How The Quality Of E-Juice Affects Your Vaping Experience

You’ve researched different vaporizer models and chosen the perfect device for your needs. And, yet, your vaping experience isn’t living up to what you expected. 

Each vaping device offers a different experience—that much is true. Some are made to mimic pulling a cigarette for those trying to quit smoking.

Others are made to produce thick, massive clouds of vapor. But, even the most premium vaporizers can’t deliver an enjoyable drag from a poor-quality e-juice or one you don’t enjoy.

In short, the quality of e-juice will strongly influence your vaping experience.

This post will cover what you need to know about low-quality e-juices and how to make sure you’re always vaping high-quality ones.

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Why You Should Avoid Low-Quality E-Juice

Why You Should Avoid Low-Quality E-Juice

You can go all out when buying a vaping setup, from simple all-in-one pod systems to fully customizable variable-wattage or mechanical mods.

The device is just a means to an end. Its job is to provide a platform to vaporize and inhale the e-juice of your choice. So, if lousy juice goes in, then lousy vapor will come out. 

High-quality juices are manufactured under specific conditions in a lab. They must undergo quality control procedures and testing before they’re certified and released to the market.

These strict conditions ensure the final product is pure and untainted. Most vapers are after nicotine e juice.

Maintaining consistent nicotine content and purity is of particular concern, as it could result in false nicotine concentrations and ruin the effect many vapers look for.

Poor-quality e-juices may not meet the standard manufacturing requirements. Nicotine purity and concentration aside, this can affect other aspects of the products and vaping experience.

For example, manufacturers that ignore quality control and testing may have inconsistent flavor profiles in their juices. You may even find that poor-quality juices lack acceptable flavor delivery altogether.

If low-quality ingredients are used, the result may be a bad-tasting, unenjoyable vapor—sometimes equated to a ‘plastic’ taste.

In the worst scenario, low-quality juices might include harmful ingredients, like Vitamin E acetate, that could be severely harmful to your lungs. 

No matter how long you’ve been vaping, a bad e-juice can leave the experience feeling lacking and unsatisfactory. Either in flavor, nicotine delivery, or both.

Also, it could potentially turn new vapers away from vaping entirely if their first experience is with low-quality juice. 

How To Always Get Good E-Juice

How To Always Get Good E-Juice

The best way to be sure you’re getting quality e-juice is to purchase it from a reputable store. Dedicated vaping stores are readily accessible nowadays; there’s no real need to buy vape juice anywhere else. 

When you choose a reputable vaping store, you can also inquire about their selection of high VG vape juice options. These tend to offer a smoother experience with thicker vapor production, which many enthusiasts prefer.

Well-known vape stores want to keep customers coming back. Most vape shops will only sell good quality vape juices that they would vape themselves.

They don’t want you to end up buying harmful, poor-quality liquids that give the vaping industry a bad reputation.

Furthermore, the staff are usually quite knowledgeable and more than willing to help you find a flavor you’ll enjoy.

When shopping for e-juices, some red flags to look out for include:

  • Anything sold in a non-vape store, particularly if it falls outside their general product offering, like if you see e-juice behind the till in an electronics store
  • Particles floating around the liquid
  • A price that feels like a massive bargain, especially if it seems far too low for a brand you recognize—it could be fake or old. 
  • The bottle or label looks cheap—the product contained within usually follows suit
  • The seller can’t tell you anything about the juice

High-Quality Doesn’t Always Mean Premium

Don’t walk away from this post thinking you must always buy the most expensive vaping liquids you can find. High-quality juices refer to those that have met all the quality standards. 

Even so, there can be a considerable price disparity among different products and brands. Some will be more affordable than others.

But, if you’re sourcing your vaping supplies from a reputable store, you can still expect those to be up to standard.

Premium e-juices are a tier on their own. These are typically manufactured by highly acclaimed brands, or have complex and refined flavor profiles.

Depending on where you’re from, ‘premium’ may just refer to imported juices. 

On the other hand, more affordable high-quality juices typically have simpler flavors. Also, their labels are often straightforward when it comes to flavor names.

Examples include ‘strawberry,’ ‘strawberry ice,’ or ‘berry mix.’ Chances are that juice like these will land a spot amongst your favorite flavors.

You Won’t Like Every E-Juice You Try

The flavor is one of the most influential factors in vaping. It can make or break the experience. It’s also one of the biggest sectors in vaping.

There are countless brands, each pushing a range of flavors onto the market. 

But, even among high-quality flavors, there’s no guarantee you’ll enjoy them all. Expecting that every flavor will taste good to you is one of the common beginner vaping mistakes. Don’t let this put you off.

It’s not unusual to go through several flavors before finding one you’d want to buy again. You might initially buy dessert flavors only to discover later on that you only enjoy fruity flavors, and that’s okay.

Part of vaping, after all, is discovering what you like and what you don’t. 


The e-juice you use strongly determines how good your vaping experience will be, regardless of how much you spend on a vaporizer. Low-quality e-juices may not conform to all manufacturing standards.

As a result, they may lack flavor, taste bad, or even include chemicals that shouldn’t be in vaping liquids and can harm your health.

Thus, always ensure you purchase every bottle of e-juice from a reputable store to ensure the quality of your vaping experience.