How to Get Ready for Oral Surgery

A little preparation can make oral surgery a seamless procedure. You must understand that the process should begin much before you visit your dentist’s office. The section below talks about a few things you must do to get ready for oral surgery. 

Be Informed 

It would be best if you got the procedure done at a top dental clinic in Cottonwood, Arizona. This will ensure that a visit to their Cottonwood office would help you to gather detailed information about your surgery. 

Your oral surgeon or dentist will explain the procedure’s various steps and reveal why you need to undergo surgery. He will even inform you about the risks associated with the procedure. 

Plan Your Ride in Advance 

If the procedure requires you to undergo anesthesia, you must have someone who will drop you home. Anesthesia might weaken your judgment and it would be unsafe for you to drive a car under such circumstances. 

You can ask a family member or friend to drive you to the dental office. If that’s not possible, book a cab for your commute to and from the clinic. 

Know the Eating, Drinking, and Smoking Rules

If your surgeon plans to apply general anesthetic or push an IV (intravenous), you must follow certain dietary regulations. For example, you must not drink (not even water) or eat anything for at least 8-12 hours before the operation. 

If the dentist decides to apply a local anesthetic, he might allow you to eat a light meal. However, you must finish eating at least a couple of hours before the procedure. Once you finish eating, floss, and brush thoroughly to prepare your oral cavity for the surgery. 

Last but not least, you cannot smoke for 12 hours before undergoing surgery. What’s more, you will also need to avoid smoking for 24 hours after the procedure. 

Dress Wisely 

You should dress practically when getting ready for the operation. Wear a short-sleeved outfit that’s comfortable and loose-fitting. 

The staff and doctors at top dental offices try their best not to stain a patient’s garment. However, you should still wear outfits that you don’t consider valuable when visiting their Cottonwood office for a procedure. 

Here are a few regulations you must abide by:

  • Never wear jewelry as you will need to remove them before the operation. 
  • As you may need to keep your eyes shut for a prolonged period, you should avoid wearing your contact lenses. 
  • Don’t wear lipstick or any other makeup. 

Carry a Box with You

Don’t forget to bring a container for storing your partial plates, removable bridgework, or dentures. You will need to remove them before undergoing oral surgery. 

Arrive Early

On the day of the operation, arrive at your dentist’s office at least 30 minutes early. You will need extra time to complete important paperwork. The extra minutes will also allow you to relax before the procedure begins. 

Final Words

Before the surgery begins, a nurse will arrive to take your clinical measurements. If you still have any confusion about the procedure, talk to her about it. Just having a chat with the nurse will calm your nerves and you will be ready to undergo the oral surgery.