Vaping And Skincare: The Connection You Didn’t Know About

The first thing to note at the beginning of this article is that vaping does not currently qualify as a medical product on the market but rather as a recreational product.

So, if you notice signs of skin disease, then in no case do not decide to treat it with the help of a vape. After all, every disease needs proper diagnosis and prescription of treatment by a competent doctor.

What Vaping Does to the Body

Does vaping have any benefits?

Does vaping have any benefits

Even though vaping is not a medical device, one cannot take away from this device the possibility of being useful.

After all, this device saved many people from smoking addiction from the beginning of its entry into the market.

In addition, it should be noted that the benefit or harm of vaping is quite relative because often everything depends on the vape filling.

If there are no doubts about the recreational qualities of vaping today, then there are still discussions about the therapeutic qualities.

Sometimes the use of vape can be accompanied by an improvement in the skin’s condition.

This is true, but in many cases, it’s not so much about vaping as it is about quitting traditional cigarettes, and you don’t need the best vapes for that, just ordinary good vapes.

After all, the main thing here is not so much the usefulness of vaping as such but its effectiveness in fighting the habit of smoking, which has a proven harmful effect on the skin and the state of health in general.

So, in this context, vaping may seem like a positive catalyst for restoring skin health. Still, here it can only be about displacing the harmful habit of smoking and, accordingly, its effects.

Will vaping improve your skin?

The question is quite ambiguous; there is no indisputable evidence of a positive effect on the skin’s condition, just as there is no definitive, sufficient evidence that vaping kills your skin.

Today, scientists are trying to study the effects of vaping on the body. Therefore, even the Best Vapes to Buy in 2023: Every Make, Model, and Brand, will not mean that the condition of your skin will improve.

Although advertising offers the best vapes to buy today, their positive effects are still not a scientific fact.

So if you decide to improve the condition of your skin with the help of the best vape, it is nothing but your experiment on yourself, which science and the world will not notice and which will have an unknown end for your health.

So, as of today, the unequivocal and indisputable positive effect of vaping on the condition of human skin has not been proven.

How do cigarettes take away the health of your skin?

Smoking leads to the narrowing of blood vessels, damages elastic fibres, and destroys collagen. Banally, the blood supply of a smoker is worse than that of a person who does not smoke, so the smoker’s entire body does not receive enough nutrients and oxygen.

So a smoker’s ageing process is much faster, reflected in cigarette lovers’ skin.

In addition, studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of skin cancer, and chronic diseases such as psoriasis in smokers are accompanied by significantly worse symptoms and progress more quickly.

Can vaping have a positive effect on your skin?

Can vaping have a positive effect on your skin

Theoretically, yes, vaping can evaporate substances useful for the skin, in particular CDB and glycerin.

CBD oil can have an anti-inflammatory effect and also contains antioxidants, which in sum means qualities that could affect the fact that your skin does not age, and evaporating glycerin could moisturise dry skin from the inside.

However, even the best vapes do not guarantee this effect.

And returning to the fact that the skin improves at the time of transition from cigarettes to vapes, it is not so much an indication of the beneficial effect of your good vapes, but rather an indication of the cessation of harm to the skin by cigarettes and everything related to their combustion and the combustion of nicotine.

Instead, the effect of vape remains the so-called cat in the bag because, in such a short time, it is difficult to reach the conclusions to which researchers of the impact of cigarettes on human health have been coming for decades, and if we talk about the entire history of cigarettes, rather centuries.

So, to understand how this or that vape affects the body, time is needed, which is constantly lacking, because every year, vape manufacturers come up with a dozen new products for research.

So, good vapes have the possibility of positively influencing the condition of human skin, but it has not yet been scientifically proven and verified.

After all, due to the cunning of manufacturers of vape products, which easily bypass various restrictions, scientists do not have the opportunity to investigate them properly.

Can we say that vaping has a neutral effect on the skin’s health?

The positive effects of vaping on the skin are not the conclusion of best vapes scientific research, but rather the populist statements of vape supporters.

Moreover, if your gas station contains nicotine, the effect on the skin will be no less harmful than smoking.

After all, blood vessels will narrow, blood flow to all parts of your body will be limited, and the ageing process will be accelerated.

Suppose someone still hopes that nicotine-free vapes do not harm your skin.

In that case, unfortunately, you will be disappointed because, in contrast to the populist statements of vape supporters, there are high-quality scientific studies that prove the negative effect of vaping on the human skin and its body.

Why is there no good scientific research on the benefits of vaping?

There are several answers. First of all, it should be understood that despite the idea of the inventor of the electronic cigarette, vapes today do not so much help to quit smoking, but rather become an alternative to traditional cigarettes, and in some cases, become their addiction.

Therefore, vaping got rid of the image of a medicine and became a means for recreation with thousands of different modifications, which cannot be understood without the help of a consultant or hours on the Internet.

If recreation is in the first place, then it is clear that the manufacturer, when advertising a vape, will emphasise why it is better to relax with its vape.

So the health effects of vaping are in second place and, accordingly, not so important for advertising.

And scientific research requires not only a lot of time but also a lot of money, especially when it comes to the research of substances and their mixtures, the precedents of which have not yet been studied.

A large amount of money is not a problem for the vape industry because they can afford to influence public opinion through popular social networks.

Instead, the problem is time, which has become even more limited for the modern market, so much so that today an investment of more than a year is no longer considered short-term.

So by losing time, the vape industry loses sales and, accordingly, money. Another reason why the vape industry is not as actively proving the benefits of vaping vape as doctors deny it may be that manufacturers are aware of a future failure.

Therefore in this context, it is cheaper and more effective to promote populist non-scientific conclusions. 


So if you have skin problems, don’t treat them with vaping because it can end badly for your health. But suppose you have already decided to do this.

In that case, it is better to participate in a scientific experiment, trusting specialists who will stop the experiment at a critical moment and save you from irreversible consequences. So take care of your health and carefully decide to improve it with your doctor.