Cosmetic Dentistry: 7 Tips From The Experts

A beautiful smile has an incredible effect on self-esteem – it helps to make us feel more confident and attractive. When someone feels good about themselves, they experience a positive outlook and attitude change and become more successful.

Brighter, whiter smiles change lives.

Smiling is a large part of social acceptance, conveys moods, and can spark romantic connections. If your smile does not make you happy, you can always change it to ensure it does!

Below are seven tips from the cosmetic dentistry experts to help you do that:

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist

Whiter Teeth

Whiter Teeth

Food and drink are the biggest culprits for staining your teeth and preventing you from having the smile you have always dreamed of.  Tannins – found in tea and wine, are known to stain teeth, along with coffee and dark soft drinks.

Acid food and beverages can wear down the enamel on your teeth and cause them to yellow. Dentists can recommend other strategies after you get your teeth professionally whitened to keep them looking whiter for longer.

Straightening Crooked Teeth

Having crooked teeth is common among people of all ages.

Several methods are used to straighten, fix, and improve teeth wellness, including braces, veneers, and other non-invasive procedures. Many of these options are available through a cosmetic dentist, but an orthodontist may get called in for more complex or severe cases

Fixing Gaps and Chips

Dental bonding is a modern technique that can repair damaged teeth, fix discoloration, and mend chips and cracks.

Bonding procedures also offer patients the ability to refine the shape, size, and color of their teeth to create the perfect smiles to suit their faces. 

Inlays, onlays, and crowns can also surround gaps – the best advice would be to contact Redlands Gentle Dental Care for their expert opinion and to book a visit to address your teeth concerns.

Getting Veneers

Veneers are a tried and trusted method of improving the appearance of your teeth.

They offer a versatile solution for concealing minor tooth misalignment, and each one gets customized for your smile. The thickness, shape, and color of each veneer get tailored to your unique oral requirements.

Veneers are effective but are not for everyone – if you have cavities or gum disease, you will need to find a more appropriate treatment.


Crooked teeth, noticeable gaps between your teeth, and overcrowding in your mouth are all great reasons to get braces.

If your teeth are difficult to brush or floss, you need to address that because that will lead to plaque buildup and increase your risk of developing gum disease and decay. 

Dental misalignments, even minor ones, can also be fixed with braces.

Speak to your dentist for more information on what kinds of braces are available and how to decide which ones will be the best for your smile.

Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

There is nothing like getting your teeth professionally cleaned.

As much as brushing, flossing, and gargling can and do help to keep your teeth clean and shiny – getting them professionally cleaned twice a year is recommended. The professionals are better trained and knowledgeable on how to do the job properly.

Cleaning your teeth is essential for getting rid of plaque, which causes untold dental issues such as decay and gum disease.


Teeth polishing is generally part of the professional cleaning process, but it is well worth a mention on its own as some people like to skip it.

There is nothing to fear about getting your teeth polished; there are typically two methods that can be used. 

One method uses a paste-like substance and a rotating tool, and the other uses water, air, and glycine or sodium bicarbonate – this method is recommended for people with sensitive teeth.

The latter is less invasive but both methods help to remove dental stains.

To End

If unsure, take photos of what you would like to achieve through cosmetic dentistry with you to your first appointment. Your cosmetic dentist will let you know what they can do and what results you can expect.

It is never too late to fix your smile – take the first step to getting perfect pearly whites today – you will not regret it.