Feels Elbow Pain When Doing Push-Ups? Here’s What To Do

Elbow push-up is a great exercise for increasing the strength of the body. It has many benefits but elbow pain during push-ups is one of the most popular problems most people complain of.

Usually, it is caused as a result of poor form, improper positioning of hands and feet, and wrong alignment of shoulders. This guide will mention the ways you can use to treat elbow pain during push-ups.

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What are the causes of elbow pain during push-ups?

A type of tendinitis called tennis elbow is the swelling of tendons that causes pain in the elbows. Here are the common reasons that cause tennis elbow.

  1. Poor flexibility
  2. Wrong posture during the push-ups
  3. Overdoing of push-ups
  4. Incorrect spine alignment
  5. Wave push-ups
  6. Reaching with your chin
  7. Going all the way down too quickly.

With the availability of several medical care clinics, the treatment for tennis elbow is now accessible to all people. Any other repetitive activities that use the thumb and fingers may contribute to tennis elbow, even if you’ve never been to the tennis court. It is common in people at age 40.

How to fix elbow pain from push-ups

Tennis elbow causes triceps pain near elbow, which can be painful, especially while doing push-ups. This condition is called tendonitis from push-ups due to repetitive motion.

The tricep is connected to the elbow with the tendons. Continuous pressure on fingers and thumbs irritates the tendons. However, the good news is that the tennis elbow can heal on its own. 

You just need to take a break and get some rest which will speed up the healing process. Following are the types of treatment used for treating elbow pain from push-ups.

Icing the elbow:

this method reduces the swelling and pain near the elbow area. Experts recommend icing the elbow for 20 to 30 minutes every 3 hours. Repeat this procedure for 2 days until the pain is gone.

Use the elbow strap:

it helps the injured tendons to stay safe from further strain.

Take anti-inflammation

Several anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen are effective to reduce pain and swelling. However, use them after consulting your doctor as they can cause side effects, such as bleeding and ulcers.

Perform exercises

less flexibility in the body often causes triceps tendonitis. Therefore, your doctor may suggest some physical exercises to reduce stiffness and increase the flexibility of the body. You may have to do these exercises two to three times a day.


It is effective for strengthening and stretching the muscles.

Painkiller’s injections: having injections of steroids or painkillers ease the symptoms of elbow pain around the joints. However, they don’t help in the long run.

Most of the time, these treatments work. But if you are experiencing severe pain in the elbows that are not responding to continuous treatment, you may need medical treatment. In the worst case, the damaged tendon is removed, and the remaining is repaired.

Elbow push-ups benefits

Doing elbow push-ups every day can build muscle tone and strengthen the upper body. Elbow push-ups are performed for improved cardiovascular health as it regulates the blood circulation in the body.

Other potential benefits of elbow push-ups include better shoulder support. According to a study, elbow push-ups increase the muscle strength and endurance in your shoulders, chest, and upper arms (triceps). 

It is a beneficial core stability exercise. And having the core muscles can enhance the posture and balance of the body. It also protects your back from injury and strain and makes the movement of your body easier.

Moreover, changing hand positions while push-ups allow you to use a range of motion that prevent injuries.

However, the people who choose to practice push-ups every day should add some other exercises to their daily routine as well.

Because push-ups every day do come with a few risks as well. The risks related to elbow push-ups are lower back pain, elbow pain during push-ups, and wrist pain. 

These risks can be reduced by learning the proper techniques of care. Use the above-mentioned tricks, and seek medical care to avoid getting in a situation where you have to experience pain.

Combining elbow push-ups with other exercises provide greater overall health benefits.


Elbow push-ups are one of the most effective exercises that strengthen the muscles and make the body flexible. However, overdoing it or doing it in the wrong position can result in pain.

Elbow pain, while push-ups are common in most people that often results in tricep pain. Tricep tendonitis treatment can be done in many ways.

Some easy exercises, physical therapy, and some painkillers treat the pain in most cases. However, in case of experiencing pain for more than 2 days, seek help from a doctor.