Emiru Without Makeup: Looks You Might Missed

Emiru is a popular Twitch streamer known for her bubbly personality and love of makeup. Recently, she decided to do a stream where fans saw Emiru without makeup.

The reactions from her fans were mixed- some were surprised at how different she looked without her usual beat face, while others said she looked just as beautiful without it.

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We’ve gathered some unedited photos of Emiru without makeup so you can see the shocking reality for yourself!

Emiru No Makeup.. (SO DISGUSTING)

Who is Emiru?

Emiru is an outstanding American streamer known for her cute and bubbly personality. 

She is famous on YouTube and Twitch for her gaming videos and streams. She has over 1 00,000 subscribers on YouTube and often streams games like Overwatch, PUBG, and Fortnite.

People are fond of her interesting content and watch her with passion. She does this with professionalism as she works as a content creator in the One True King gaming enterprise.

What is Emiru famous for?

What is Emiru famous for?

Emiru is a popular YouTuber who is known for her diverse content. She’s known for her funny ASMR videos, gaming streams, and vlogs.

Emiru is also famous for her good looks. She’s so beautiful that many people can’t believe she’s real. She has over one million subscribers and often posts videos of herself doing her makeup or trying out new looks.

However, there is a fact many people don’t know about Emiru: she doesn’t always wear makeup. She often goes without makeup when she’s not filming YouTube videos.

Many fans were shocked to see Emiru’s no-makeup stream recently. In the video, she shows her bare face and talks about the confidence which comes with not wearing any makeup.

While some fans praised Emiru for her bravery, others were surprised by how different she looked without any makeup on.

“She looks completely different!” one commenter wrote. “I had no idea she was so beautiful without all of that makeup.”

Emiru without makeup photos

While some might think that Emiru looks better with makeup, we think she looks just as beautiful without it! 

Here are some Emiru without makeup photos.

Emiru without makeup photos

As you can see, she is just as gorgeous without any cosmetics! It’s refreshing to see natural beauty like her own up to the challenge of going makeup-free. We hope to see more unedited photos of her in the future!

It’s no secret that Emiru is one of the most beautiful streamers nowadays.

But what you may not know is that she takes very meticulous care of her skin, and as a result, looks just as gorgeous without makeup on!

Emiru without makeup photos

Emiru without makeup is still stunning, but she looks completely different. Her face is more round, her eyes are smaller, and her skin is less perfect.

One of the most striking things about Emiru is her bright, almond-shaped eyes. They’re so captivating that they don’t even need any enhancement from makeup.

Just a simple swipe of mascara is all she needs to make her lashes look fuller, and her eyes pop.

Another thing that’s amazing about Emiru is her skin. It’s so clear and radiant, and it looks even better when she lets it breathe without any foundation or powder.

She must have some sort of magical skincare routine that we’re all dying to know about.

But even without makeup, Emiru is still one of the most beautiful women on YouTube!

You might have seen Emiru’s face before in one of her many makeup tutorials, but you’ve never seen her like this.

Emiru without makeup photos

In these unedited photos, Emiru is without makeup — not even a touch of foundation or mascara. And she looks amazing.

It just goes to show that you don’t need all that extra stuff to look beautiful. Sometimes, less is more.

What are the most outstanding Emiru makeups?

What are the most outstanding Emiru makeups?

There’s no doubt that Emiru is one of the most popular and talented cosplayers in the world. With her creative makeup looks, she can transform herself into any character imaginable.

Emiru has always been open about her love for makeup and how it makes her feel more confident when streaming. She experiments with many looks and cosplay ideas.

The most often characters are from video games like League of Legends, Legend of Zelda, Genshin Impact, and many others.

Also, try to mimic the movie characters from Marvel or other movies. She even cosplayed for LadyBug.

Her latest cosplays for Zelda from Legend of Zelda impress with deep detailing. She uses elf ears, a crown, and metal shoulder pads.

These elements are inlaid with precious stones that mean the power of treeforce. 

One more exciting look is the cosplay for Neeko Neeko, the character from League of Legends. This interpretation is perfect for Emiru makeup.

She uses a pale foundation to make smooth skin and adds some glitter under her eyes. Also, she draws her forehead and shoulders with green paint to show the power to blend into any person. 

When looking at Emiru’s social media, there is no doubt that she is a talented makeup master. But as you can see, even without any makeup on, Emiru is still a beautiful and talented cosplayer.

So next time you see her in one of her amazing transformations, remember that it’s all just part of her art.


So there you have it! Emiru without makeup is just as beautiful as with makeup on. All her fans are divided into two camps: those who admire her and those who condemn her actions.

But anyway there is no doubt that Emiru’s no-makeup photos are great. She looks gorgeous anyway. 

If you’re ever feeling down about your appearance, look at these photos of Emiru without makeup. They’ll remind you that true beauty comes from within and that you don’t need cosmetics to shine bright.