How To Get On Your Feet After Surgery 

After surgery, you will go through a recovery period that will take some time.

It is important to take good care of yourself during the process so that you can heal optimally and return to your everyday life feeling your best.

No matter the kind of surgery you’ve had performed, there are considerations to keep in mind that can help you recover. Read on to learn how to get on your feet after surgery!

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How to Properly Elevate Your Foot and Ankle After a Surgery by Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas

Take Time To Rest

Make sure that you are taking good care of your relaxation needs following surgery. Take time for yourself to rest and to let your body heal.

You may need to make arrangements to have someone else care for your kids and pets while you are on bed rest.

Try to plan for these arrangements ahead of time to be ready to go following your procedure. Maybe your kids, friends, or family can use this time to get you some get-well gifts

Especially if you’ve had a major procedure like an overweight plus size tummy tuck, you want to take advantage of this downtime to take care of yourself by napping, minimizing your movements, and distracting yourself with pleasant activities.

You might consider watching television, reading, chatting with a friend, etc. as some simple activities to enjoy while resting. Consider your recovery period to be all about self-care!

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Your doctor will provide you with aftercare instructions to help you take care of your body following surgery.

The instructions may include wearing compression garments, keeping your head or feet elevated while sleeping, or specific dietary restrictions. Whatever your doctor advises, be sure to follow their instructions.

Your doctor will know the best approaches to getting you to heal as quickly and as successfully as possible, so listen to what they tell you to do! 

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Get Enough Rest

Prioritize your rest to heal effectively. The body enters into the rest and digest mode during sleep. This is the period your body conducts its natural healing processes, which influences your recovery.

Getting restful sleep will play a significant role in recovering quickly after your surgery.

Ensure that you prioritize your sleep by minimizing your distractions at night, use noise-canceling earbuds if sounds disturb you, and listen to audiobooks to help you fall asleep.

Journal Your Feelings

During your time on bed rest, you might feel frustrated with the healing process. There will be days you’ll want to get out of bed and do something.

To combat boredom and any feelings of depression that crop up, journal your feelings. Keep a pen and some paper next to you to write down anything that comes to mind as you recover.

You’ll be glad to have an emotional outlet available whenever you need it.

Ease Into Your Routine

Once your doctor has cleared you to return to your normal activities, ease yourself into the transition. Don’t automatically set out for your usual 3-mile run.

Instead, try taking a brief walk around your neighborhood. Your body needs time to readjust to normal activities, and you don’t want to push yourself too hard.

Take your time getting back into a routine so that you can avoid injury.

The Bottom Line

The fastest way to get on your feet after surgery is to follow your doctor’s orders, get enough rest, and take things slowly! You need to prioritize your healing so that you’re truly ready to go when it is time to get back on your feet! Consider the suggestions above as you work through your recovery period.

Take advantage of the time to prioritize self-care. You deserve it.