How To Take Care of Your Hair With The Best Hair Care

Hair is an important part of a person’s appearance, it might even contribute to the impressions you make.

The hair however is affected by never-ending maladies that scientists all over the world have never had their way around.

When you are affected by dandruff, hairs loss, and other ailments facing hairs, your confidence can be greatly eroded.

To save yourself the embarrassment and pain, you need to identify a proper hair specialists firm to work with.

One such firm is Yum Nam hair care. We will delve deeper to understand what goes on in their outlets and why you should consider working with them.

With years of experience in hair treatment and nourishment under their belt, Yam Num is among the best hair specialists in Singapore.

They utilize natural products which are customized to cater to individual hair types. You can try the treatment at

Hair problems are subjective and so should the treatment. Some of the treatment concoctions are prepared right in front of you.

When you avail yourself at any of their outlets, you undergo a set of treatment stages.

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Beginner Consultation

Once you walk into the facility, you are welcomed by a very friendly and warm customer service team.

You will be assigned a dedicated consultant who will walk you through the hair treatment journey. You have to fill out a form with details about yourself and the symptoms your hair is portraying.

The consultant will ask you questions about your hair management routine and the hair products you use. If you are or have ever been under any strong hair treatment programs, this is the time to talk about it.


The consultant will have to scan your hair to get a view of your scalp.

They do this under 200 times magnification which delivers very clear images of your scalp and how it’s been affected by dandruff and other infections.

The consultant will explain each image explicitly so you understand how the illness manifested, how you caused it, and how you can manage it.

If you are the nervous type the consultants are well trained to handle emotionally weak patients.

Initial Treatment

Here the consultant will usher you into the treatment area. It is more like a salon than a clinic and very comfortable even for kids.

The firm has made efforts to decorate the treatment area and install temperature management equipment to improve customer experience.

They have a different room for different treatment options. If a client insists on privacy, they have a set of separate rooms for them too.

The treatment starts with a shampoo wash, they use organic in-house products. The next product is hair renewal spray followed by more hair cleansing products.

Before rinsing, they massage your scalp to create a relaxed feeling to aid in your response to treatment.

Herbology Treatment

A herbology gel is applied to your scalp and washed off after a few minutes. You will feel a relaxation feeling in your scalp as you walk into the consultation room again.

This is where they assess your response to treatment and recommend a few home remedies.

You will learn the amount of hair you might have lost during the treatment and how you can reduce the effects of hair loss.

Take Away

Hair loss and dandruff are among the few hair problems facing Singaporeans but with the right expertise, they can be managed.

The treatment is both safe and very comfortable, there have never been any complaints.