Makeup Tips For Contact Lens Wearers

Millions of people all over the world wear contact lenses each day, and many of these people are also makeup-wearers.

Whether you just like to throw on some mascara or wear a full face, there are a few key tips to remember when applying makeup while wearing contact lenses.

The Ultimate Eye Makeup Tutorial For Contact Lens Wearers

Keep Makeup Brushes and Sponges Clean

Keep Makeup Brushes and Sponges Clean

You should also keep your makeup application tools as clean as possible. Moisture, oil, dirt, and makeup all build up on brushes and sponges, making them more difficult to use.

If this bacteria made its way into your eyes, it could lead to a string of different infections.

Any infection in the eye area can potentially have an impact on your vision if left untreated, therefore it is imperative to prevent harmful germs from getting into your eyes.

Read the Fine Print

Read the Fine Print

Most makeup product packaging will state if it is safe for contact lens wearers.

Try not to wear anything without this printed onto the packaging, as this is confirmation from the manufacturers of the product that the product will not hurt you even if your makeup does happen to make its way into your eyes.

Invest in Primer

The primer should be an essential part of your pre-makeup routine. When applied to your skin, this valuable cosmetic tool provides a uniform skin surface for your makeup.

Primer gives your makeup something to adhere to, making it less likely to melt or flake off and into your eyes. Some cosmetics brands even make a primer formula specifically for eye makeup.

Use Cream Eyeshadows

Use Cream Eyeshadows

Cream eyeshadows are far less likely to run or flake off and into your eyes the way that powder shadows will.

Cream formulas stay firmly in place once they have dried, ensuring that you will be seeing well and free from any irritation.

Use Oil-Free Formulas

For the vast majority of makeup wearers, the presence of oil in or around your products will translate to a product that is more likely to melt and get into the eyes.

Look for non-comedogenic items that also clearly state that they are oil-free. Makeup types that are not non-comedogenic can clog pores and cause blemishes, irritations, and dull skin much more easily.

Steer Clear of Glitter

Glitter is the enemy of your contact lenses, so do not choose to wear makeup that contains glitter. The biggest reason for this is so that glitter does not fall into your eyes and end up damaging your cornea or another important part of your vision system.

Keep Makeup From Getting Too Close to the Eye

When applying any type of eye makeup, carefully avoid getting it too close to your eyes. Instead of applying mascara at the base of the lashes, go about halfway up the lash before coating your lashes.

You should keep eyeliner out of the waterline of your eye, especially taking care to be sure that no makeup gets near your tear ducts.

Stick to pencil-style eyeliners instead of gel or liquid, which are less likely to stick to your contacts.

You do not ever want to be in a position where your cosmetics have gotten onto your lenses while you are doing something important, like driving a car or giving a presentation at work.

Wash Your Hands

Perhaps it goes without saying, but remember to wash your hands before handling your contact lenses. Clean hands will aid in preventing foreign substances or organisms from getting into your eyes.

Put Contacts In Before Applying Makeup

The main reason to put your contact lenses in before beginning your makeup routine is so that none of your makeup comes off onto your contacts as you insert them into your eyes.

This could lead to makeup debris getting into the space between your contact lens and your eye, which can cause pain and irritation. Makeup residue on your contact lens can also impede vision.

Take Contacts Out Before Removing Makeup

Take your lenses out of your eyes before removing makeup for the evening.

You should do this for the same reason that you put your contacts in your eye before removing makeup; it’s optimal to prevent introducing any eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow into that equation to avoid getting these items onto your contact lenses.

Removing lenses before removing makeup can keep your eyes free of residue.

Each of these tips will go a long way in helping to prevent irritation or infection in your eyes. Your eyes are priceless, so keeping them healthy throughout your lifetime is essential.