How to Flush Sugar Out of Your Body Fast

Sugar isn’t restricted to our beverages anymore. From packaged foods and carbonated soft drinks to delicious delicacies and lip-smacking snacks, are all coaxed in sugar. Sugar is addictive, and it’s hard to escape its attractive trap.

Getting rid of this addiction is a gradual step by step walk. It’s surely no cakewalk, In these testing times how to flush sugar out of your body fast? is indeed a relevant question. There are no particular methods to speed up the process, but adhering to the technique strictly might erase your unending love for sugars.
10 Easy Ways to Detox From Sugar By LifeHackz

Is sugar really the devil in disguise? 

Excessive sugar can trigger metabolic, cardiovascular, or digestive disorders. The recommended sugar intake should be nine teaspoons for men and six teaspoons for women on a daily basis.

But it isn’t easy to stick to these. The risk of death from a heart attack is increased by 38% as a result of high sugar levels. Higher sugar intake also contributes to high blood pressure, diabetes, and increased cholesterol levels

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the outcome of inflated sugar levels. Few years down the lane, this disease can lead to insulin resistance. Increased sugar levels are majorly responsible for hormonal imbalance, mood swings, altered energy levels, long sleeping hours, and suppression of the immune system. All these factors are indicative of the need to lower sugar in blood. 

How to lower sugar in the blood?

The most common suggestion is to cut down on the sugar intake completely by either fasting or by reducing calorie intake. But these aren’t the most suitable solutions. Sugar isn’t something that the body is addicted to. It sure refreshes the brain reward centre and can be craved for.

Thus, it doesn’t require a detox. It is a habit that needs to be mended. Some appealing techniques that can be adopted to flush sugar out of your system are:

Switch soft drinks with water:

Carbonated soft drinks, bottled juices, energy drinks, syrups, sauces should be limited strictly. Water is the real thirst quencher. Staying hydrated by drinking 10-12 glasses of water every day is necessary. It benefits our body by cutting down sugars and also purifies the internal systems to increase their efficiency. 

Look for the hidden sugar:

Some sugars are concealed in small fonts printed on the food packets that you buy. Before purchasing any packed item, scan its ingredients to locate the amount of sugars.

Wave goodbye to your processed supply:

Candies, chocolates, pastries, doughnuts, pizzas, ice-creams, fries, pasta, energy bars, canned soups, frozen meals, salad dressings, etc. are the sources of added sugars. These food items are a part of our daily diet. Removing them from the diet or reducing their presence in our meals is a crucial step to push sugar out of your body.   

Balanced diet is always right:

Make your meals a happy mixture of different veggies and fruits. Adding whole grains and protein rich food items to your diet can boost your energy levels as your stomach feels full. Nuts, leafy greens, eggs, seafood, and seasonal fruits can make your skin better, eyes brighter, and body stronger. They also help to maintain your distance from sugar and processed food. 

Think twice before taking a bite:

The tempting fragrance and appearance of the sugar-rich items are hard to resist. You might reach out for a bite and probably end up eating the entire piece. You might regret this later and promise yourself to avoid eating it again.

Instead of getting caught in this endless cycle, you can avoid taking that first bite. Before eating any sugar rich food, think about why you want to avoid it, its effects on your body, and can you substitute it with a healthier option? 

Slow and steady, wins the race. But not always:

Proceed towards your goal gradually but with full determination. Tearing yourself away from the processed items in one swift motion can have negative outcomes instead of positive. There is no one proven way to delete sugar from the diet. Some people prefer to cut down their sugar intake slowly by replacing them with alternatives along the way.

Other fraction of people cut down their total sugar intake at the beginning of their detox period as they believe in the idea of ‘all or nothing’. So it depends upon your will and ability to get rid of sugar completely in the first step or gradually in a stepwise manner.

Mental and physical fitness:

Exercising, meditating, and practicing yoga every day can keep your mind distracted from sugar cravings. Stress is a primary reason to crave for sweets. Maintaining a calm mind and avoiding stress can also help you to steer clear of sugary food items.

How to counteract too much sugar? 

Giving up on your favorite delicacies and drinks can be challenging. But you can’t stop trying and giving up isn’t an option. You can swap the high-on-sugar items with healthier alternatives. 

  • Unsweetened juices can replace the ones with sugar. 
  • Ice tea, lemonade, flavored water can be preferred in place of soft drinks. 
  • Instead of adding sugars, natural mint, vanilla, cinnamon, and other flavors can be used. 
  • Whole grains are the perfect replacement for granola and cereals for breakfast. 
  • Natural (maybe homemade) yoghurts can be flavored with berries and fruits instead of the market yoghurts. 
  • Avoid sugar in the baked goods by adding protein powder for sweetness. 
  • Pick up your dark chocolate instead of the milk or candy bars. 
  • Fruits, oats, butter, cocoa, nuts can blend to give you a candy bar to overcome your sugar cravings.
  • Raw cocoa, water, almond/soy milk can be a better replacement for your hot chocolate. 
  • Coffee, peanut butter, almond milk, ice cubes when blended can replicate your sugar frappe. 

To flush sugar out of your body fast isn’t a shortcut but a more determined approach. If you are convinced with the available alternatives and are prepared to stay away from sugar, nothing can stop you from lowering blood sugar levels.

To keep track of your blood sugar levels, you can get regular blood sugar tests. This also helps to verify the authenticity of your adopted method for reducing sugar.

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