JT Looks Without Makeup

We all know that makeup can help us look more beautiful, but it can also make us look different from our authentic selves.

The celebrities we know and like, have all mastered the art of using makeup. They know how to apply it, how to remove it, and how to look beautiful. 

However, some stars are brave enough to embrace their authentic selves. For example, JT, the rapper of the City Girls duo, has been seen various times with no makeup. 

This article will look at some photos of the great American Hip Hop rapper, JT, without makeup. 

In the first photo, JT is bare-faced, her hair tied in braids, and her skin as flawless as a fresh, unblemished apple. In this photo, she seems at ease with herself and the world around her.

The skin is crystal clear and the lips plump, complimenting her overall look. Who says stars always wear makeup?

JT no makeup and looks bare-faced, her hair tied in braids, and her skin as flawless as a fresh

JT was seen in her natural hair and no makeup in the next selfie. The rock star has always carried herself in the best way possible in all her public appearances.

Still, simultaneously she also loves to be in her original attire, casual clothes, without any makeup.

JT with natural hair and no makeup

You can easily see that JT doesn’t use any foundation and makeup products. All that you will see is her natural beauty.

The photo gives the impression that she doesn’t care about how she looks and doesn’t want to bother herself with looking good all the time. 

JT Without Makeup

In the recent past, JT made her Instagram posts very detailed with information about what she would wear to a particular event.

These days, however, she only shows her natural self in pictures and is a different person altogether. Many of her fans have found her new approach refreshing, and she has managed to turn many heads in the process.

If you are someone who would love to have a picture of the star without any makeup on, you should be happy that she has started showing off her unedited selfies.

A lot of people were complaining about her recent edit. She had been using a lot of makeup products on the screen. People claimed that they couldn’t recognize her in her old selfies. 

JT has recently embraced her natural look without makeup, and we must say, we love it. Her new look is perfect for her personality, and she looks stunning.