfectly fine. If you feel a muscle pull during the workout stop immediately and take a rest. If you have just begun with the workout sessions, be sure to be under the supervision of a professional trainer.