Calisthenics Body vs. Gym Body

What wonders do calisthenics can’t be achieved with weight lifting in a gym? And vice vice-versa. Are you confused or want to explore a better way of getting your dream calisthenics or weight physiques? 

There are many similarities between Calisthenics and weight training; both target all the major body muscles; combine them both for a perfect workout routine.

It depends on your body needs because different people are looking for different goals where Calisthenics or going to the gym, both can work amazingly. 

Here is complete guidance regarding Calisthenics vs weights physiques. You better continue the reading to explore the benefits of each and choose the best option for you. 

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Gym Body vs Calisthenics Body

Gym training usually includes weight lifting, which is a resistance, and you use your body force to lift the weights against gravity. 

Weight lifting is strength training you can perform with free weights like dumbbells, barbells, or other weight machines. This process engages your body muscles extensively and significantly helps in increasing muscular strength.

Calisthenics, on the other hand, is bodyweight training. Unlike the weight machines in the gym, it uses your body weight. So you lift your body weight instead of free weights to train your body. 

Benefits of Calisthenics Body

It would be helpful if you go through the benefits of Calisthenics body before incorporating this training in your workouts. These benefits will also boost your motivation towards achieving your goals. 

Affordable for all

Choosing Calisthenics is smart because you do not have to pay to kick your training. You can easily find a pull-up bar to start doing exercises. Even if you cannot find a free pull up bar in your area, you can buy one from the store. 

An affordable and portable home gym can also work great for Calisthenics. You can smoothly perform your workouts at home, which is far better than paying a fair amount of gym membership every month. So for a person with a limited budget should go for Calisthenics. 

Combo of Cardio and Strength Training

You can also do cardio exercises in calisthenics workouts if you perform correctly. Performing circuits of bodyweight exercises are the best way to train aerobically. 

For example, alternatively engaging different muscle groups like switching in pull and push movements can give you an excellent aerobic workout. Your heart rate will go up, and the body will be sweating a lot. 

This way of doing exercises will boost your cardiovascular fitness and improve body endurance. At the same time, you will build stronger muscles. 

Safe and easy Workouts

Calisthenics is considered to be relatively safe for everyone, irrespective of skill level. There are lesser chances of getting an injury. If you perform the exercises correctly, you can continue doing them without any fear of getting harm. 

Even if you are a beginner, you do not need to learn the use of weight machines. Calisthenics includes simple workouts that are beginner-friendly.

Your portable home gym gives you the flexibility to continue your workout routine in the office or while traveling. Also, it is a safer option for people with limited in-house space. Its lightweight and compact design makes mobility easier.

So, you can quickly get fun yet effective training with just a few moves. Moreover, as you start building strength, you can perform various exercises with an injury-free body. 

Your Gym is Always with You 

If you do not want to limit yourself to the gym, then Calisthenics is the best option. Exercising the workouts anywhere and anytime is a soothing idea. You do not need to go to the gym, but you feel a sense of freedom of doing workouts anytime. 

You can buy a pull-up bar or a portable home gym for exercising at home, or you can go to your nearby park with natural Calisthenics set up.

Likewise, if you are out of the station, you can still perform your workouts whenever you get free. 

Brings Variety in Life

It’s human nature if loving new approaches. Doing the same workout routine will create boredom, and your muscles will also become adapted to repeated exercises. Adding some variety will keep you motivated and interested in trying out different workouts. 

It is one of Calisthenics’ most significant benefits that you perform various exercises and stays curious. Moreover, you may also try different places.

For instance, a week in the backyard of your home, followed by a week in your nearby park. So you do not get bore of going to the same place. 

Benefits of Gym Body

Performing gym training helps you build muscle strength, making you fit the best in your daily activities. Improved stability and mobility will let you stick to the weight lifting routines. Below are some benefits of getting a gym body with weight lifting workouts. 

Access to All Equipment 

It is one of the significant benefits of joining a gym. You do not need to buy equipment for a home gym if you are already paying the monthly gym membership. You can go to the gym to enjoy your favorite gear.

All the equipment that you need to use is available at the gym. You can perform various pieces of training with free weight lifting or weight lifting machines. 

Improves Bone Health

Keep in mind that our body consists of two things; Muscles and bones. It would be best if you had strong bones for walking, running, and dancing. So, your bones also need exercise to stay healthy and strong.

Weight lifting or resistance training engages your bones and ultimately helps the bones to remain healthy. Similarly, as you become aged, your bones start losing density, which is the primary cause of osteoporosis in females. But regular resistance workouts will help you keep moving at an older age too. 

Boosts Metabolism and Weight Lose

Strength training increases body metabolism; which is due to intensive muscle workout. The muscle workout burns calories to lift the weights against gravity, resulting in losing the extra weight.

For example, there are many weight training that will help you maintain weight and improve your body shape. From toning to losing weight, weight lifting results in wonders. 

Muscle Building

We know that when a muscle is under tension with a resistance workout, it is likely to build strong muscles. It depends on how much more extended time the muscle is in the phase of contraction.

So, there are various types of weight lifting training through which you can get more substantial muscles. The amount of resistance challenged by any muscle will help in building endurance.

Whether you are using a dumbbell or a weighted vest, it is the resistance that is essential for muscle strength. 

Saves from Chronic Diseases

The primary reason behind various chronic diseases like diabetes type 2, cardiovascular disease, or cancer is aging. Now research has shown that good resistance training is one of the best ways to combat such diseases.

So it’s better to consider weight training in your workout routines for a healthier and safe lifestyle at an older age.  


So, the question is which one is better to perform, Calisthenics vs weights physiques? It depends on you! For some people, the answer to the question is “both.” It means you can make a combo of both routines for a perfect workout. 

If we look at our daily life, we are carrying weight at groceries-weight lifting, and similarly, we are also engaged in bodyweight training like sitting in a chair.

So it is a brilliant idea to use both modes. It can be done in two exercises repeated back to back in one set of workout or repeating the two methods on alternative days. 

In short words, you have seen that both (calisthenics body vs gym body) workouts have their benefits, so one can not say that I am a pure weight training person or a calisthenics person. They are the best compliment for each other creating a perfect match. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build muscles with only Calisthenics? 

Yes, of course, you can. Building muscles is a by-product of Calisthenics. All you need to do is create muscle hypertrophy, which is a condition of enlargement of skeletal muscle fibers to overcome force from high levels of tension. It means you must provide a high level of pressure that your body will have to overcome during the movement. Your brain sends a message of using force against the resistance from free weight lifting or bodyweight lifting. So, if you are performing Calisthenics, it will help in building muscles. 

Are Calisthenics stronger than Bodybuilders? 

Can you get in shape by just lifting weights? 

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