A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Magnifying Mirror

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of them all?”  You, of course… with help from your trusty mirror that allows you to always bring your game on.

Did you know that by adjusting the type, function, and design of your mirror, you’re able to change up your look instantly? Plus, if you’re looking for a mirror that allows you to apply precise makeup, find, or pluck stray hair, you might want to test out magnifying makeup mirrors.

Once thought to be exclusively “fancy”, these mirrors are now widely available everywhere. Magnifying mirrors come with a variety of magnification levels that range from two times to over ten times.

This lets you get up close and personal with your facial features, without even needing to put on glasses.

Some mirrors even come with double magnification options, so you have the option of alternating between a higher (15x or 20x magnifying mirror) or lower-level (two-times or five-times) magnification option. 

Furthermore, we strongly suggest choosing a makeup mirror that’s fitted with lights.

Having a close-up illuminated view guarantees a near-flawless reflection, whether you’re tweezing your brows, doing up a hairdo, or putting on your nighttime routine. 

How Do Magnifying Mirrors Work? 

Before we get to the nitty-gritty details of each mirror, it’s handy to know the science behind how a mirror works. A mirror is a reflective surface that bounces light off and creates an image.

This allows us to have a reflection of ourselves in the presence of light, which enables us to see and observe how we look. In certain situations, mirrors can do much more to change the way we look and see ourselves.

Some mirrors, when slightly bent in a converse manner, will make you seem more petite than usual.

Others use a converse or parabolic shape for concentrating the light beams to create a zoomed-up image of yourself.

As you move away, the mirror’s magnification intensifies whilst the field of view shrinks. In this article, we’re interested in how the latter is able to help you in your everyday routines. 

Choosing The Ideal Magnifying Mirror

Selecting a magnifying mirror depends heavily on how good your eyesight is. Those with 20/20 vision would not require such a high degree of magnification –– two times or five times is good enough to pluck tiny hairs perfectly.

If you use contact lenses or prescription glasses, a good gauge is to choose a mirror that lets you view your face up-close without having to put on eyewear.

Now, let’s take a look at the different features that some mirrors have so that you know how a mirror can best fulfill your needs! 

Comfort Level And Closeups

Depending on where you intend to place your mirror (such as on the table, countertop, or mounted on the wall), you may need to choose between a higher or lower level of magnification.

However, this should only be determined by you –– after all, you’ll be the one that decides how big of view you want to see. 

For example, a mirror with fifteen-times magnification may be way too zoomed in for comfort. In such situations, you may want to opt for a level of magnification that works best with your beauty routine.

However, though choosing a magnification degree may be easy to understand, it can be hard to envision. What kind of magnification are you looking for in your vanity mirror? Something powerful, in-between, or similar to real-life?

Two-times Magnification

The difference with a two-times magnification is not far from a standard mirror and provides a slight enlargement to your face. If you have good eyesight, this is an ideal option for quick touchups and putting on contact lenses. 

Five-times Magnification

This is easily the most frequently-used mirror enlargement size and the most popular choice for shaving mirrors.

Five-times magnifying mirrors are a good fit if you’re looking for makeup applications or to put on contact lenses. Plus, if you’re only planning to get a mirror with one magnifying level, this is ideal for you. 

Seven And Eight-times Magnification

You’ll want to get a larger mirror if you’re looking for something with higher magnification.

We recommend getting double-sided pedestal mirrors that have normal one-times magnification on one end and a magnified view on the other side.

This allows you to view your face on a standard view, and have a zoomed-up view that’s seven or eight times magnified.

Such a mirror makes it perfect for precise makeup application, brow tweezing, and elaborate skincare routines. 

Ten-times And Beyond 

Though these high magnification levels might come off as harsh for those who have decent sight, it is suitable for those with poor or deteriorating eyesight to view zoomed-up sections of their faces.

If you’re going to choose a mirror with a magnifying level of ten times or more, make sure that it comes with two sides: one with a normal view or a lower magnifying level.

For example, mirrors that come with either a standard, two times, or five times magnifying level usually include a small ten-times magnifying spot mirror in the corner of the larger mirror’s viewing surface. 

Lighting Matters

There is more than just worrying about the enlargement size –– mirrors with a light feature will greatly benefit those who need that extra light to work on their faces.

There are tons of mirrors with light that can be a perfect fit for you, depending on how bright or dark your environment is, or the level of brightness you want to work with.

We recommend getting magnifying mirrors with adjustable light settings, as they are especially versatile for reproducing the different lighting tones of each environment (such as at the home, office, or outdoors).

To begin with, two main types of lighting are common in mirrors: LED/fluorescent and incandescent. 


Incandescent lights produce a softer and warmer halo which is ideal if you do not like to work with harsh, bright lights. Although this lighting makes you look warmer, incandescent lighting would be best for you

If you do not plan on doing elaborate makeup applications, or complicated hairdos.

However, doing close-up work may not be as efficient with incandescent light, as it produces a secondary light source that may alter your reflection.

LED Or Fluorescent 

The former is much brighter than incandescent light and gives off a glow that’s reminiscent of daylight. The best thing about choosing LED lights?

You get to save a ton of energy –– even up to 70% energy less than using incandescent bulbs. Plus, opting for an LED magnifying mirror means that you won’t have to change the bulb.

Mirror Aesthetics 

Who said that a functional mirror doesn’t have to be pretty? There are plenty of mirrors that look gorgeous and work just as well as their counterparts.

At this point, you want to consider where your mirror will be placed –– at a bathroom, your vanity table, or in your bedroom.

That way, you can match how your mirror will appear with the rest of your decor and furniture. For example, if you have a monochrome color scheme for your bathroom, a mirror with black or white rims will blend in well.

Plus, knowing where your mirror will be displayed will also help you determine which enlargement size best suits your needs and the environment you are in.

Materials and Durability 

The material of a mirror can affect the level of convenience it brings you. Plastic mirrors are light, durable, and waterproof, which makes them easy to bring on the go.

On the other hand, metal mirrors offer significantly higher durability and quality, which makes them perfect staples for wall mounts.

Regardless, we recommend purchasing mirrors of high quality –– you don’t want to spend extra time replacing old mirrors. A mirror should work for you; you shouldn’t have to work for a mirror!


Mirrors are necessities that help you bring your A-game every day.

Even though mirrors are primarily designed to bring a reflection of yourselves, recent technological advancements have helped it to greatly improve and adapt to your various needs.

From different magnifying sizes to different mirror styles, we hope that you’re adequately equipped enough to choose a suitable mirror for your needs.