7 Fragrance Hacks to Make You Smell Amazing All the Time

Smelling good is something that speaks volumes about you, and your appearance. Seemingly, the easiest way to make that happen is to buy the most expensive, or most popular perfume at the moment.

Even though that is possible to do, there are some other, more durable tricks that will help you smell amazing regardless of the occasion or situation.

Choosing the right fragrance is often a journey, which is why it’s important to approach this with care and patience.

So in order to help you pick the best fragrance and make the most of it, you should learn about additional tips that will help you along the way. Therefore, here are some useful hacks and tips that will make you smell wonderful at all times. 

How & Where to Apply Fragrance by Jeremy Fragrance

1. Always apply perfume on clean skin 

Sure, you may have showered the night before, but did you know that your natural scent, as well as the sweat that happens during the night, can interfere with the fragrance smell? That’s right, which is why it’s useful to apply perfume to clean skin.

That way, the fragrance will be able to do this magic, as it mixes with the natural smell of your skin. The best way for that to happen is to apply it on clean skin, free of scented shower gels or lotions.

If you want to apply it on a certain body part without showering, then it’s best to treat that spot with a damp washcloth, without any extra scented products. 

2. Apply perfume in more than one place

If you’re familiar with pulse points on the body, then you know these are the best places to apply perfume. Simple, those are the places where your main arteries and veins are, this is where your pulse can be felt.

But these places are also where the perfume can be felt the most, so applying it there is surely the best way to smell amazing.

Next time you want to wear your favourite perfume, don’t just spray it around aimlessly, instead, make sure to strategically apply it behind your ears, on your wrists, behind the knees, or behind your elbows. 

3. Still, wear a deodorant 

Deodorant is important as it prevents sweating and perspiration. Despite what some popular beliefs say, it’s perfectly fine to wear deodorant and a fragrance at the same time.

However, be sure to choose a deodorant with a discreet smell, so it won’t overpower the scent of your perfume. 

4. Choose the scent that you’ll really love

Spraying the fragrance on your skin is the ultimate step in the beauty routine. But, it’s also important to choose the right perfume, whose scent and everything else will work for you.

You can check out 4711 Acqua Colonia Saffron & Iris Perfume Review as it’s very likely you’ll find its ginger and patchouli notes impossible to resist.

Picking the perfect scent might be a lengthier process than you’d expect, but once you find your go-to perfume, you’ll definitely never look back.

In order to smell great, you should find the scent that reflects everything good about you, so don’t settle for anything less than perfect!

5. Add some scent to your hair 

Your hair is a huge part of you, so don’t forget about it. This means, adding some scent to your hair is a sure way to make sure that it smells fresh and attractive.

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, then dry shampoo is a great and practical idea, especially since these products are often scented. You don’t even use it as a shampoo, just spritz it a bit in your hair to boost the smell. 

6. Layer different scents 

The general rule states that scents shouldn’t be mixed nor layered. But, that doesn’t have to be true at all times, sometimes layering different scents might create a unique combo that will make you stand out every time you walk by someone.

However, if you want to layer them, it’s important to find the right combination of scents. So feel free to experiment in your free time until you find your magic combo!

7. Make your perfume last much longer 

The perfume needs to last for multiple hours, mainly if you’re wearing it to work or a formal event. That’s why applying a perfume base, such as Vaseline, can improve the longevity of your scent.

Also, try to avoid rubbing the perfume, as rubbing can break the top scent notes, and mix them with your natural skin scent.

So it’s better to dab perfume gently, or if you’re applying it to your wrists, just move them close together, so they’ll touch. That way, the perfume will be transferred without any unnecessary rubbing.


If you’re a perfume lover, then you’ll appreciate these tips. They’ll help you smell amazing no matter where you go or what you do.

Just make sure to keep your clothes (and the rest of your body!) clean, as that way the perfume will be the true star of your appearance.