The Best Lifestyle Choices for Older Adults

With age, we gain wisdom, patience, and appreciation for all that’s amazing and wholesome in our lives. While our bodies do change naturally, we can feel young, healthy, energetic, and happy with the right lifestyle choices:

Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is beneficial in multiple ways. For one, maintaining your skin can help you look as young as you feel. On the other, your skin is a critical barrier that shields you from sunlight, extreme temperatures, and impurities. Taking care of your skin protects you from these elements better. 

Fortunately, you can improve your skincare quite easily. Washing gently, moisturizing, hydrating, and a handful of other steps are all it takes. Read these seven essential skin care tips for older adults to look and feel great at any age. 

Beauty Sleep 

Don’t underestimate the power of seven to eight hours of regular sleep! A study by the National Library of Medicine (NIH) shows that adults over the age of 65 gain several benefits from regular sleep. Another study by NIH shows that people in their 50s and 60s who sleep regularly have better mental health than those who don’t. 

The theory is that the lack of sleep impacts beta-amyloid buildup, which is the protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, regular sleep helps us complete daily tasks more easily.  


Develop a healthy relationship with a good family physician. Schedule regular checkups with them to screen for common ailments in older adults. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions during visits. They’re there to help!

Regular checkups with your physician can also help you manage your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels too, leaving your body optimized for your routines. 

Oral Health

In addition to scheduling checkups with your physician, please also plan visits with your dental clinic. Once every six months is ideal. 

With a dentist enhancing your oral health, you’ll smile with more self-confidence and live more contentedly. You can also eat your favorite foods more comfortably. 

Remember to consume water regularly as a part of your oral health. Water also stimulates saliva, which protects your teeth, fights impurities, and neutralizes harmful acids.  

Active Living

An excellent way to enhance physical health, and mental health, prevent diseases, and feel more energetic is to adopt an active lifestyle. So, what is an active lifestyle? In a nutshell, an active lifestyle is a manageable way to be more physically active. Instead of climbing mountains for physical health, you incorporate reasonable physical activities into your life. 

 Here are some examples of activities you can enjoy:

  • Walking
  • Light running
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Bird watching
  • Bowling 
  • Gardening
  • And more

Living an active lifestyle also offers opportunities to socialize with your peers. Going out for a walk with other friends in your retirement home, joining a gardening community, or bowling with people on your apartment floor can help strengthen your relationships and boost your physical health!

Aging is a natural and beautiful aspect of life. Although you gain more experience and wisdom, you also have to pay better attention to your body. With these five lifestyle choices, you can continue to look and feel healthy.