What is The Average Cost of Hair Transplant – USA, UK, Canada, and Turkey

Celebrity Hair transplant is a booming business around the world. The showbiz business is all about outlook and talent. This case is one reason that makes the average cost of hair transplant costly for ordinary people.

No one wishes to have permanent hair loss. Yet, you might find yourself with a bald head due to a health condition. This situation should never worry you since trichologists have a solution for you. 

Several medical centers offer hair transplant services. But, the cost of the hair transplant differs from one center to the other. But, the price range is usually minimal. Below are the hair transplant prices in four countries: the USA, UK, Canada, and Turkey.

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What Affects the Hair Transplant Price

There are a few factors that affect the cost of hair transplants around the world. The major reason is the procedure that you choose. The methods are two- the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery(FUSS). Each procedure has a different price range. 

Another factor that raises the price is the experience of the specialist. Highly skilled professionals charge higher than the rest. It would be best if you were careful of the quacks who use hire prices to lure people into believing they are skilled professionals.  

The amount of hair that needs a transplant. Filling a scalp is cheaper compared to filling the hair in the entire head. Also, the geographical area affects the cost of hair transplant. As you know, different regions have varied costs of living. Thus, surgeons in those areas will charge more so they can afford the life there. 

Another thing that adds to the cost is the travel cost. This money does not go to the doctor but adds to the cost of treatment. It occurs to many that the specialists are found a distance from their homes. Thus, it becomes a factor to consider. 

The Average Cost of Hair Transplant in the USA

The masses in the USA try to find hair loss solutions in the hair restoration products in the market. The products are cheap, and anyone can get the products. But, the solution does not always bear fruits. In some cases, they speed up the rate of your hair loss. It is at this point you start looking for the hair transplant price.

There is no fixed answer to the question of the cost of hair transplant. The cost depends on treatment and recovery. Also, hair specialists charge different prices. Within the USA borders, a specialist will charge you anything between $4000 to $15000. 

Keep in mind that insurance companies do not cover hair transplant costs. They consider the hair transplant process a cosmetic surgery. However, this should not stop you from regaining your old look. Hair can make or break your esteem. 

The Average Cost of Hair Transplant in the UK

Just as in the USA, the UK does not cover hair transplants in the NHS. They take it as cosmetic surgery. Thus, as the affected person, you cater to the entire cost of hair transplant, no matter the cause of hair loss. 

It will cost you anything between €1,000 and €30,000. The prices vary depending on the quality of the procedure and the experience of the staff. The equipment used also affects transplant charges. 

Ensure you check if the doctor is registered with GMC. It helps you not fall into the hands of quacks. Also, you should check the list of doctors on BAPRAS.  

The Average Cost of Hair Transplant in Canada

Various clinics in Canada charge hair transplants per graft. You will find a single grader costs up to $3. It sounds cheap, but considering the number of grafts needed to cover a patch, you will see the price is high. However, some clinics will offer a discount on large patches.

On average, you will need at least 1500 grafts. The number raises the costs to a minimum of $4500. The price goes up to as many grafts that your head will need. 

In Canada, the celebrity hair transplant costs as much as $17,500 on the higher side. The prices are high in cities due to the high population and competition among clinics. 

Many Canadian residents fall into the traps of black market quack doctors who offer cheap hair transplants. The lucky few get a successful hair transplant. The unlucky people are left with severe conditions to treat.

What drives people to the black market is that insurance companies do not cater to the surgery bills. Luckily, you can get clinics within the Canadian borders that accept partial payments. 

The Average Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Are you in turkey and need a hair transplant? Well, I know you are searching for the average cost of the procedure. It is difficult to tell the amount you will need to pay. However, on average, people require a minimum of 1500 grafts. Many clinics will charge a minimum of €2000 for the 1500 grafts. The figure fluctuates based on the equipment, method, and expertise of the expert.

Turkey is known to offer the cheapest hair transplant services. In some clinics, you will need €2500 that will include hotel transfer charges. The reason for the low charges is that the cost of living in turkey is low. Thus, it makes it easier for specialists in Istanbul to charge fair prices for high-end services.

Turkey has become a health tourism destination due to the affordable cost of hair transplant. Thus, unqualified persons are joining the business. Do some due diligence before you accept any offer. Ensure that the doctor is certified with German TUV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hair Transplant Really Work?

If you have tried other methods of hair restoration and failed, then we understand your frames. A hair transplant is a guaranteed method to regrow your hair. 10%-80% of all the transplanted hair grows to cover the patch. Ensure you have a skilled professional to keep the percentage in the upper side. 

If you have a dominant hair follicle, you should undergo plasma therapy. It helps the hair to grow after the transplant. 

Ensure you go for a transplant before you have a massive hair loss. If you do not know, the transplant is done with your existing hair. Thus, if only a small section of your head is covered with hair, it gets challenging to extract grafts to cover the widespread baldness. 

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last?

At What Age Should You Get a Hair Transplant?


Although celebrity hair transplant clinics influenced the rise of prices, you should understand that other factors matter. Check for clinics with certified specialists to take care of your hair loss problem. Do not let the average cost of a hair transplant scare you. It can not compare to your image and esteem. Also, it is a lifetime investment that will save your face-literally. 

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