Learn to Avoid These Common Mistakes If You are a Novice Vaper

You’re going to vape incorrectly if you choose the wrong vaping device. Buying a cheap vape means you’ll either receive a terrible taste from your vape juice, or the machine will burst in your hands due to the inferior materials used in its design.

You’ll be frustrated if you forget to charge your vape, especially if you’re traveling and want to enjoy your e-juice on the way.

These are some of the most typical mistakes made by vapers. As a rookie, if you’re the worrying sort who’s just getting to know the different flavors of vape liquids and isn’t yet ready to become a cloud expert, some of the mistakes you make could wind up damaging your vape.

So, among the various varieties of vapes accessible on the market, you should pick the proper one.

There are a few well-known mistakes that the majority of new vapers make. If you’re going from cigarette smoking to vaping, you can find yourself disgusted by the same errors, pushing you to return to smoking cigarettes. If you want the best vape juice at the best price, you can check at zamplebox.

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Blending Different Flavors Incorrectly

Some people think combining different flavors is fun, and we’re not saying it isn’t. However, the truth is that it has the potential to ruin the party. It may sound nice in principle, but in practice, things could quickly deteriorate.

Although it is simple to combine diverse flavors, this does not guarantee that the result will wow you. You can wind up with a bad-tasting cloud, which means you’ve squandered both your e-juice and your time.

You can eliminate these mistakes by leaving the mixing to experts.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, pre-made e-juices from vape shops are a good option. Also, while moving to another e-liquid, remember to cleanse your tank to avoid ghost flavors.

Not Priming the Coil

Some beginners believe that replacing coils is as simple as unscrewing the coil, filling their tank, and lighting their new vape systems. No, they require additional information.

Replacing vape coils is, in fact, a skill. Coils determine your vaping experience in ordinary tanks. Coils differ in subtle ways, as evidenced by the quantity of the vapor cloud they produce, the quality of the flavor, the smoothness of the hit, and so on.

Unfortunately, most beginners make significant mistakes that might result in strains or complete burnout of their coils. Priming is simple and serves to save you coil.

The specific priming method depends on the setup and type of coil you have, but it’s a simple process that only takes a few seconds.

It’s as simple as dropping a few e-juice drops onto the wick on the coil, waiting for it to absorb, and then replacing the lock. By the time you fire your vaporizer, the coils will be sufficiently saturated.

Choosing the Wrong Nicotine Strength and Vape Juice

If you have the perfect vape but don’t know what nicotine strength to use with it, you’ve made another mistake. It becomes even worse if you choose the incorrect e-juice with the wrong nicotine strength. You’ll undoubtedly miss the mark.

Making the correct vape juice selection and maintaining control over your nicotine intake are two ways to improve your vaping experience.

Vape juice tastes are available in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. Vapers, especially newcomers, make mistakes by choosing flavors and nicotine concentrations that aren’t right for them. As a result,

if you’re a beginner, think about going with the flavor that best matches you—also, select vape fluids with the nicotine dosage that best suits your needs.

Consider buying from a trusted store or vendor, and make sure the vape juice is of high quality.

Switching to vaping is always an excellent choice if you’re trying to quit smoking. Only choose e-juices with low nicotine strength and gradually reduce the nicotine concentration until you’re comfortable with nic-free juices to switch to vaping entirely. It will, of course, take time, but it will be beneficial in the end.

Activated Vape While in the Pocket

A vaporizer that is left on for an extended period might cause serious harm.

However, it appears that some vapers toss their devices into their pockets, handbags, or other storage and forget about them, completely forgetting that their device is still turned on. Not only will this harm the battery, but it also puts your vape juice at risk of leaking.

Furthermore, you may unintentionally turn on the device, resulting in significant harm. However, before storing the device, it’s a good idea to turn it off. That is the only way to extend the life of the battery and avoid unintentional accidents.

Vaping as if you were a smoker


It is for ex-smokers only! They’re utilized to make rapid and firm puffs.

That isn’t the way to vape, though, because it won’t produce that nice vapor cloud, and you want your e-juice to give you that expected hit.

Take long, soft puffs and then exhale the vapor to rectify this. It will produce decent vapor clouds and provide you with the satisfaction you want.

Leaving Your Vape/Battery Uncharged

Vapes are electronic gadgets that utilize power. The battery is the source of electricity that is exhausted after some time and must be charged.

Vape coils take control from the battery to evaporate the e-juice. Some people, mainly those new to vape systems, neglect to charge their devices regularly, resulting in damaged batteries or coil damage.

Others aren’t sure how to charge their vapes properly.

When a vape’s battery is low, it won’t perform properly — it won’t produce a smooth inhale or enough vapor.

Always ensure to charge your gadget often to dodge such troubles. Read the charging directions to understand the needs and when the battery is fully charged.

If you’ve recently quit smoking and you’re a rookie vaper, this kind of mistake may lead you back to your cigarettes.

Bottom line

If you want to avoid these mistakes, keep your battery fully charged and only use it when necessary. Also, whenever you want to vape, and your battery is low – especially when traveling – you should bring a power bank.

If the main battery fails, you can take an extra battery with you for convenience. If you are a novice at vaping, try to avoid these mistakes to continue enjoying your vaping experience.