Why Does The Price Of Vape Juice Vary With Sites?

We’ve all been through the time when we need clarification about why the other brand cost three times as much as other brands.

Why does one vape juice brand cost more than the next when they seem to taste and have the same amount of nicotine?

Like any premium and local brand, one vape brand consists of better materials or ingredients under different conditions. Premium e-juices have better ingredients and flavoring, and where they get manufactured may be much nicer. The same goes for vape juices. 

This blog post will explain why vape juice prices vary and clarify some common misconceptions that could help you enjoy your favorite flavor or brand more.

Cheap Vs Expensive eJuice

What Makes Vape Juice Premium?

What Makes Vape Juice Premium

Many vapers think that e-juices that cost more are better and safer because they use better ingredients.

Even though all e-liquids start with the same base, the key to making a premium e-liquid is to make a flavor profile that is both rich and robust and stays on the palate.

This process takes much more time, work, and resources and costs money.

On the other hand, just because e-liquid is cheap doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. But if you still need to figure it out, look at online customer reviews that aren’t biased.

Moreover, look for certifications, or talk to the sellers to find out what they think about the content.

Why Are Prices Of Some Vape Juice Different?

Packaging Quality

How an e-liquid gets packaged can significantly affect how much it costs. For example, a glass bottle of vape juices costs more than a plastic one. In the past, people who vaped strongly believed that products in glass bottles were of higher quality and expected to pay more for them.

Most e-liquid companies don’t use glass bottles anymore because it’s more expensive, and most vapers prefer the ease of plastic bottles. Some brands of e-liquid also put their bottles in bright boxes to make them stand out on shelves.

In a crowded and emerging cannabis industry, a great box can help an e-liquid stand out among sites, but it might add to the cost of making it.

Quality Of Ingredients 

When you read that an e-liquid tastes like fruity cereal with milk, you might think it has about three different tastes.

The e-liquid might, for example, have a fruity taste, a toasted grain taste, and a milky taste. An e-liquid is usually a lot more complicated than that.

E-liquid companies learned that the best way to make a product with a real “wow factor” is to mix flavors from many different makers and work hard to find obscure flavor suppliers that other companies in the vaping industry aren’t using.

For example, an e-liquid with a strawberry note might use a mix of more than one strawberry flavor, and that’s just for one flavor note.

The more complicated the mix of flavors in an e-liquid, the more costly it will likely be on different sites.

Extensively Researched Flavors 

Premium e-juices are made with the best ingredients, like high-quality nicotine, PG, and VG, which make the final flavor better and more unique.

Some companies also make high-end e-liquid that do not have any artificial sweeteners, GMOs, food coloring, or preservatives.

Each flavor of high-end e-liquid comes from much research and further testing.

Premium vape pens and juices might cost more on different sites because they stand and are made with the help of qualified experts and the latest scientific technology.

This winning combination allows top vape brands to develop new, tasty, exciting flavors.

The Reputation Of The Brand

Marketing works like magic in every business, including the vaping business. You will notice that some brands have better reputations than others. You will also see that marketing plans for different brands are different. 

Therefore, vape juice prices vary mainly because of the brand’s reputation and marketing. If two vape juices taste the same but cost different amounts, consider whether paying more is worth it.


A person who travels a lot might want bigger batteries that can be changed. Most likely, a bigger tank that can hold more juice.

On the other hand, someone who smokes at work would prefer a sleek and straightforward vape kit that doesn’t draw attention.

Cheaper vape kits have fewer parts than more expensive ones. But keep in mind that not all advanced settings give you reliable performance.

Also, kits that cost a lot have impressive configurations and designs that are hard to spot. Instead of looking at the price, match the configuration to your tastes and way of life.



User reviews are a common way to find out how well something works and how much it affects the prices. Look for reviews on something other than the maker’s site or review sites. Read reviews from real people on the seller’s website and social media.

Also, check out forums and sites for vaping communities to determine how the device you want to buy works.

Vapers who have been vaping for a long time and just starting can give honest reviews. In the past, only a few companies have made the best vaping kits.

Also, tips from old vapers can help you save your hard-earned money by keeping you from buying bad vape kits.

How To Save On Vapes?

Invest In Vape Technology

Even if you don’t care about your budget, it makes sense that a vape with patented technology, a warranty, and adjustable voltage settings will save you money over a $20 disposable one.

Buy E-Liquid Bottles

When the liquid in the pre-filled carts runs out, you must throw them away. If you know how to fill an e-liquid bottle right, it could help you save money. Before you buy bottled e-juice, you should watch a few videos to learn how the process works.

Go For Vape Kits 

Instead of spending money on separate parts, kits usually have everything you need for a lower price. You should build your vape kit instead of buying one that doesn’t fit your style.

Final Thoughts

Before buying a vape pen, consider what you want and how much money you have. It would help to buy a more expensive, higher-quality vaporizer that will last longer than a cheap, throw-away one.

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