What Can Massage Therapy Do For You?

Muscle pain comes in many forms and for many reasons. It can be completely disruptive to your life, especially when you don’t know what to do to rid yourself of it.

Pain medications may help, but some can become habit forming, or stop working altogether.

But instead of feeling hopeless if you are suffering from muscle pain, massage therapy offers many benefits to your overall wellness.

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Reduces Pain And Muscle Tension

Things like prolonged sitting, poor posture, and increased stress can build up tension in your muscles. Many people suffer from chronic pain, but have trouble identifying the culprit.

This causes them to live with the pain, instead of finding relief. Regular massage therapy can relax tense muscles to relieve this chronic pain.

Increases Blood Circulation

Tense muscles will restrict proper blood flow. Your body will have a hard time supplying the necessary blood it needs, leading to weak muscles, low functioning organs, and illness.

Through massage therapy, you can relax the tension, allowing the blood to move freely and bring overall wellness to your body.

Increased Flexibility/Mobility

When was the last time your body felt carefree? Your body relies on its muscle tissue for movement, but tension restricts your body from moving at its full potential.

By releasing that tension, you will find yourself feeling more flexible and experiencing a wider range of movement.

Relaxes Joint And Muscle Stiffness

Stiff muscles can take a toll on your joints, since they will put unnecessary pressure on the joints they are attached to. By relaxing your muscles through regular massage, you will ease the tension placed on your joints.

This will provide welcome relief to your joints, as well.

Helps Treat Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritic joints, massage therapy can help. By enhancing circulation and increasing blood flow to the affected areas, you can experience reduced inflammation, less pain, and a reduction in your arthritis symptoms. 

Helps With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Through regular massage therapy, you are addressing one of the biggest problems causing most muscle complaints—inflammation.

Carpal tunnel syndrome becomes even more complicated because, even though it is felt mostly in your hands and wrists, it is healed by massaging the muscles in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands.

But when you reduce the inflammation and increase circulation, you will experience a reduction in your symptoms.

Better Healing And Recovery

By taking care of your muscles, your overall wellness improves. You find your muscles recover faster from physical activities.

With increased blood flow, you will also get a boost to your immune system and experience fewer headaches.

Decrease In Stress And Anxiety

Massage therapy improves not only your physical health, but it improves your mental health, as well. Many people have reported a decrease in stress and anxiety symptoms with regular massage, and an increase in overall mood.

Improved Sleep

With a calm, relaxed mind and body, massage therapy also helps improve sleep. Instead of tossing and turning because of tense muscles or racing thoughts, you can peacefully drift off to sleep.

Improved Energy Levels

With improved physical and mental wellbeing, you will also experience an increase in energy levels.

Regular massage therapy will relax your body and mind, while simultaneously giving you an energy boost to face the day with confidence.

How Often Should You Schedule Massage Therapy?

To get the full benefits of massage, sessions should be scheduled regularly. Sporadic sessions scheduled with the intention of pampering yourself may be fun, but they won’t provide lasting benefits.

Your goals will determine what kind of treatment plan you have. For Lacomb massage therapy in Lacomb, AB, a massage therapist will discuss your concerns with you and lay out a treatment plan with your feedback in mind.

This way, you feel confident you are getting the results you deserve.

During a massage session, your therapist will leave the room as you undress to your comfort level. If the therapist is using lotions or oils, talk about any ingredients you may be allergic to.

Be sure to let him or her know during the session of areas where you need more pressure or less pressure. The massage should be an enjoyable experience while delivering results.

A Final Note

Massage therapists go through specialized training to learn to manipulate the body’s soft tissue for healing. Chiropractors, on the other hand, focus on the joints that connect your bones.

While healing your muscles can release tension on your joints, a massage therapist does not focus on spinal realignment or other major joint issues. If you have pain caused by joint concerns, a chiropractor can help.

However, many people with joint pain have benefited from the services of both a chiropractor and a massage therapist.