How to Start Going to the Gym

Going to the gym is one of the healthiest habits you can have. The longer you go, the harder it will be for you to understand how you were able to do without it before. 

However, people who still do not have a workout routine often think that hitting the gym is something that they do not have time, money, or energy for. But, the hardest part is getting started! After you jump that hurdle, everything else will be possible.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the questions and answers that might help you decide how to start going to the gym.

Why should I start working out?

Physical activities make our bodies healthier, stronger, and they are beneficial to our mental health as well. Going to the gym is a great way to get energy when you are depressed. So, once you start going to the gym, you should always have your backpack ready to remind you that you can do something good for yourself every day.

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What should I get before working out at a gym?

If you are dreading going to the gym for the first time, you should know about some tricks that can help you. First of all, you should have the right equipment. Treat yourself to some good quality trainers. They just have to be comfortable, and you would probably want them to look nice too. Take your time to find a model that ticks all the boxes and make the purchase. You will also need a couple of sports bras, tops, tights, or shorts that dry easily. Once again, it is important that your workout clothes are comfortable since that can get you motivated to start going. The good news is that they will fit and look even better on you in a few weeks or months!

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How do I go to the gym for the first time?

Going to the gym has to be convenient for you. That is why you should choose a facility that is located near your home or your office. If you need an hour or so to get to the gym, the chances are that you will lose motivation quickly. Of course, the vicinity shouldn’t be the only criteria. Make a list of the potential places and visit them to see which one fits best. You should also have a list of questions with you to help you decide easily. Pay attention to:

  • The gym’s hygiene – sharing a workout space with other people can be an issue if the room and the pieces of equipment are not cleaned properly.
  • The number of people exercising during a part of the day that would suit you – don’t visit the gym in the morning if you plan on working out at night. The place can look and feel completely different.
  • The staff – whether you opt for personal training or exercising in a group, it is important to work with somebody skilled, devoted, and who will motivate you to do your best.

How do I start working out at the gym?

Many gyms offer free first training (or even a couple of them) to get familiar with space and people in it. Why not use that opportunity and see what works best for you? Make an appointment for the time that suits you best – if you are not a morning person, don’t force yourself to get up early and start exercising when you are out of shape. You might end up resenting it. Also, scheduling a workout session after a busy day at work will not motivate you to continue shaping up either. Find the optimal time of the day and start working out.

What should a beginner do at the gym?

The aim of your first training sessions should be to know how to do exercises properly and how to use the gym equipment safely. Don’t force yourself too hard. You will probably feel sore after your first day at a gym, and that is quite normal, but you need to be careful not to hurt yourself. Some light cardio exercises are the best choice to start with. There will be enough time for dumbbells and other equipment. Some trainers like to separate workouts so that you do a certain group of muscles per training. That’s how you can have a chest, back, arm, shoulder, or leg day. That can also be a good starting point for your exercise, but be careful not to go overboard.

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How long should a beginner workout at the gym?

When you start going to the gym, half an hour of active workout should be just fine. Remember, your goal should be a long-term workout routine. If you try too hard or work out for too long, you might end up hurt. Every other training session should last a bit longer until you reach the limit that your trainer thinks is best for you. Professionals like Dubai Personal Trainers will be able to make a workout plan that will gradually get you in shape.

What should girls do at the gym?

Girls usually hit the gym to lose a few (or more) pounds and to reshape their bodies. Some of them want to build up their muscles and work on their stamina. Whatever your goal is, make sure that you communicate it clearly to your trainer. There are different programs for you to try and see what you feel most comfortable with. Yoga is good for stress and anxiety, Pilates will help you tone up your muscles and improve your posture, while CrossFit will help you become stronger and faster. Of course, dozens of programs are created to help you reach your goals, don’t be afraid to test them all and see what you like best.

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Is it OK to work out on an empty stomach?

Even though working out on an empty stomach is better than overeating before physical activity, it is still not the best choice. Nobody likes to be hungry, right? If you do not have a proper meal a few hours before you go to the gym, you might feel weak or even nauseous during exercising. You’ll be burning precious energy sources so you might not be able to endure the training session.

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What should I eat after the gym?

Post-workout nutrition is just as important as what we eat before doing physical activity, especially if you are trying to lose weight healthily. During a workout, muscles use glycogen, and at the same time, some of the proteins inside the muscles get damaged. To repair them and refill the glycogen store, our body needs the intake of proper nutrients. Carbs will help you with glycogen, while proteins are responsible for the muscle recovery. The timing is important too. Try to have your post-workout meal within 45 minutes of exercising.

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Which age is best for the gym?

Experts do not advise persons under the age of 17-18 to be working out in a gym. Physical activity is welcome at any stage of your life, but here we are just focusing on working out at a gym. This is the age when your body has reached its full height, and the muscles have become mature enough.

Should you do cardio or weights first?

Whatever motif you have for hitting the gym, you should know that both cardio and weights are important. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, one can be more important than the other, but you still need them both. Now, which one should go first?

If you’re hoping to build strength, do weight training first and leave cardio for the end. Since lifting is difficult, you will need a lot of energy to do it properly. If you are already exhausted from cardio exercises, you might hurt yourself while lifting. On the other hand, light cardio exercises at the beginning of your training session will increase your blood flow and prepare you for weights.

If you are trying to improve your overall fitness, you can start your training by doing either of the two. Listen to your body, and always remember to do them both!


If you want to do something good for your body and mind – start going to the gym! The benefits will be visible in just a few weeks, and if you keep up working out, they will last forever!