10 Reasons Why You Deserve Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 

Ten is too small a number to define the many reasons why it is totally for you since there are plenty of benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. But let us do our best and deal with as much as possible and create a general idea.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections | Q&A by Johns Hopkins Medicine

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

Platelets are the small colourless components in your blood that promote healing and overall health. But they can be depleted by simply the normal filtering by the spleen, autoimmune diseases, infections, and certain medications.

In PRP, a licensed medical and cosmetic professional takes 20-50 millilitres of blood from your arm, increases platelet concentration by 5 to 10 times, and delivers the enriched blood to targeted areas of the skin or scalp.

The delivery can be or not via micro-needling.

The platelet-rich blood plasma can greatly increase the healing quotient and is used widely for cases from post-procedure healing to sports injuries.

But there are countless other reasons why PRP therapy is totally for you too and here are some of them:

You Deserve to Glow Without Being Blown Up

Sensitive skin or not, most cosmetic treatments carry a risk of allergies and you need to be tested to rule out any risk factors. But that’s only (but not always) when you use cosmetic substances – chemical or naturally derived.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapies use your own blood to your benefit, meaning you cannot have an allergic response. So for reason #1, you deserve to bring out your beauty, but not have a blown-up face as the price.

And if one safety factor is not enough PRP or Plasma facial offers you more layers of safety by reducing the risk of infections too.

You Deserve a Solid All-Natural Option

Cosmetic procedures do not get any rawer, more biotic, or better customized than platelet-rich plasma therapies.

The many tailorable natural and organic facials you come across may be using wholesome and chemical-free products for you, but PRP beats them all!

PRP involves the use of your blood, perking it up, and working it back into the target areas of your skin. So, PRP essentially helps your blood work more efficiently to improve your skin and hair health.

Your Skin Will Love It

Blood platelets are rich in growth factors (platelet-derived growth factor or PDGF) that boost tissue building, blood vessel formation, and collagen production.

And in most cases, PRP is delivered through micro-needling techniques to the epidermis, dermis, hypodermis, and the related blood vessels and muscles. This furthers the growth factors leaving the skin healthier and plumper.

The effects, of course, do not end there and we will be dealing with most of them in detail.

Your Hair too Deserves a Solution

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy targeted at the crown or hairline is proven to improve hair growth. While most other procedures can only make the existing hair follicles healthier, PRP therapy can induce the burgeoning of new follicles.

Collagen also provides more amino acids that form the proteins needed for hair growth.The therapy is bound to grow more hair out of your scalp in no time as well.

You Deserve to be Armed Against Aging

One need not argue the benefits of natural options or look too far for organic options these days. But you still have to sanitize your hands and other things before you can grab those organic products from the store.

And there is no saying how much harm the inevitable chemicals are causing to you and nature. Most other rejuvenating products and techniques cannot claim the results vampire facial offers.

In a world that surrounds you with chemicals, PRP is the unarguable bed of roses in this concern. The concentrated amount of platelets fed back to the body will rejuvenate the skin as it would do after it had endured an injury.

But in PRP, there is no injury that the body anticipates, it hastily rejuvenates the skin, follicles, and the tissue associated with the treated areas.

So, it is not just the collagen that prevents ageing, it is the tissue healing like vampires to reduce scars, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Your Complexion Deserves to Stand Out 

Microneedling has already been in use for cell rejuvenation, stimulation of collagen production and cellular repair, faster healing, lightening of dark spots, sun damage repair, scar fading, pore refinement, and freckle removal.

PRP can further improve these positive effects of micro-needling by light-years as it not only reduces the signs of hyperpigmentation but also prevents it to a great extent.

The superiority of platelet-rich plasma therapy invokes a natural glow and leaves the skin youthful, smooth, and vibrant.

You Deserve to not be Anxious about Your Beauty

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is not dubbed “vampire mask” for scanty reasons. It is magic!

How else could a doctor use a vial of your blood to leave your skin looking bouncing new in a matter of a few hours? Facelifts, laser surgeries, microdermabrasion, and such other techniques take up to days to show the results.

But once you fix a PRP appointment, You can be into the doctor’s office and back afresh in no time.

You Deserve to be Back on Track

After the PRP appointment, you need not rest for long for recovery. PRP is a rejuvenating recovery process by itself, to begin with. So, you are back on track in no time.

Your doctor’s office will, of course, be giving you instructions and possibly some products to take good care of your skin for a short while.

You Don’t Deserve Pain for Gain

And PRP is a soft option that offers a lot of gain for minimal pain. Most PRP clinics claim that all you will feel are a needle drawing a little blood at first and an evenly slight pricking sensation of the micro-needling.

But if your clinic is anything like the best PRP in Vancouver, then your doctor should be such an expert in pain management and naturopathic solutions that you come out unscathed.

They offer not just amazing skin and fuller hair, but also encompass all the cosmetic aspects deliverable while embracing all kinds of needs in terms of skin type and goals.

The Whole Body Deserves Attention

You deserve PRP because your whole body deserves the benefits. Luckily, PRP is a very versatile cosmetic procedure.

It can be performed to better your face, neck, lower neckline, back of the hands, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and most other areas of concern.

And it’s not just the acne scars that PRP removes, it works for all kinds of stretch marks as well.

Not Just Another ‘Facial’

PRP is not just another cosmetic treatment or not just another facial with blood. It is a medical procedure adopted also for cosmetic use.

In the larger field of medicine, PRP cures chronic bone and tendon conditions and is used in maxillofacial and plastic surgeries. It is found to work better than hyaluronic acid in many cases, including skin, cartilage, and soft tissue repair.

If that is not testament enough, PRP treatment has been found effective in 2021 for severe COVID-19 patients. Phase II clinical trials say that PRP is safe and promising – there is no asking for more!

So if you are bothered by saggy or dehydrated skin, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, scars, texture loss, sun damage, or dark circles, or in need of volume readjustment, PRP offers a medically reliable solution.